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I'm really counting on you know the money people come from that's your side shit very much they say like the way to do once again I try to add seriously I don't want to accent so that you love your friend ex and that I honestly I taught you that asking by now yeah I don't want to do anything that we're making to run a wave you just have to be calm and polite you know my boss is here to stay for a very long time you don't have to live just like that that your back heel is not a web material are poor you know what she does she only sleep i watch television understands now you don't have to do don't do them even though the relationship bitching you mind if you just listen to yourself what is the relationship between a man and a man that lives in the same house on the same bed every night see what they're saying if that is the case see you should have allowed him to tell you by himself alone let him tell you so that you know what is happening anyway I would do that that's if he's not tell me I would acting by myself my friend I think that is the best thing for you to just have to take it is your name you know you know how many you just take it easy on you you don't have to rush in my analysis fat isolates you rushing my friend really now we came to collect money for this so just okay which occupy the great soldier you generated in caves near particular provisions I know that issue pick my own make sure you record it oh I will so this is how Magnus Tonto is a pasta people are not donating money for his this is the keeper yes Oh we'll never pay for anybody's fucking if there's no lights let all of us think darkness that matters laughter said thank you no no no sister pays shot nice shot nice shot God you must be very very relaxed because what you're going to do the physical job and mental to have to be mentally a lot the shot so that now we are going to check if we have physically in good condition is it job that you have to compare numbers before and I watch it to the pigeon ambass starting from number one what we have to know those who are physically alright all right we are beige to move on to the boys from the man to remove the child from the real McCoy Brett what is it breaking this up bet Raja bet hiya yeah hiya now I'll call you one two three come out you step out step forward okay you follow one one yes he wears a gun in mommy's not to fall out with my boys have something that the boss I'm going to walk it finish in this village now I just you have to adjust yourself we have this rope like kind of era when I'm going to jog okay nyah-nyah-nyah yeah Seamus she is still a bit I have not seen her since morning hey hey that's a good news hey maybe she's pregnant are you suspecting anything no riilu what you know what really we might be doing on bed up till this moment if not pregnancy do you know that I was about to kahshanna on how she eats no I know where she eats so much a lot are oh yeah like a poor on tell about your Rudy hey shorty suppose that is this money now and i right now also patty angry we regard the boost dancing you know my mom no we are going to protect this community to force I'm going to give you opportunity sheets I have to have the money ship to attract relations here now what arginine was on NASA who's on the other journey you can mess up do I'm here my woman said what I hit you one dose drift whoa so I love you I would I would let you from work the morning why these men take duty posts all right Oh God thank you you don't need to assure us we are telling it to my son and time I thought at least age was not try some of these techniques and strategies of military techniques that we use in our solutions mystical occasion to serve and it is something that is for those people who have tried to put this community in jeopardy in this amount to survive yes women we are got to rescue some of them it was magical in the field I was having my Samia calc left-right and bullets maracas were talking ability are moving people were falling I was able to meet certain materials you know we're going to be something like guns we're going to use torchlight I forgot to direct the shade when will some barricades for this section of the movement of people and the promise we are going to prevent her for you know what I think you know is I am just their leader out there if the leader is healthy and the past behind I'm not I mean if you catch my drift take care of the posterior you are right that's why I will talk about you we are not a greedy person Matata you always have [Applause] it's something that I won't disclose rate until discussion to something I don't have it because you know when I was shooting gone to us my wife so if I bring that person and say this is your total but to be really accept it mama something that is already moving out of marriage market you but because we are going to see her parents to tell her she's already carrying a baby my grandchild who mama there is no way you can load a car that has no boot why you got to put the luggage can you put well in a way that does not attack there must be thank you before well cancer to date that person has I was there just in my my bottle my skipper do you know how we do orgasm no not the happened you know mama I said more than once today you know that's kind of she used to bake artists a woman here stops I II saw stone mama say food is ready for me now food very surprised such stories I wish I will make mama gets surgery is something that starts from the very first tell you I inoculated with new what you talk to me talk that was why I come out come come outside reduce your verses what to talk to me yeah but I need one my mind my