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One Line RPG the Rules Lightest of Rules Light Tabletop RPGs

hey guys welcome to nerd Archy for nerds by nerds I'm Ted hanging out with Dave a nod to today we got an interesting little topic we're gonna go over rules light RPG called one line okay before we do that though head down to the description below where you check out nerd Archy the newsletter where you can get weekly tips from us as well as learn how to gain listener darky so I saw this on Facebook today it's put out by dbj or tavae Breann Jackson yeah he's got a pretty good YouTube channel I'll try to remember the link in the description below so you guys can check what yeah if you can if you can see this it's literally one one page of you know rules to play the game now and as late as it is I can literally just read it for you it says capability focus and purpose create a statement statement that represents your character this can also be expressed as an adjective not an adjective now that verbs your capability is how you take action or interact with the world your focus represents your skills or hosts of talents purposes your motivation additional talents or even special abilities that make you unique examples a wealthy merchant with connections a noble knight seeking Redemption a streetwise cyber soldier in it for the money a wide-eyed farm boy who takes the form of animals a vigilant Urban ninja that punishes criminals so the rule are roll a d6 roll an additional d6 for each capability focus and noir purpose that is acceptable for the scene choose any one die and describe the result as below note that your purpose may not offer a bonus die but instead allow you a special ability such as flight shape-changing or psionics on a1 it's a failure end on a to its failure 3 is a failure but 4 is a success but 5 is a success 6 is a success and story points or earn a story point on if you roll a natural one and choose that die result spend a story point to re-roll a single die from yourself or others taking the most advanced it's roll so that's that's it for the rules so it's it's very rules like yeah a JPEG it did something similar with the die for mm-hmm and it's also very you know it's really like if you take fade accelerate and boil it down even further right because there's no there's no attributes you know there's there's no you know there's nothing that says you know hit points so it's literally like okay you know you're trying to do something I've seen other systems like this and it really is just about the narration and you know there is a there is a random element which start using the dice export of them but even even if you look at how the the success of failure works there's a lot of room for a narration in there right well yeah there's only you know out of six options only two of them is it works it doesn't work everything else is either in hand or a butt and then yes and you know with our exposure to the Star Wars mechanic you know that really it allows us to see things like that it's like okay you've succeeded but something else you know happens right because of the way the narrative dice play out right so I think that that really opens things up for you know very interesting situations and you know really I think the theme of the game is going to make for you know sweeping changes to what you can do with this yes you know as I go are you playing a superhero game are you playing a fantasy game are you you know I I think this would fit really well with like like a Harry Dresden you know street-level situation know what you're what so okay so one you know when when Ted sets all this today in the one-shot group I believe over on Facebook so he's he printed it out shared me hey yeah I got this thing with the video I'm like I looked at the name I'm like oh I know I know who the guy is who did it you know you know he's done some video responses to us in the past and you know he's got a YouTube channel and he usually has some interesting things to say sounds cool so I was like well let's let's go over to his YouTube channel and see if he's done a video on this right I was really disappointed to see they didn't I mean it's a concept so calling you out dbj put a video up on your your one line please just demands I'll do it now it was a call-out I'm not demanding yeah so you know it's a cool concept we can't reprint it anyways because it's not ours right so we will put a link to his channel over down below in the description and maybe if you guys pester him you know you put it up somewhere where you guys could take a look at it I like it especially like say you got so you say something like this is great for you know you were supposed to have your regular gaming session but like half the people didn't show up or you know or something or you or your second form of gaming session and more people show up that are super then are supposed to be there you're like what do I do yeah I don't want to continue the normal game hey I can run this and everyone can add little eek reate a character in like five minutes get out yeah yeah get out of dice X I just winged something's an era t'v and you know this system lends itself to you know your players contributed into the story even more so I mean the dice themselves I feel like you should lend to the complier agency like those ends and butts like as a game master I would allow the players to fill them in as long as they honored the feel and and the flavor of the game absolutely you know because clearly the the failure end you know has to be something bad yeah bad yeah worse but yeah so if is a player if you have a group that can can really get into that and have fun with making bad things happen to their character it's great you know I've seen a lot of really good role players excel at that and I've also seen you know it's not so good role players who are always trying to win the game yes yeah how a thought popped into my head while while we were we were chatting as this is so rules light you could literally have this be like a game within a game okay either you're playing like a high high magic world and you know you've got the ability to like oh well we're gonna create a you know deme plane where characters compete for prizes and stuff so you can enter your you know your idea of what what you are into this thing and so what you're saying is almost like either a virtual reality game a virtual magic game or a role-playing game within the role-playing game yes it popped into my head I figured it was really cool you know like if you're gonna you know you know high sci-fi world you know you could be like as opposed to you know Chewie and c3po playing you know virtual chess they could be you know virtual combatants using that system yeah I'm almost seeing this like in a gambling hall and in a gambling all right absolutely with that with a large large table and on that table it's it's kind of like sinking in and it's a labyrinth you know and you know so like different gamblers are given their character you know or their their totem whatever you want to call it their pawn their guy and they all enter the labyrinth of different times and like the objective is to reach the center of the labyrinth and conquer any kind of like monsters or challenges that happen but like ever like the whole table is essentially like a magic item you know so it creates like their vote their virtual player you know whatever it is and it would absolutely be like a role-playing game in this in the sense that you know you you have a character that's giving you it's created and then you get the you get the virtual virtual illusionary version of it that you then kind of essentially control through your through your voice and your words right you know but then the table has a mind of its own and it'll do things like the pit will open up in front of your character and then like according to your focus your purpose and what's the other one focus purpose and capability and capabilities you know you're going roll out whatever any tie 6 to see you can avoid the pit yeah and you know and it would be really cool like say they roll the one I roll the one to leap over the pit and I'm about to clear it and I don't because tentacles reach out of a pulling my character in into it or he's gotta fight the octopus monster right you know or whatever yeah so you can you could definitely have a lot of fun with an idea like that so you know not not only can you have a way to you know have have a gaming night that no too many people are not enough people show up and you're gonna try this but literally if you've got the not enough people if the characters want to enter the gambling hall and play play a little round of this to occupy stirs amazes yeah so what do you guys think again we can't we can't post the article but what do you think of one line put your thoughts and comments down below while you're at it like share he would subscribe and check us out over on Facebook so until next time stay nerdy

