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Othello (Shakespeare) – Thug Notes Summary & Analysis

Yo what it is? This week haters gonna hate with Othello by William Shakespeare. One day soulja boy Iago kickin it with some fool named Roderigo when Roddy all like “Say Iago, why didn’t you tell me my girl Desdemona gone and married Othello? You know I’ve been tryin to hit that, Iago.” Iago say “Man
f*** Othello. He gave a bump to dat scrub Cassio when it should be me climbin the ranks.
Plus, I ‘spectin Othello been freakin on my woman. So fool best watch hisself cuz I’m comin fo him.” Revenge, sucka! When word come to Dessy’s pappi, he get all up in Othello’s bidness and say “Bitch did yo black-ass cast a spell on my daughter?”
Othello like “Naw, blood. Ever since I told her bout all the s*** I’ve seen, she been
ALL up on this.” Desdemona come in and sets daddy straight, and joins Othello and his
homies to wreck that Turkish army that be rollin up on Cyprus. Up in Cyprus, Iago tricks Othello’s number
2 man Cassio into throwin back a lil too much drank. When Othello see C-dawg actin a fool,
he gives him the boot. But Iago ain’t done messin. He tell Cassio “Say bruh, you should
hit up Desdemona and axe if she can get Othello to smoothe things over.” But on the real, Iago playin dirty. He tell
Othello he best watch his bitch cuz she might be gettin down with Cassio. Othello ain’t
buyin it at first, but when Iago plants one of Desdemona’s hankerchiefs in Cassio’s
crib, brutha start wonderin. And Othello get all turnt up when he sees Cassio goin on about
some woman he playin, cuz Iago make Othello think C-money talkin dirty bout Desdemona.
After dat, Othello say “Man I’m gonna ICE that BITCH. Iago. If you my man, you’ll
merc Cassio, son.” Not wanting to get his hands dirty, Iago convinces
Roderigo to kill Cassio. Even though s*** goes sideways, Iago still comes out on top.
Roderigo can’t snitch since Iago put his ass six feet deep, and Cassio got a gnarly cut. Later, Othello rolls up on his woman, and
straight chokes a bitch to death. When Iago’s biddy Emilia comes in, she like “WHAT THE F***, OTHELLO?” Othello tell her what’s up, and Emilia immediately calls Iago out
sayin he been lying his ass off. Iago like “bitch shut up!” And ENDS her. Man, what is this? The NFL? Knowin he got played, Othello stabs Iago and then ices himself before the po-po can put him away fo good. Damn. Ain’t no doubt dat fool Iago does some dirty s*** up in this play. But as bad as he is, you can’t deny that brutha do his own thang-
and with style. Now if you bust open yo copy of Exodus and
slide you bitch-ass to 3:14, you’ll see dat fool God saying something similar: “I
am what I am.” Like the big G-man, Iago pullin all the strings up in this heezy. But
also, it’s like Iago dun flipped dem holy words on they ass. Cuz Iago take good
things, flips em around, and makes em evil. In fact, that’s how he stir up dat beef
between Dessy and Othello. Now y’all playas know Willy S never play
it straight, and he’s always blurrin dat line between good and bad. When Roderigo start
goin off bout virtue, Iago all like: Now what Iago really sayin is all hustlas
are gardens, and the only one saying what you gotta plant is yo-self. Not God or anybody
else. You make yourself what you want to be. Matter of fact, ol Willy got Iago tear down
that holy jive all throughout this play. Fo example, when Iago tryin to convince Othello
that his woman gettin freak nasty with Cassio, Othello like “Hell naw B. I got faith my Biddy love me.” But after showin him the handkerchief and
lurin him to the convo between Cassio and Desdemona, Iago convince Othello “Man fuck
faith. SEEING is believing, homeboy.” Too bad Othello don’t know what love is something
you can’t see. But that’s okay playa cuz you can still
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  1. So… nothing about discrimination and oppression of minorities specifically of African descent in this analysis…

  2. These videos are far more entertaining than those dry ass classes on literature I used to take back in the day, lol

  3. Could you please do Tess of the Durbervilles I've been using your videos to help me revise my Alevels 😂😂

  4. Iago was angry about not getting a desired promotion. Othello was acutely aware of being a Muslim in Christian Venice and that much of his status came from his military prowess. Needless to say, this makes him a bit insecure about Desdemona, which Iago used.

    But, in short, people are dead because Iago couldn't put on his big-boy trunk hose and deal with his disappointment.

  5. 'Iago' sounds like 'Ego' which is Latin for 'I' making Othello a self-hating Moor.
    Plot twist: Desdemona has demon in her name making her White on the outside and Black on the inside.

  6. Bro, this is some Michelangelo work. This is some 21st century masterpiece stuff you have here. Essays can be written alone on what you are doing, delivering, and realizing in the world. You are an artist the way you simplify the complex.

