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Our Baby Boy Laughing His First Laughs! – Laughing so hysterically he’s ripping big ones!

– Good morning guys. Today the kids are in for their, what is it called, like a well check-up? – Yeah.
– It’s essentially a checkup, to, you know, just see how they’re doing, how big they’re getting. We’re gonna tell you guys
a little update on that now that Atlas is now three
months and three days old? – Yeah, it’s crazy.
– Something like that? Dude, time’s flying. First things first, let’s
see how much you weigh. 32.6 pounds. – [female] 13:15, good job! – Now we’re gonna see how tall you are. Ooh, 37 and a quarter. Now to see how tall Atlas is. 26 1/2 inches. So I think it’s pretty official to say that Kristen and I produce giants, cause both of our kids
are so much larger than, like, the average kids. By the way, he loves your milk. – (laughs) We just have deep
conversations when he eats, you know?
– Listen to this guy. (Atlas moaning) – Three little monkeys jump in the bed, fall off and bumped his head. No more, the doctor said, no more monkeys jumpin’ on bed – [Kristen] Okay, here
is Atlas’ length chart. This is the average baby,
this line right here. This line up here is the
98th percentile, so yeah, we have a tall kid. And here is Chell’s height chart. You can see she is right on
that upper line, as well. So, she’s a tall girl. I mean, we knew that. – What do you see? Do you have anything you
want to say to the world? Wanna say hi, first words already? Or is your first word gonna be goodbye? ‘Cause Chell’s first word, your sister’s first word, was hi. Let’s have a look at those eyes, Atlas. What color are your eyes? Ooh, they are definitely blue. I think you’re gonna have
blue eyes like your mama. My eyes are kind of like, well they’re called hazel, but they have like green and they have some brown. A little bit of red. A little crazy. But you got some pretty blue eyes. (Atlas babbles) They’re like dark blue on the outsides and light blue on the inside. Oh yeah they look good, don’t they? You saw that, you saw your eyes. Oh, now you’re gonna get my nose? Ow! Now you’re gonna get my eye? You gonna nap with me? I would love it if you napped with me. But you never nap with me, ’cause I don’t have the milk. I love you, son. Achoo!
(Atlas babbles) Achoo!
(Atlas coos) Achoo!
(Atlas coos) Achoo!
(Atlas giggles) Achoo! Oh my gosh, that was your first laugh! That was your very first laugh. Your first grof, grefaffel, grif, it’s that “ha ha ha,” you know that thing? Yeah that was your first, he laughed. You show mama? Okay, achoo!
(Atlas coos) Achoo! Hey, I swear it happened,
it totally happened. – (Laughs) He was laughin’ at you? – Yeah.
– Your dada’s pretty funny. Funny lookin! Achoo!
(Atlas laughs) Achoo!
(Atlas laughs) (laughs) Why is was that so funny? Achoo!
(Atlas laughs) Achoo!
(Atlas laughs) (laughter) Achoo!
(Atlas laughs) Achoo!
(Atlas laughs) Achoo!
(Atlas laughs) Achoo!
(Atlas laughs) – He farted too.
– He farted. – Achoo!
(Atlas laughs) Achoo!
(Atlas laughs) Achoo!
(Atlas laughs) Achoo!
(Atlas laughs) Achoo!
(Atlas laughs) Achoo!
(Atlas laughs) Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Whoa, whoa, whoa, and down she goes! – [Chell] Mommy! (laughter) – On no, she got me! – I’m not gonna lie that’s the
weirdest game I’ve ever seen. (laughter) (Chell babbling) – I don’t know if I can get up. I think I’m stuck. (Chell blows raspberries) (laughter) – Do you ever just bite children? It’s really fun if you just bite children. (Chell screams) – I get a chunk too, I don’t hold back. (Chell whines) – [Kristen] Say ‘stop it, dad!’ (laughter) – Alright guys, it is getting
super late. I’ve got to put this little barf monster to bed, which is going to be on, he totally barfed on me,
just (imitates barfing), it was little boomer. Anyways, so thanks for watching guys. I hope you enjoyed today’s vlog. Make sure you hit that like button and subscribe if you haven’t already. We will see you in the next one. You want to say ‘goodbye’? Let’s say goodbye, where
are you at, there you are! Say ‘goodbye’ (bouncy music)

100 thoughts on “Our Baby Boy Laughing His First Laughs! – Laughing so hysterically he’s ripping big ones!

  1. It's official! Our baby boy Atlas has laughed his first laugh and I think the credit goes to Kristen for getting the best of the first. This is too funny!

  2. Too cute. Love his laugh. So much fun. Btw totally relate to all kiddos. The shortest at birth was 22 1/2” and all o& ours were off the charts for height and a little on the lower side for weight. Heap tall and skinny. Also I don’t find Cory excessively tall. The shortest in our home is 5’9” up to 6’8”. So I get tall. Btw I was 6’2”, but now needing a wheelchair I have shrunk down to around 6’.

