Laughter is the Best Medicine

100 thoughts on “OSHO: Yes, We Celebrate Death Too.

  1. Osho es un hombre con mayusculas, El señala otro camino, otras posibilidades, pero hay quien ya empieza a confundir…. no buscar las felicidad en si mismo y deposita su esperanza en este hombre, idolatrandole, acercandole peligorsamente a lo que el mismo desmonta, deidades, dioses y profetas, Amale como no, siempre y cuando te ames a ti con la misma pureza, Osho solo señala , no te centres en Osho , por supuesto fue un maravilloso hombre, ante todo y tambien como decia Bruce Lee…… se tu propia guia , se tu mismo que es la mision mas complicada que nos toca vivir

  2. o my god this is the best deth ever so lucky man I also want that my famly also do this with my body
    my god amazing moment never seen somthing like Thais

  3. He was & is loved by billions ,, continue to live in the heart of billions.Was misunderstood because what a great soul or spiritual master says is rarely understood in his times.

  4. 怀着无比的喜悦而又无比忧伤的看完,喜悦的是曾经有这样觉知的一个人存在并且留下了那么美的意识财富,悲伤的是以前我太小而不曾见过他,以后也无法再见到那样美的一个人了。

  5. No Word's to Describe ❤️ the Greatest Person Of all Time
    Aap kabhi Nhi Maar Sakte Kyunki Silence Hamesha rehte hai 🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂 Love You ❤️❤️❤️

  6. A man before his time and his words will be understood after 200 years. What he had said is beyond humans mind reach. He is a true master. Love u forever master Im sure u will come to see me one day.

  7. On personal level death could be a joy. But socially it is still a separation from relatives which is sad.

  8. The,way this man worked his greatness cannot b comprehended in words I now know y he was always in controversy

  9. कुछ बातों से असहमति हो सकती है लेकिन ओशो में सच्चाई भी थी

  10. You may have been burnt but I still feel a great sense of attachment for my heart feels a deep need for you to be alive for my soul is lost… I miss you osho!

  11. welcome to hell ….. osho….. start your next life with fire and remain in fire forever, forever and forever… rest in curse.

  12. No, it's only fake happiness that you try to show to people. It's a fake drama. You are trying to conceal something by doing dance. It's a symbol of unstable emotions…..

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