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ONE LINE ART CHALLENGE vs. ZHC + Draw With Jazza + Vexx

Jazza CHC Beth's heard they've been doing a one-line doodlee doodlee Ellen JH ha ha well I know how to do leader Lu too and yet all of them say they can doodly-doo do better than all the other doodly-doo learns that or did they know that the real master of one night Dooley dueling was watching their little school and now I must crawl out from under my little mouse patch of the desk to set the Dooley do rapid Street who can do little better than or other doodly-doo ruse which is neither do they do but you don't believe me just because much I was not you can't judge the size of it to rule by the size of a channel you're sure you might do rule is longer than theirs yes yes module not my noodle my module no sentence with this doodle I mean about what whatever desk this one none do they do started [Applause] [Applause] there you have it Jazza zhc vex can you do that can you do those sloppy lines look at him he's smiling at you he's laughing at you because it's the best it's the best yet you guys got your answer what you gonna do about it you can do right the bet that got just drawing sex you gotta be kidding me right now are you guys I hope you like this video I don't even know if jazz zhc or vexes even see this video I mean their channels there is so much better than mine but I thought I would have some fun and who knows maybe they'll see it maybe those here with so many you guys's help are you over at their channel or something definitely a let them know let them know I'm made of response let me know I sent you maybe on Twitter too I'll probably shoot something at one of their Twitter accounts if they have any oh yeah I know you guys have the power to do it shout shout Hannah no okay all in all this video was actually just really fun to me it was a pretty tyrant but very fun to make doing it while standing up like that definitely was a bad decision but I was like I gotta do it like this because that was a pretty big poster and my arms started getting tired as along as well as my hand and then the Pens started running out of ink and stuff yeah but yeah I'm not completely satisfied with how this one came up I mean you know I am my doodle is long it's longer than your doodle subscribe hit the bell icon you can go to fight niche video from the doodle master comes out have a great day

35 thoughts on “ONE LINE ART CHALLENGE vs. ZHC + Draw With Jazza + Vexx

  1. 👍👍🔥🔥Wow. What type of art supplies do you recomed for manga, and amazing art work 🔥🔥👍👍👍

  2. 0:18 Ha Lamo Af My/Bakugo's Angry Face! XD
    Sick Scetch Bro! You Have To Be One Of My Fav Artist Ever! Keep Up The Awesome Work!💛😎👌🏻👍🏻

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