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100 thoughts on “OSHO: Life Is Not a Problem

  1. actually philosogy was made because people had the courage to ask ..bah ?? you guys dont answer 😉 No questions …ok 😉 nice progressive world

  2. Answering questions definitely brings out more questions then answers. But at the end, this is our nature, we ask. We wonder, we are curious. I've seen no man that just lives his life but doesn't think about it during the journey. I believe the aspect presented in the video will eventually make man a sort of a no-brainir, a being which is not capable analyzing anything he faces.

    Asking questions is healthy.

  3. I think that what Osho meant is that we tend to waste a lot of living by questioning the mystery of life than actually living it.

  4. This guy!…. What's that like a riddle!!! I think it's common sense to know that life is not a problem and it doesn't have a solution it's a mystery to be lived. Now I can act like Ocho and say life will come with problems sometimes you might find the solutions, now when is the mystery because you'll never know when one or the other will come because time is the most powerful over knowledge.

  5. Christ is not the answer, once you start questioning. Jesus is a fiction: Osho is not, hence you can still agree or disagree with him because he doesn't claim to be a prophet or messiah.

  6. I still have one question though. How is one going to make a living after reaching enlightenment?

  7. When I became One a month or so ago, that's what I felt.

    I had reached to an answer by having an experience. Now, I don't have so many questions, but I find answers in the "unfolding" of my consciousness in the "experiencing" of that oneness. Step by step, the answers or the solutions come to me without really asking for them, they just pop up. I guess that's the expression of my wisdom as I gain it or express it naturally.

    Well, I wasn't expecting making this realization with this video. Thank you Osho <3

  8. Look at this great man…my mind don't want to believe on his words..but still I can't stop myself to stop listioning him.

  9. Так и есть. Бывает, прочитаю книжку какую-то, по буддизму например, и кажется: теперь я всё понял. Но нет, через пару дней снова закрадывается мысль: наверное я упустил что-то важное, нужно читать ещё и искать ответы

  10. Great insight. Helped me to eliminate the horrible cycle of overthinking I've been going through in the past few weeks.

  11. Hello I am from cambodia, May I translate this video into my own langauge and other videos?( Put cambodian subtitle)

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