Laughter is the Best Medicine

‘Order!’ Why Europeans are turning to John Bercow for light relief in Brexit chaos

Order! Calm yourself man! The lion must get
back in its den! Order! You’re yelling across
the chamber. Be quiet. Mr Jacob …
Order! You are over-excitable and
you need to contain yourself. If it requires you to take
some medicament, then so be it. Order! The honourable gen…
Order! This kiss a ginger activity
is probably perfectly lawful but I’ve got no plans to
partake of it myself. Order! Order! Order! Order! No! No, you’re not moving anything.
Resume your seat, young man. No, no.
Resume your seat. No.
Resume your seat. Order! You really are a very
over-excitable individual. You behave like an adult
and, if you can’t, if it’s beyond you,
leave the chamber. Get out.
We’ll manage without you. Get a grip of yourself, man. Calm. Take up yoga, you’ll find it
beneficial, man. I most certainly don’t
look for favourites. Order! Order! Order! Mr Kinnock, you are a
cerebral denizen of the House. Gesticulation and shouting are
way beneath your pay grade, man. I don’t require any assistance
from some junior minister. That’s an absurd proposition. Order! Order! Order! You’re a very jocular fellow
but you’re a little over-excitable today. Calm.
Long time to go.

100 thoughts on “‘Order!’ Why Europeans are turning to John Bercow for light relief in Brexit chaos

  1. I don't understand why a sitting MP is also in the role of speaker…?? So a constituency voted for an mp to represent them and then he can't sit in commons but rather has to be impartial and non partisan. Shouldn't they just vote in a speaker for that role and let his constituency be free to vote for an mp to sit properly in parliament

  2. Listening to John Bercow is entertaining and can help to improve your vocabulary. I’ve had to look up some of the fancy words he uses when rebuking members of the house.

  3. Americans are watching British politics to feel better, and the British are watching American politics to feel better?

  4. If this guy worked as a waiter in a restaurant the time between being seated and getting the food out would come down noticeably

  5. hors d'oeuvre
    /ɔː ˈdəːv,ɔː ˈdəːvr(Ι™)/
    a small savoury dish, typically one served as an appetizer.

  6. Where does he get his vocabulary? He's making a good English teacher; language skill + classroom management skill. HAHAHAHA!

  7. John Bercow, spruce up the announcing of Brexit votes by asking Jim from the Vicar of Dibley to read them out!

  8. He gives us the first lesson in English – a very hard language that is dying out and that people in our world can not hear and want not to speak – on how to speak English. Very nice! But can this improve my English knowledge? πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„

  9. He reminds me of the big blue horned guy that stands next to Palpatine in the Star Wars prequels, β€œvote now, vote now, vote now” β€œORDER!”

  10. This is how I'm gonna act in the most expensive restaurant in Dubai…

    I'll let y'all know how it goes.

  11. you missed my all time favourite "ORDAHHH! There is no need for the honourable member for Dewsbury to chunter 'ahoy there' from a sedentary position"

  12. γ€Œε°η”°γβ€γβ€γβ€γβ€γβ€γβ€γβ€γβ€γβ€!」

  13. Yes non-Brits…

    These really are the people we put in charge of running our country and yes you're right, that DOES explain a lot.

    To be fair, it only gets like this on big occasions like PMQ's, budgets, opening of Parliament, etc.

    Normally it's very civilised.

  14. Like a bleating wildebeest amongst the SHEEP, lol. Ordeeeerrr, lol Parliament ( a very nasty sounding) Heeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrreee lol. Sounds like a barnyard each parliament

  15. Frequently it seems likes Mr. Bercow is the only adult in a chamber full of squabbling toddlers, yet the way he manages to moderate the Commons and get the day's business done is absolutely amazing, he is a credit to British political culture and proof positive that the Westminster system, properly managed, is not only the best but perhaps the only true form of parliamentary democracy. Puts the U.S. Congress to shame any day!

  16. People all over the world are laughing at us.
    This is ridiculous. The speaker acts like he’s in one of Shakespeare’s plays.
    There is no need for his over acting.
    He’s a joke, and needs to be removed as soon as possible.
    But as this is impossible, we have to wait for him to resign.
    It’s bloody ludicrous , as his behaviour shows.

  17. Britain looks like a joke. They all are pocketing your tax money and make you suffer to work and not to be successful

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