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OnePlus 3/3T Cracked Rear Camera Glass Repair Guide

Heat up the camera glass for a while. You can use a hair dryer instead of heat gun. Scotch tape. Put some tape around the camera lens. Prevent from scratching the back cover. Now we can remove the broken camera glass. And you need a tweezers. A black adhesive around the glass. We need to loosen it up. Be careful. Do not scratch the rear camera. Keep pry up the glass. The glass is removed. Some small detritus on the camera here. Take up the device cautiously and flap the small detritus away. Use a Band-aid stick the detritus left away. A cotton swab. You can also put some alcohol for cleaning. Heat up the glass. A regular pen. Use a pen to pop out the glass. This way can be safety for rear camera. But need to remove the rear housing. Here is the camera glass. In this video,I use a Samsung S7 camera glass instead. The side which comes with black masklike is inside. The new product must come with sticker. S7’s glass is a little bit big. But applicable if installed carefully. Recommend for an original camera glass for OnePlus 3. The link is in the description. The glass installation need to be very careful. If not,it will broken like this. Camera glass installation like the video showed. Do not put more pressure in the middle of the glass. Install it from the edges of the glass instead. Strongly recommend for an original camera glass of OnePlus 3 again. You can get it in the description. The S7’s camera glass is a relatively thiner than OnePlus’s.

37 thoughts on “OnePlus 3/3T Cracked Rear Camera Glass Repair Guide

  1. Bought some parts from the site, fits perfectly! And easy to install.

    But upon replacing the glass, it seems I've either smudged the lens or inside of the glass…. Is there a way I can remove the glass without breaking it to clean the lens??

  2. I used your guide to replace mine for OnePlus 3. Worked perfectly. I used this lense cover, found on Amazon:

    EShine® Back Rear Camera Glass Lens Replacement + Adhesive Preinstalled for Samsung Galaxy S7 G930 / S7 Edge G935

    Thanks for such a great video!

  3. i have 2 questions??
    1-s7 camera glass is the fine way ??? it is really compatible with one plus 3 ??
    2-is there any dust came while changing glass ??

  4. Mine is just a crack running across the face of the lens. It's not shattered. Any tips on how to safely remove the glass?

  5. It'd be nice if it included the things in the video when you order it. Had to figure out that little black strip myself.

  6. OnePlus 3/3T Camera Glass with Adhesive
    Global consumers:
    USA ebay store:

  7. This video is an absolute joke. The part you sell with a direct link in the description is different than in the video. There isn't the samr adhesive part as in the video in the package and the glass is same in both sides. Infurating to order this to Finland and get a subpar replacement part. Would never buy from you again.

  8. I have an issue of that Metal ring which is little bit above the back surface of the phone now and because and it's causing dust into camera lens. solution please ?

  9. Worked perfectly. The camera quality got worse and worse over the last months, and this easy 3$ replacement just got me back the initial quality. Thank you so much, I'm happy af

  10. pls mention how to cover and protect it as it is prone to breaking everytime we change it and their is no lens cover so anything that we can use to cover the camera like when not in use just shut the camera with some tape or something but when i used tape it is all glossy blur image…

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