Laughter is the Best Medicine

Oops, more comedy.

Hi um I feel like all my videos start off like this like: “Oh, hey. It’s been like six months” Obviously this is an update video (laughs) Because I’ve been like M.I.A. since… I think September or August was the last video back when I made My last update video (laughs nervously) um I said that I was gonna be taking a break from comedy I forget what else I said… Yeah! Taking a break from comedy, going back to school, yadda yadda yadda. I – I said I would have more time to make videos. Then I…like joined an improv troupe So that was the opposite of what I said I really didn’t plan on joining an improv troupe, but I’m happy I did because it’s great and I continued working at the theater on Saturdays but…uh… I’ve taken a break from working at the theater We’ve kind of slowed down with um What we’re doing with the improv troupe. I did start school, uh, in January. That’s also when I – like (cracks knuckles) ugh! That’s also when I uh… What was I saying?! That’s also when I stopped working at the theater on Saturdays um and I’ve had to cut back my hours at work, too. Uh… because I just started school um… But it does mean that I have more free time and so – and I’ve been missing making YouTube videos. I think I said that last time but for realsies! Um… And so yes, that’s what I’m doing now is I’m making an update video because I would like to start (laughs) doing this thing again. Obviously, I can’t make any promises. Especially after the last few times that I’ve been like: “Oh no I have more time Everything’s gonna be fine!” Um… I do know… because I do know things… will get busy in March… Because that’s when South-by-Southwest happens, so I will be – because I work at a bar downtown um. I will be very busy. Uh… (clears throat) hopefully making tons of money though – Um… Oh! Uh… another reason why it took me so long to make a Youtube video was because my room… …was terrible. I moved in August and – this – this is my new room, obviously. Uh… and it is… …like half the size of my old room, and I still had, like, all of the same amount of shit though when I moved So it took me a little while to just come to terms with the fact that I’m living in a smaller room I need to fucking get over it and get rid of some of my shit, especially since like a lot of it I wasn’t Using. Um, I had like crap that I was like: “Oh, I forgot I owned that.” It wasn’t until like a couple months ago that I just went through my stuff and got rid of a lot of it. So now my room is like, organized and beautiful and wonderful. Um… Yeah! I am gonna make a video about my tea collection ’cause I think I like a year ago I mentioned that I might do that. And now I have – I think I have it set up really nicely. I’m not going to do that right now, but maybe later this week. um… So yeah, you can – can you? I want to say you can expect more videos from me uh soon, but Can you really expect anything from me? Um… I think I… I think I said all the things… I think I said all the things. But, uh, bye, and I love you!

5 thoughts on “Oops, more comedy.

  1. "I miss making youtube videos… for realsies" two years later

    Guess it's a good thing you said no promises, loooool

  2. I know this video is from three years ago, but I have to thank you for the playlists you've created and this was the only way I could!

    I'm feeling kinda lonely tonight. I think I'll watch your old vlogs. You seem really interesting and lovely. I think I need something subdued and low stimulus.

    (I clicked on you from a Peter Coffin video comment)

  3. Enjoyed your video!😊 Is that your cat in the background at 0:15 seconds in? Wondering about the tea collection!

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