Laughter is the Best Medicine

OVERBOARD Official Trailer (2018) Anna Faris, Eva Longoria Comedy Movie HD

– Why am I even trying to be a nurse? I’m gonna be delivering pizzas and cleaning carpets for the rest of my life. NO! – You’re very attractive for a carpet cleaning lady, although you maybe could do something with your hair, you know? No, that’s not it. It’s your face. Yeah. Could you be a doll and get me a little smack? – You know I was just hired to do carpets, right? – You’re fired. – I bet you haven’t worked a single day in your entire self-absorbed life. Just pay me and I’ll be on my way. – Nope. – No, no! My equipment! – He is the devil. – I owe the cleaning company 3000 bucks for a new machine, and they fired me. Rich people can get away with everything. – Help! (splash) – I don’t know what day it is. I don’t even know my own name. – Amnesia in our little town. – That’s him. – I have an idea that is poetic in its justice. – I’m here to pick up my husband. – You’re really my wife? – For better or worse, baby. – I’m poor? – Yep. – Daddy! – How come they don’t look like me? – We had to use a sperm donor. – I’m sterile? – You’re getting picked up for work bright and early. (horn honks) – I work? Three jobs. Aw, I want a fake husband. (mocking noises) (laughter) – Hi, honey! How was your first day? – (mumbling) – Do we need to take him to the hospital? – I said Bobby.

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