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Online Dating App – Mumbai | Funny humor Answers  2017 I prank on hot girls India  I The Thug Mafia

You are watching The Thug Mafia Channel From Sanskrati production please do subscribe And for get all the updates and gossip please hit the bell button. 1 lakh plus views on facebook, tweeter and youtube, thug mafia is trending. Bro you should have tell me its starts. HI people this is ravi meena from thug mafia of sanskrati production So lets ask the people how they use watsapp, facebook, tweeter and Instagram. So lets go! Watsapp We are going to boycott the snapchan, do you know that? Facebook is very boring.
Tweeter is very interesting by the way. You must have heard about tinder? Smart girl. No no…
Don’t lie… I know about you, you have account on tinder! Don’t lie to me, No no, I don’t have it.
I know you have it. you have account on tinder! Tinder, you use tinder? Everyone says that, I know you use it. After Instagram and tweeter who needs tinder? I just use it for fun. Why do girls do that? Never heard about it… Really?
Never. Do you heard about grinder? No…No Do you heard about grinder? No the mixer grinder, just grinder? No no no… If I tell you to make your account on grinder would you do it? You believe in me? Yes little bit.
So you will make it? Yes, yes… I don’t know why but it looks like this person lying to me? Do you heard about grinder? Yes I have.
Do you have account on grinder? Omg! Ok… Grinder is an gay dating app. Wow nice. And with which name you have your account? Please stop it. If I’ll tell you, you have to make account on grinder and you will get 50 rp will you made it? No I don’t think so. Ok then 500? Means you will make the account for 500 and use it? Just for 500 rupees this girls will make account on grinder Grinder is a gay dating app. Look at this girls they are doing it and what are these girls are talking about? You say you don’t have a boyfriend and now making account on grinder. I asked you what is grinder and you didn’t tell me. Asked you do you believe me you said yes and you tell you will make it. I will not search you on grinder, don’t be shy I will not tell anyone. I have account with name of dhiraj. And whats your real name? My name is Nagesh. Why Dhiraj, do you feel shy about that? Please bro, please don’t tell any one. Why bro, why are you afraid about that. Government has given you the rights you can choose anybody. Ok, you never heard about that. I’ll tell you, grinder is a gay dating app where you can find gays and lesbians. Ohh what are you talking about? Who is trending on social media right now? Sonu nigam, ejaz khan or yogi maharaj? And which was his latest song? Yogi maharaj or Justine bibber who is more famous? Is there no indian person in your list? But right now there is only justine bibber. I heard Justine bibber is very popular in social media. He didn’t have cloths to wear, I heard something about that. Will you have your boyfriend on facebook if your family is on it? The parents will definitely ask about it. My daughter is going mad, like this. So will you tell your boyfriend not to talk with you on facebook?
Yes, i wil not talk with him. Hi baby what are you doing? Will you stop talking like this with your bae? That’s why I didn’t make id on social media.
Ohh you are so smart. My parents will ask who is this boy? Why is talking with him? May be my parents throw me out of the house. Nobody dose that, this only happens in films.
Will your parents ask about this? Will your parents ask about this? Fortunately they never ask me this. Never get any hi or anything. None, very sad. Ohh, stop bothering her guys… What best memes you have seen on facebook? Like “come to my house” That guy whats his name?
Ohh the thullu guy. Dhinchak pooja do you saw that video? Like “come to my house” Lady come at my house at night…
What dose that means? Same thing in Marathi. What was the name of the actor?
I don’t know… Somebody liking on facebook, Others are sharing on insta. Someone is swiping on tinder. And others are following on tweeter Ohh my god…! With this hot summer social media is also getting hike! So friends let us know what are you doing on social media in the comments down below. Also don’t forget to like and subscribe thug mafia. Because we are coming with new videos very soon

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  1. hi there nice video. but but btu…….. no action no commidy bro aj k dour ma action or commidy chality ha so ap kuch chang kro ya old hochoka ha . kuch khas kro .

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