visitor you went out brought somebody who is just eating my food for nothing mama what do you want hard to do already decreases takes advantage go and do things they pay for dissing alleging operatic Ichi what he knows also for us hey she would do anything she can't even conceive and give me my grandchildren which one I'm talking about you're talking about house chores kita now you have entered into cozy oh my god – Amy hmm bloody pure glitter yeah go back to her parents Persis i give me my grandchildren tell her to go back and yes not me to be happy I can't be happy on your Buddha shit how do me she pregnant i stylish the accent as we plant he told me that she doesn't have room so where do the children because I'm not God that gives children but you have to remember that Magnus is my only child so I'm working my way he needs to marry somebody that can give him children I think Bethenny should do is just to make things very very difficult for hind the house she hang on Vanya Nana for three time that house that is what you should do we both anyway is going to prevent disease in this village nobody says sister-sister you know the worst part of this rope in the all villages not spinning like this oh god yeah I see some kind of Messiah the one that pains me most yeah I cannot fool who now is making people to donate money for its upkeep since the dagger would react back and bangle boot across western like then she came and took home a man to not make a magic you could have that both of you able to work on different ships because only me will not be Sydney this house before that Oh mother – Oh madam we don't hear you no problem sister and garden God Brody so wrong way how do you left side left left right left right you start on that first all right lay final it mark right left right okay yes I didn't mother left much time left right okay mom when I say left aunt you done let me stop quite what you thought you left that's when I said tradition thought you were this this up down the Sun we saw a knife safety linen went up 21 next you booth oh we went into asset left if you go down this way let's go left this is our military that is not military when they tell you about what much time much talk you don't know you're next from your rights you're not military no they're not exercises are you ready yeah like I'm you know do you watch it wasabi mob yo no no that's not you what do you mean that you don't understand we are going to fund to harvest so that you eat every day to do like hey so does this a peanuts look like you want that I walk in the park ah but the fingers look like what you can use to move and eat anyhow you like let me tell you if you won't go to defend with me you will not eat in my house nah let's go yes I do that if she go to the car with me she will not eat in my house again sweet acidic he's my food in this village do you know that I asked her to come and escort me to the front line she refused hey my son told me that he will hired laborers that upon getting too much now of course I himself is not even responsible how do you expect somebody like that to come out talk sense into my son his own sense is not even complete you are right my friend you alright but I at least he should know what is going on his in his elder brother's house please come and talk to me what did he do he refused to money but he came home with the woman you say will not marry her what the dream is good-looking she is good-looking okay I will try thank you well not exactly my type Oberon Hanuman was an album cover to protect not go to my mom but you forgot I'm gonna kind of Magnus is not at home now so I you tend to see one inside I was really happy Wow all business these are business Jojo Jojo this is a magnet so langa-voni loose slow and take everyone else fi that's right tamazuki why you are focusing now but to say come on up you kind of missing food because mothers are sweet enough so nobody we say you've got thank you very much when you go down to myself thank you very much what does not see that we have what to document I will produce that's good to remove and we're going to give you more cabinet unit bomb is going to compute but should have had it thank you very much and we are going to assure you and from now on listen Oh and now for some of you who are very good at target practice you go from mrs. Wolcott is more non-smooth be coming your way okay Berto gives three console to me inaudible in honor of [Applause] [Laughter] [Applause] is the one that all uniformly you know my ass digger you're talking about she doesn't even know how much you love her she let me tell you something me teach me a lesson women love crazies press this gear – she's beautiful like she's this and that's that all alone if you tumble a joke let me be honest – my farts let me ask cept the fact that and love that yeah she's the kind of woman type of woman I want but you see do not just to walk home – Linda I started in this day Linda I like you I love you man nah I don't like too many talk that's why I prefer you as you go but is it this one motel you do that yourself Bhima ha stop dolly and David at least for once be your brother's keeper hey watch my back we are good neva so watch my back and I'll watch your back letõs in your help one and not that is even in the Bible Lucifer teddies McCauley difficuly REI Menaka yes even one with ya happy I'll be giving you do you know why I will not help what sets in tomorrow all of us in the peloton that's your side oh yeah the DA tea party big one yeah how are you people cope with fun with a robot thank you god bless thank you for your gardening this out yet you would exchange like our life you can open you can freeze things so I go here just I'm