  3. Hi Corey and Kristen! I mailed out a package to you yesterday. I tried to wait until you got a new PO box, but that didn't happen. Enclosed or two things with a little note. 1. Handmade baby Afghan for Atlas. Yes I made this just for him, for him in mind. 2. Handmade necklace and earring set poor Kristen. Yes I made this to just for her. Sorry Corey and Chell, I'll send you something next time.

  4. I loved it!!!!!!Baby Atlas is sooooo adorable and my Chell is growing way to fast.I'm not going to lie guys I just could watch this kind of vlog all day you guys.

  5. personally i still think chell's first word is wow cause she was doing it before she said hi lol. Either way though they're growing up so fast! They're tall! I wonder how tall they're gonna be when they get to their adult height

  6. Hey Cory and Kristen, first time commenting so let me just start by saying you guys have some wonderful content that I thoroughly enjoy, you have two beautiful children with such great personalities that you capture!
    I've been watching Cory's videos for nearly 10 years, and I myself have gone on to become a filmmaker and have always remembered some of the videos I used to watch that inspired me! Just want to know what equipment you use? You mentioned you use the MavicPro2 that you just got but just curious 🙂
    All the best you guys and I look forward to the next one!

  7. Awww my heart! Ya'll have the cutes kids ever! I'm so glad that you share these moments with us and we get to see them grow up 😍

  8. Hey guys! I watched this video 3 times! Atlas is so beautiful, he's perfect!! He definitely gets his gorgeous eyes from his mama. These are my fav videos, I could watch them all day! Thank you so much for sharing them growing up. We havent seen grark and grangie lately, we miss them. Love you guys!!! D

  9. I love the Williams family so much. Their videos make my life worth living on the days when it's difficult to see a tomorrow. Keep on doing what you're doing. Especially you Kristen. You are a minor miracle girl. Making the hardest job in the world look easy. I've been with you four years and I'll continue to be with you as long as you choose to share your lives with us. I feel privileged to be on the journey with you….truly I do. May life keep being kind to you all. Much love from Scotland.

  10. Nothing says satisfying than hearing a child/ baby's laugh =w=

    The moment when Atlas grabbed Cory's nose i thought of this "Disenchantment" scene
    Mom: he's got his father's nose
    Cory: nice grip

  11. Oh, my heart! Those sweet baby chuckles!!!! For as quickly as time has flown, Atlas is still so small and bringing back so many memories for when my oldest was that little, giggling at our sneezes. Even my littlest love seems so much older, comparatively. Treasure these moments! ❤️

  12. Your videos always bring joyness into my life even on the tough days, God bless you and your family Cory. I'll always be a fan.

  13. Atlas is so beautiful! This channel is making me have baby fever so bad, lol! Your kids are awesome! You guys are awesome parents!

  14. My grandma pretend sneeze with my son when he was atlases. Age and till this day he still laughs at people when they sneeze 😃

  15. My baby boy also is far above average, wearing 1 year – 1,5 year clothes while being just 6 months! People keep being confused when I tell them how old my boy is, it's quite hilarious!

    Atlas his nomming while drinking is adorable to the max btw!

  16. Love this video! The kids are getting so big. Atlas laughing is so adorable..and him farting while laughing definitely says he's taking after his daddy 🤣!

  17. This is kinda weird because I’ve been watching since he took a long board down a hill on his back and now he’s happily playing with his family I’m proud of you Cory aka me safety

  18. Your kids are so cute! I just found you guys and you have such a beautiful family. How did you choose your baby names? They're so unique.

  19. Corey and Kristen….I was just thinking, Atlas is such a beautiful baby, he could model,,,like baby food, diapers, formula,,,anything. You could send like Gerber, pampers, etc, head shots, clothed body shots. Your baby boy is way more handsome than the babies I have seen on TV. Im just saying…he could make enough for his college tuition, braces(later in life), a car, anything. I think its the eyes!!!Just a thought, D

  20. Oh my gosh I love the nurse humming soooo much. Seriously my favorite thing about 3 month olds. I soooo want another baby 😍😍😍😍

  21. i think you should have sang "i like big butts and i cannot lie" to him so he can laugh again 😂 it worked for rachel and ross (if u watched friends,if not i probably sound like a wierdo 😅😂)

  22. I haven't been on YouTube In a while so thought I'd check in and chell has gotten so big I can't believe it. Atlas is so adorable that little laugh is so cute melts the heart❤️

  23. Oh man! I've been missing out on so many cute moments. Chell is so grown up and Atlas is the cutest lil guy ever! His eyes are so beautiful…gotta catch up on the other videos soon…

  24. Atlas is absolutely gorgeous! I just realised that he was born the same day as my daughter Sophia! Love your channel, guys. Keep up the great work 🙂

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