15 thoughts on “One Line RPG the Rules Lightest of Rules Light Tabletop RPGs

  1. So glad my little D4 'system' got people thinking about very narrative (ie, lets tell a story) play, and also about player agency (lets tell a story together). I see a few people get a bit wary about this sort of thing, but as I have often said, this hobby is more about getting to know the people you spend time playing with, so, get your friendship sorted, and the rules will fade away a lot of the time anyway, you will trust the people you are with to carry the story forward, because they are just as engaged with it as you are. On the flip side of that, lets say you are using a very rules light system with a bunch of random new folks.. well those people who are not on the same page (ie, the one labelled 'fun' be it a serious game or not) don't have the rules to hide behind, or to manipulate, or otherwise smoke screen the fact that they are just going to be ass hats, no matter what you do. I think you will find that a rules light system flushes them out pretty quickly, therefore, they HATE rules light systems! They will probably try for an argument that goes like this "I just drove the narrative off a cliff because I wanted to show you how it can be abused by people like me".. funny because it's true, and completely outs them as being a dick at the same time.
    While I have run a play by post game using my D4 rule, and been in some one shots using the rule, I think DBJ's One Line system is better… because you can find six sided dice pretty much everywhere, and the game is better at expressing the narrative aspect, as well as the added story points, which better express the aspect of player agency.

  2. You can do this in D&D as well if you want. Roll a d20 and add all relevant bonuses. 1-5 No And, 6-10 No, 11-15 No But, 16-20 Yes But, 21-25 Yes, 26-30 Yes And, 30+ Yes And…And (where the roll is so high that something extraordinary happens). Easily integratable for any situation that requires you to improvise a unique situation.

  3. sounds pretty close to Threedeeten (3D10) which i have been playing for some time. Every player describes their character to each other character. When any sort of challenge or fight comes up you roll 1d10 if you are able to do it 2 d10 if you are good at it and 3d10 if you are an expert. you pick the roll and it represents how good the thing you did went on a 1-10 scale. Additionally you can roll 2 and pick the lowest or roll 3 and pick the lowest if you are bad or horrible at things. Who is good at what is either decided by the gamemaster by their backgroundstories or democratically by the players on the background stories.

  4. I am impressed with how this works, but there's a trap associated with extremely rules light systems. The lack of rules can create a slow down as you ponder how to resolve a situation. I'll have to take a look.

  5. This video went up a little late. He put a video out on One Line a few days ago. I'm sure you already know that though.

  6. Thanks for the video guys. Definitely going to give this one a try. This is actually my first time hearing about Rules-Light games. Any recommendations for how I could learn more about the games available in this genre?

  7. This is cool, for a newbie this could be fun to do. One of the characters you described sounds like the street samurai from ShadowRun.

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