here sister I'm hungry I go now gum I came I'm not concluded earlier before he left but there's no food in the house this is that what are we going to do about it I'm hungry too somebody was smooth they're here I was hold on I went away and he went to home for food so say that maybe the puppy comes back in front of diversity okay I hope so too I believe that if he does not find any food we'll definitely find something to do emotional to sister my cities me somebody has touched great soldier what is it what is the problem so this dead to enter into my house and removed the Lord God's in the rack that is not possible sir this happen how dare it is possible it has happened it is happening but what we tied those things when I never hunts on them yes imagine the affront go calling the rock now go for dismissed let us know what is happening I wanna chip mint and is going to come for me but there is nothing to panic about I'm in charge of this operation and I will see to the end of it it would our catch those thieves and when I catch them then we know that is that experience and strategy but are you sure that we know you still goes to kill the boss that's if I give them the opportunity to do that which I don't intend to do if I'm not here to raise your blood pressure relax I'm on top of the situation it's okay thank you anyway that's what I've come to tell you just then you give you a little down affair this set of things at the moment ok I'm not telling you to get enough Obama gave up on achieve food security hey mama come on give me when you come back by that time this week and I love this piece I said well you come back season where my son has ponytail Queen hey this life oh god please touch the heart of my son so that he will settle down like this [Applause] [Applause] what no I'm single you're thinking my new song your new song so I've got my big reach you not see anywhere to see your new song let my des mots oh no as I Delta yes shouting ladies Kokomo flute they stopped my pants we can expect me to start dancing so if you might be that is to cause today they have stolen my pants were still chasing after those voice you know what they're capable of doing they are bad boys D : [Laughter] this will everyone died maybe the best of a firm literally will pocketed is it I listen there is no point we're not here to bother I just want to ask what is your name what's wrong with that sorry I am NOT going to tell you my name if you want to find out my name now you have to find it out from others I like that well my name is Magnus Godsey demand that you can just tell me my name is my name is [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] was you are dancing with an ex-wife to be early show you oh man what's you ah we're not doing anything I want you to see me after that's okay everybody bully you are teaching you how to dance shake it so you're not it where can you become a teacher hey Saki Saki happy don't worry wetback does come back I will tell you what happened today oh yeah I love you let me tell you if it is nothing that we you know Galactica Adama and cool oh shit that would cause common in Oakland sorry let me niacinamide find any mercy I myself hear you take care of your wife and your kids you are given a single girl what is wrong with me I told you mind your own business mind your own business don't worry I am fine linen cocks is my business at the only security one in this yeah the only FSS the Catholic of my not here are you with me all the single guest yeah in fact I am warning you because they are dumb idea so let the single girls alone put outside you a married man good yes take care of your wife and your kids with a big nest man if I get two again you forgot you can take over a woman let me tell you I am very much single still such besides I don't know who said you with wrong information about me I've told you I'm single very much single business ask in my house just different from the other girls are stubborn yes master I need to see how confident do you say the word Sigma and that view I was a bit less to tourists in less than a hundred families hey my son if you can do this and all this nomination I'm telling you define everybody what is good for you why do you think I spent time try to break out the strategy of my pasts as is because I want to fight him because I now will eventually catch them I was right to sample all the strategies have used in the past yes how far do I go for them before they catch up with me never have seen your face have your way back apart let's leave this place now Deacon now back here what we're I said I am not going anywhere if he wanted to review where I was it would have done that and you think he wants in MegaPath become wacky madness is a very tough guy who he is unpredictable nobody knows his next move a sofa requirement I don't want anything to happen to you because yeah let's go that because like I said I am not going anywhere alexia Babu I am not going anywhere no Coriana there make it doable for my liking then let's leave this place man you can you know what your problem is but don't worry I will tell them that you're the master planner when they get to arrest me yes so I've done you and your brothers on this one why did you just tell the people no I'm gonna take everything we had and left us with nothing it all started when Philip came back from abroad I had the pop loss of land close to the village square belongs to you people yes okay I've come to know it's watts and I will give you the money believe you see that land there that's the only land our late father left for us me and my brother and we'll plan on sharing it and develop it and when do you think that would be again now when do