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ONE LINE WONDER - Mini Metro Ep 3

hey everybody it's kasia here today and today we're going to be bringing back mini Metro now the game has received a little bit of an update and from what I'm seeing it basically means that all the city's past new york are now unlocked through achievements meaning you actually have to do a certain you'd get a certain score on the previous mapped in order to unlock it which is a little silly considering I've already played like Osaka and so on and so forth so now it's telling me that I have to score 200 on Hong Kong even though I've already played that map and it's telling me I can't I have to unlock Berlin even though I've already scored I literally have scores already on New York London and Paris so that's a little interesting but um a little derpy but either way I'm guess I'm gonna have to do a little bit but today rather than playing like we normally will be doing we're actually going to be doing something called the one line wonder challenge which is something that I saw exhume avoid do and I thought I'd give it a shot I mean I'm i severely doubt that i'm going to do very well we're gonna try it on New York to see if I can go ahead and unlock Berlin I know why all I have to do is get 200 but basically the entire idea of the game is that we are only allowed to use one line so we're never at any point are we allowed to use anything other than this original line we can use all of our bridges we can use as many locomotives as we want I mean obviously we have a limit but basically we get pack everything into this one line and just kind of see how far it goes and I'm not really expecting this to go very long but hey I just thought it'd be something fun to do something fun to do from a youtuber that I like to watch so yeah we're going to go ahead and get through it and we're gonna just kind of watch it and see how long it goes for um game still doesn't have any audio even though it received an update there have been a few other minor changes which i was pretty excited to hear because I am enjoying this game go ahead and put that triangle there um probably the most important change for me personally if you haven't already heard or something like that um I recently got my new microphone up huh apparently you can cross them like that when they're bridges that's interesting we're gonna have to go ahead and start putting extra locomotives on here we're just going to go ahead and throw them all but a big change for me is that I recently got my new microphone up and running and I'm actually going to have to do a quick that because this is all this is all screwed up so I recently got my new microphone so that's super exciting very happy about that there we go it's awful but it'll do I got my new microphone let me know if you're liking the way it sounded I'm really liking the way it sounded so that's the thing probably the biggest thing that has happened to me lately this is already proving to be a problem I really don't anticipate this video to last very long sorry but I really wanted to do it one line wonder challenge just to just to see if i can get 200 just to unlock the next map that would be pretty sweet I'm really having issues with repeated stations going on here that's turning into a real problem really quick we've got all these triangles and couple squares I mean they're all grouped up yeah well there's the unique so let's see how this goes anyway just to continue talking you know pretty much about anything today is a Saturday I'd pretty much it's actually saturday afternoon I spent most of today sleeping did I catching up I don't sleep a whole lot usually bridges are really the only thing that's going to help me here I usually don't sleep a whole lot I stay up really late and I should sleep more but it's just not something that I they like to do in reality oh I actually can't put anymore on there huh well and so begins the inevitable downfall anyway Saturday afternoon um i actually have monday off so got a little bit of an extended weekend today I actually didn't really do anything yesterday I got my I played a little bit of like mess around League of Legends yesterday with like an echo girl just trying to you know not do anything serious which is always good it's always good to take a minute just to not play seriously and just kind of have some fun which is always good especially since I like to keep myself really busy all the time it's really good for me to just kind of take a step back and do stuff that I don't really need to do hmm don't really oh yeah we can't we totally get that since when are we able to like go over that it's got to be some kind of a bug or something I remember them very specifically saying them I don't ever remember us being able to you know run tracks over like that oh I keep getting distracted today is Saturday afternoon i have monday off that means pretty much i have i mean i just got a couple hours ago but basically means that i have the remainder of today tomorrow and monday to pretty much just do recordings which i am super super excited about we broke 200 super super excited about having all these opportunities to record planning on doing quite a bit of recording however i will be playing a lot of League of Legends just to play maybe not recording at all because I still do have backed up footage that is it's not earth it's not all earth but I still do have quite a bit of footage that I plan on using so anyway I'm doing a bunch of rambling at this point but that's usually what I do that's usually what my videos consist of me rambling especially in this type of game I just ramble ramble ramble ramble ramble we really really need to get some activity going on there's another unique can we get a we can't there's no point in taking the line so let's get carriage I mean we can't even can't even use our extra locomotives trying to think of what the best place would be for an interchange I mean I'll probably just use it when one starts getting super overloaded I'd like to get the highest score that I possibly can I mean we've already definitely surpassed the score that i was going for so let's just kind of wait and see I mean do I need to speed it up i'm pretty sure i need to speed it up yep speed it up triangle 22 maybe nope definitely don't need to yeah just waiting for this to go on this one might be a problem oh definitely starting to get kind of over worked on a lot of areas here a lot a lot of areas I don't anticipate us lasting much longer turn you into an interchange the only reason I did that I only reason I turned this a left side circle over here doing interchanges because we've got the ohel I thought that carriage would actually pick some of them up and kind of alleviate the pressure but it ended up not damn we really need to get you over here on come on whoo nope nope this one was just completely frozen what no I don't want another line yeah blah looks like it's gonna be the end of it today guys I mean so far we've got 424 I mean that is far far higher than I thought I would get yep and that's the end of the game that is definitely the end of the end of the game 434 passengers travelled on your Metro for over 29 days you know what we have we pretty much doubled the score that I needed to get so that's pretty cool very happy with that I mean it was just something I really wanted to try to do definitely didn't expect the game to last very long anyway but hope you guys enjoyed the video if you enjoyed feel free to like favorite share subscribe and so on it's all you and if you want to see more mini Metro feel free to let me know in the comments section or on Facebook and I'm actually going to go ahead and get a bunch of other recordings done today I am not really um on a schedule so I will be basically posting videos whenever I get them finished so it's going to be kind of random but i do plan on coming out with quite a few so you know make sure you check those out and i'm gonna go and get that done and so we go you

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  1. How stupid are you? You had 3 more trains? People who are too foolish for the world eally stir me up. – Excuse me but…

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