  7. If Cheney masturbated to Machiavelli's 'The Prince'. Steve Bannon is obsessed with Othello and Titus Andronicus. Bannon forgot Aaron is the least f-ed up parent Aaron as Baby Daddy
    While Aaron is very clearly the villain of the play (and we could even say he's one of the most evil villains in all of Shakespeare), we do see a slight glimmer of humanity in him. Aaron, after all, seems like the only parent who's willing to put his child first. In a world where Titus kills two of his children onstage for no good reason, and Tamora orders Aaron to "christen" her baby with a "dagger's point," Aaron's defense of his newborn baby seems almost admirable:

    Stay, murderous villains! will you kill your brother?
    Now, by the burning tapers of the sky,
    That shone so brightly when this boy was got,
    He dies upon my scimitar's sharp point
    That touches this my first-born son and heir! (4.2.15)

    What's more, Aaron cuts a deal with the Romans in order to save his child's life, promising to reveal the entire revenge plot if the Romans will allow his child to live.

  8. Shakespeare was your average back in dah day, european white suprematist, and thought every other ethnicity, color, religion was third class peoples. even though he choses a black moor to play Othello . See , like since Othello be black , to Shakey and his ilk, Othello represents darkness and europeans equate that with dank shit . btw, did you know traditional Japanese thought and psychology equates black with life and white with death ? be true, thats what a Japanese girl and a professor told me in college anyway . and to our european-american ears music that sounds sad , sounds happy to Japanese folks…do further research to verify if i be right, wrong or somewhat right and wrong . be grateful if u tell me what u come up with. merci, gracias, thanks . looking forward to your replies . peace .

  9. The most important word to learn from this story is cuckold. That's a man with horns growing out of his head. It means his wife cheated on him.

    When I was in preschool I was asked to give a brief speech describing this story. Instead of cuckold because the teacher Mrs Barton was hovering over me, I decided on a different tack. I decided to describe the vocabulary word "cock." As in men have a "cock" women have a ….


  11. Lol!. I am looking at these thug notes just to make it fun for my homework assignment! I am actually learning a lot it makes sense!. It is very helpful!

  12. I read the play. I’m a good child. But I will also be using these quotes for my textual evidence, sorry y’all, she out

  13. WTF yall niggas go to jail and start reading this shit. It's amazing because yall should have read this shit in school, but I guess people are now and its changing the world. ……………why the fuck would you want to sound like ja rule? the content is ok, kind of funny when your accent doesn't make me sick.

  14. In Othello, Iago is a classic example of the mentality that is now embodied by postmodernism often present in modern feminism, fascism, and cultural Marxism. Generally speaking, Iago recognizes that he cannot beat Othello by traditional means as Othello is better in pretty much every way that counts. However, instead of simply focusing on improving himself his jealousy leads him to use words as weapons to deceive/gaslight his opponent in order to ruin his life. The tragedy of miscommunication is playing out now in the real world as people purposely support censorship of opinions "for the greater good" when in reality such censorship just increases potential for miscommunication and tragedy.

    Postmodernists don't care about results and improvement, but would rather warp perceptions of reality to destroy an opponent simply because it feels good to bring someone down. The whole ideology is based on criticizing the post-WWII West without giving any credit where it is due despite the West's overwhelming progress and success when compared to the majority of the rest of the world. This denial of reality manifests itself in the Twitter mobs who smear people in order to ruin careers and in fascist groups like Antifa that accuse everyone else of being fascist while hiding behind the very deceptive name of "anti-fascists." The feminists hide behind "equality" even though they continuously dismiss male perspectives as invalid in the same way that the Black Lives Matter movement dismisses white perspectives even though they are supposedly out to fight racism.

    These people don't actually care about the topics they bring up. As Malcom X warned, the liberal racist will pretend to be the friend to minorities in order to manipulate them for political gain and for the selfish reason of fulfilling a savior complex because it feels good to feel like a "hero." This illusion of caring about minorities falls apart when you see how they silence minorities who are conservative. Hating people who have success is a completely different emotion than wanting to help the less fortunate. There is nothing stopping feminists from having discussions about the restrictions on women present in Islam, and there is nothing stopping people from focusing on lowering black on black crime in inner city communities, but they don't do that because it's just easier and more fun to claim moral high-ground and focus on sabotaging another's success. For a postmodernist with the same mentality of Iago it's all about the joy of destruction at any cost because watching America and the West succeed is a painful reminder that the ideology they supported was wrong.

    They can't go on living with the realization that they are hateful and jealous so now the Iagos of the world have a new strategy. Instead of just pushing for economic redistribution of wealth, they also push for taking away social freedoms under the guise of "fairness" hence the term "cultural Marxists." How many people need to be fired/smeared and how many comedians and speakers need to be kicked off of college campuses before people start to recognize the Iagos manipulating everything behind the scenes? Will we be tricked into giving up important freedoms like the freedom of speech? Will Iago trick us into destroying our own Desdemona?

  15. Wait wait wait, this was awesome but Iago doesn't get stabbed, he's arrested and we assume he later dies from torture. Other than that this was pretty 10/10

  16. Wait wait wait, this was awesome but Iago doesn't get stabbed, he's arrested and we assume he later dies from torture. Other than that this was pretty 10/10

  17. This is so much easier to understand when it’s not all in fancy old Shakespearean vocabulary but in the newer days way of talking 😂

  18. I've never thought about presenting Shakespeare in this way, but it's cool 'cause it's funny and insightful! I like it a lot!

  19. “The best literary analysis on the net…He has a degree in English literature and it shows” -my English teacher

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