Laughter is the Best Medicine

Our Best Dad Jokes for Father’s Day |

did you know that on average people like
three covers on their beds but that’s just a blanket statement what did the orange say to the grape nothing, oranges can’t talk What’s the difference between a snowman and a snow woman snowballs! my dad is like really into Star Wars which is why I’m really into Star Wars and like one time I got
called into the principal’s office when I was in maybe like grade 7 grade eight
and he just sat there so quiet the whole time and just so disappointed and at the
end of the meeting he just kind of looked up and looked at the principal
and he was like I think she’s gone to the dark side can a kangaroo jump higher
than a house? of course, because a house can’t jump What’s a group of baby soldiers called? an infantry! Why did the bicycle fall over? because it was two-tired What did the hungry clock do at the buffet ? It went back four seconds

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