you think you can make money to develop Vala do you know how much it bothers me my friend come down I'm going to build a factory there and now employ the three of you I'm gonna fix you up so you make a living you only have one day Philly Philly pudding do you can either go cook in the hi Daddy I am not selling the land the land is not for sale we are not selling easy by force oh um well of consulted the eBay and council of elders they asked me to give you people anything until the land as it's for the benefit of this community but I have come to negotiate with you because you where my friend in the second dress balloons I wouldn't want to begin me deal with it what if the ego and the elders really want G to good actor in this village let me give you a lot somewhere oh snap them for life leave us alone we are not selling I am NOT here to waste your time or mine for the last time how much is the land God forsaken name show me my land is not for sale period in that case I will leave but let me sound a note of warning to three of you I don't want to see because my [Applause] I see did it again because of money as long as the elders on this plant is a menace [Laughter] we were left with no choice then too sick for means of survival to you means of survival is no choice we had nothing to eat nothing to sell we will live like destitute what if you were caught stealing for instance what what if you were shot and you nervous now hold up kid there is already death day and a Bundy who is also a thief or something what please taught is what my brothers in this tell them a bit what doing this to me he's a biggie no guitarists which means it is personal yes money is not of course another family the energy the mass exactly used in the factory is deafening it will be become death it is not a puppy we are going to forget it secondly the smoke that comes out from those things very toxic what it's a fertility children whether you read it so not going then I'm telling you fact and the elderly who believe to die by inches and what evidences to chew or do anything if you do it's fine if you will not do it except you do what happily sir we do that's how we do that's yeah so people having which on the flanks until I see this things manifest and then I will show you how print is so Jaya forget about the kunafa part my game producer Cooper nobody saw me so even what were you saying over the phone yeah please I invited you to tell you that we are no longer interested in that factor if you must do the function you have to go far away outside the resist our adventure please please focus I repeat focus sick before to be their partner or saber go ahead and put that oil attentive good I lost this okay I owe you I want to die I'm too long please what are you people talking about what disease Philips we know everything just do as we tell you what is going on this time someone talk to me I am floating village Philips it is not possible it is not possible not after all of you taking my money please even a wedding is last night did you begin how didn't what you did was just be managed to the traditional ruler as simple as that which everybody does I did it No [Applause] [Laughter] you know what momoka she hardly stares at me what's out there uncle's place at my uncle's house I actually came to say thank you for the help you rendered Brian like brothers I don't know how to say thank you no I'm really really very grateful No yes well may I have my because today's got to be a very rapidly ever since I saw you I will not marry me I have in fact attested I was asking myself information or till I realized today finally finally oh my gosh that is like we get insurance somebody [Laughter] my MA honestly your stubbornness is perfection I think that any day honestly I feel a definitely they brought joy and peace to my house [Applause] [Laughter] please maybe go to bindus house room and tell me that but I love her I don't want me to go I'll stay here and talk to her and shout and spin I love I love I love Linda what did this I know I know you love me I just want this again say to me there's something else to talk about when you ladies dancing around let me go sweetie the lattice is a good luck he's not intervening as a matter of fact I've never seen anyone ever since I moved here to discuss pound yeah I not think that does because kinda raucous is a shy be when it comes to you there are very wise you tried I'd say but it's not working out yes we're plant engagement underneath they're all part of the game was please take the lucky I am willing to take you as my wife it will using Linda this one here I am only gonna and touch you what you coming to my heart the tooth please Linda I need you in my life to completely please I know I don't have any line I supposed to proposal but if you look at my hand time yes finish line which I'm about to country please please it took me days to say this today I am saying this please don't say don't allow you to remember there was nothing left for us in the city everything was getting we're just gettin disgusted with everything to accompany me whom because already I have a promise my mother I went to convert somebody I tend to marry so and we had this little secret told us specifically if you go there because stuff from behave badly so that my mother doesn't begin to like you so much and that myself I was acting as if I wasn't concerned about all those things that was the secret between me and him okay it said okay probably when we come to the village we will find something but economically and emotionally and I think good has succeeded in divorce the emotional one good supersedes because every time

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