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100 thoughts on “OSHO: My God! There Is No God!

  1. look at all the murders and rapes! i agree no god! just businesses claiming god exists and fearful people pay the cash in fear they will burn in hell!! yeahhhhh theres god

  2. Osho also says Jesus never died on the cross. Sooo which is it? Did Jesus die on the cross disillusioned, or did he not die on the cross at all?

  3. Christian : God
    Islam : Allah( pre-islamic all at, al uzza & manat)
    Hindu : Om Nama Shivaya(3)
    Judaism : Yahweh
    Buddhism : Buddha 9th incarnation of preserver Lord Vishnu

  4. Fine. So what produced the universe….and life? I'll wait…for some atheist to produce a better explanation than a Creator

  5. I like this guy. He is funny but when it comes to God question, he is wrong. The time is coming when atheists and religious people will understand that both God and Universe are two different names with the same meaning. But I believe this guy is just a thought away from the truth…He is OK.

  6. Lol we fail to find lives on other planets doesn't mean life only exists on earth.How is it possible that life can only exist in earth billions of stars,trillions of planets in our galaxy,so many mysteries left to be unveiled and this man claims that god does not exists as if he had travelled throughout our universes or may be beyond that and he failed to find god and now confidently claiming that god does not exists🤣🤣🤣🤣 such an idiot

  7. If people seek god because they are afraid then why are they afraid of god if they believe in him? We got to chose here. are people more afraid of god or of the unknown?

  8. Just watched his video first time and man i became his fan. So true A new born child can tell easily that there is no god if that child can speak just after birth.

  9. I'm so inspiring about your book I'm reading now the meditation for busy people it so clear and great teachings.

  10. It depends on how you define God. To me, God is nature. The sum total of all the laws of nature that create, sustain, and destroy reality is God. Some would call this the Dao, I doubt Osho would say that the laws of nature don't exist.

  11. The world went through a complex mechanism. Humans are part of it. Understanding most sciences can help but we are earthly and we cannot prove the existence of God. You should have power to prove things.

  12. I respect his honesty but I don't agree with him. But I admire his desire to help people and his rebellious attitude of the the society he is living in

  13. If i tell you that WORLD TRADE CENTER was built by one man in 7 Days , you will not believe it , but If i say the Whole world which also include world trade center is built by God in 7 Days you religion tells you Yes. is it not ? is it true , you tell me.

  14. Wise man… God is the biggest lie ever told by man, it is Created by man, if there was a God we wouldn’t have all these different religions, it’s non sense

  15. I think this guy is incredibly healthy to the point where his body doesn't need to blink because his body is so rich with moisture and he's taken care of himself very well these wise people are incredible

  16. MASTER !!!
    just look how we pray do God
    Like slaves riturs.

  17. Love from haiti . Mr Osho what your say is not true your can't fool me , Almighty God is real I got prove of that. I don't know the name bullshit name mankind call God is the real name but Almighty God is real my ancestors people was doing a voodoo ceremony for all the spirits when they're call all the spirit they're came the spirits salut Almighty God an said Almighty God creator of heaven universe & Earth creator of mankind creator of worlds most mercieful most Holly all knowing all powerful is the greatest, that day my body have Goosebumps every living organs inside my body shakes. You're can't fool me I think Mr Osho you're need reevaluate your brain thought's cause I think you're brain going coocoo on me now maybe you're might need to go the coocoo farm

  18. Love from haiti. Even the spirits said Almighty God is the greatest don't deny Almighty God .what make you' re think you're simple human being there's no God . Sir with all do respect you're a fool

  19. This guy you call Master? Then can he tell by who a Car was Made or we found them long the road? It simply has a creator who invented it with all the accomodations. Same as the Earth, it was created with all the necessary things for us to dwell on and Live by GOD the Creator of Heaven and Earth.

  20. Why is he barely blinking his eyes? I noticed this initially as it was quite Apparent. If I were to not blink for nearly two minutes, I highly doubt I could even attempt 50 seconds …

  21. No human can create a planet or anything, so why should a BIG human could do it🤣 even if a god would exist, it would not be a human.

  22. Ssss…sssss…shut up, Osho! There is a God and you are just a false prophet.A smart one indeed but as fake as the moon landing.

  23. So why did God let Jesus die on a cross?
    When Jeshua died on a cross,when he is burried in stone grave after 3 days he came out what is the point of this?
    To show that God won the Death and that is basicly root of Christianity the Crusifiction and Coming back to life of Jesus.
    Who G-d loves that G-d also punishes that's example of Jesus,Jews etc.

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