Laughter is the Best Medicine

25 thoughts on “Onepiece Luffy and Zoro laughing at Pica

  1. This is one of the reasons why I love OP so much! Even if there's a gigantic enemy people fear, two main characters can't stop laughing about him! And when you thought the scene would be serious you can't stop laughing either 🤣👌

  2. Leave it to luffy to mess everything up for everyone. He does that constantly. He makes everything hard for his crew and his enemies a like.

  3. TBH i have the same reaction the first time i watch this, i don't expect his voice still the same after that. aha

  4. Luffy is like I'm sorry if Pica is going to kill us all anyway I might as well get my few laughs in 😂😂😂

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