Laughter is the Best Medicine

100 thoughts on “OSHO: About Drugs

  1. Beautiful lines about Drugs that Drugs is need for valley stages Not for peaks stage.
    Meditation is an pure Drug that is Really Relax with No any side effects

  2. Love you OSHO for me its a simple with no mind…
    He is the partical of Indian wisdom go in depth youll find more miracle individual who capable to change the world…

  3. Words of truth, in Europe Suisse, France….., there is special rooms controlled by medical professionals for ppl to take drugs in safe environment, this actually led to less crime rates in those countries.

  4. "Each Sunday morning instead of going to the church, you just go on a trip" Haha OSHO that's the way it should be 😀 anybody still on here listens to him? Would like some friends lol

  5. 🙏He is way way ahead of his time. 🙏Today some country has such a place where people can take drugs in monitored way. Exm. Canada🇨🇦

  6. I just found him through recommendation and found through comments that he is dead😢. A very wise men.

  7. “The government is responsible for all the young people being destroyed by drugs” that was some real shit. Make anything illegal and the black market will adopt it and sell it to anyone with who can buy regardless of age.

  8. Prison should provide nutritional food, teach dynamic meditation, clean place to live so that they can be really transformed. The current system is an inhumane and inefficient use of capital.

  9. you don't know osho how much I've come to love you… you have spoken my mind with so much ease… honestly my respect for you has no bound

  10. I really don't understand why people listening to him are laughing, the don't realize that the man before them is a genius. I wonder what he thinks of those stupid ones before him.

  11. … and he was poisoned!! Why stop him if all his saying is nonsense? Unless you want to keep him mute soo that the old age business of religion continues! Truth cannot be hidden, truth stand !

  12. meditation is not so ready made like drugs are always and always gonna be because even if you want or are certain that meditation can substitute drugs you are just up to deceive yourself because the results are different, sometimes one technique will lead you further ahead and sometimes one dosis will lead you further ahead, it's going always to be like this

  13. Certain psychedelia..
    Have been proven..
    To have been a catylst
    Sort of spiritual search light
    Into the greater scheme of things
    If you ready for it….
    It can have life changing effects
    Differentiating the escapism
    Towards the looking spark
    I've seen it happen
    So many times
    Those from valley's

  14. Osho was ALWAYS a total fraud & con man, since he first started his communes in India in the early 1960's…. exactly why he was imprisoned in America in the 1980's for all of the crimes he committed at his Cult in Oregon. plus, Osho abused drugs continually himself the final 30 yrs of his life. everything this man ever stated & claimed, was all hypocritical bullshit done to con gullible saps out of their money.

  15. That's absolutely true….hospitals should provide free drug experience under proper medical care …so that people will understand why we use it…

    Some countries have applied these methods…and had reduction in drug abuse…

    Well there are good drugs ,with less side effects also been invented as nootropics……but no human ego loves to depend on something…

  16. Baghwan frozes at 4:49… Way much better answer to establish Rajneeshpuram as a City INSIDE the U.S., which by federal law prohibits the use of drugs, which for the City of Rajneeshpuram could not legislate on that matter.

  17. Useless and senseless answer to a drug control. If no control on drug or alcohol, whole world will be corrupted. Information about meditation is good…

  18. God did not provoke, God only mentioned not to eat the apple before they are ready to be eaten,

    God never provokes ever,

    Marijuana is hell in earth, it stones people out of their emotion and is turning them into a brain dead zombie.

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