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Overwatch: Low Level Gameplay (Newb Girl Gamer Humor)

Hey guys! Azalea22 here! And today I am going to be playing Overwatch. So I have not played this game a whole
lot even though it’s been out for a very long time now. I’m currently at level 6. I’m going to take on the D.Va Nano Cola Challenge. A bit late to the party here I know. This challenge went on in September- so you have to win nine games in Quick
Play, Arcade or Competitive Play. And as you can see I’m not even high enough yet for competitive play. And then you get a cool-looking D.Va skin, icon, and sprays. Also really quick guys, leave a comment below saying if you completed this
challenge or not. Curious how it went for ya. I’m going to just stick with quick play. Gotta get acquainted and learn everything still. So yeah, that sounds like a good start. First off, I’m gonna try this guy out. I know he’s not really new anymore, but he’s new to me. So I’m gonna give this furball guy a try. I’m gonna try out wrecking ball. Aaah bless you. You know, he’s actually kind of cute. Sorta reminds me of those mice from the Rescuers Down Under even though he’s a
hamster. So let’s see what this guy’s about. Ooooh, you turn into this Metroid type ball thing. That’s kinda cool. Hey! Give me a second here! I’m trying to
figure out the moves to this guy! What a meanie! Ah, haha! Thank You teammates. You guys are awesome! (*Get over here and heal!*) Whoa, this guy’s demanding. Oops. I just broke the soda machine, guys. Don’t tell anybody. Ah! There’s a bystander! Oh wait, They’re a thief. It’s okay. We can just blame it on them. Hey! There can only be one! …and I guess it’s not me. Let’s not do that in the real game. Ahh! Thank God for Tracer’s quick speed. Ooh, gotta get this guy! Ooh ooh almost got him! What the heck! Where’d he go? Oh, Thank You Mercy. Ahh! Found him! You’re going down pal. What?! His health’s all full again. HA! Whose swifty? Not you. Whoa! What is that?! Ahh, it wiped everybody out! Uh-oh. Someone forgot their luggage. Wow, this is a nice looking area. Nice spot for a vacation. Hey! You ruin my vacation! Baastiiooonn It is so cute! Look at that little bird with
him. Imagine if everything was really like
that. Having a bird and robot hanging out- That would be so cool. As long as the robot doesn’t become all Terminator on you! I have not played as this character before. Gotta figure him out. I’m guessing this heals him. Uh ha, I don’t know what I’m doing. Trying to figure out Bastion. Ah, shootin, shootin. Okay, let’s go Bastion! Bastione, Baston, Bastion. Let’s do this! Everyone else is ahead of me. Oh, here we go. Okay, gotta defend this area here. Ha! I see you! You will not escape me guys. Keep showing your face. I’m gonna get ya. Come on, where are ya?! There you go! Come on! Errrrrrrr. Oh, we got a hopper! Er, Er, Come ooonn! Such low health there. Ha! You have been eliminated. Come on guys, you’re too scared to show
your face now huh!? Too scared of the Bastion! (*Come and face me!*) Yeah, what he said. Come and face me! Ha ha. Another one- Another one- bites the dust. (*Hero coughs*) A heroes coughing? Someone got a cold? Someone call the doctor. We need some medicine over here. Oh no! Mercy! Hey! How dare you hurt the sickly!? She had a cold! Where’s your compassion? BouncyBear… you must be the guy who keeps hoppin around. Ooh, 5-player killstreak! Yes indeed. I like that! Let’s keep it going. I’m just chillin here. This is my chill area. Hey! Hey, what are you doing? It’s my chill
area man! Ah, you’re blocking my view! Er, you’re blocking it. Hey! Can’t see nothing now! Oh, there ya go. Thank you for the shield, though. I very very much appreciate that. Whoa whoa! No shield! Hah! BouncyBear’s gone. Ah, what’s going on?! We have someone!! A sneaker! Trying to sneak their way around… Nooo. My kill streak is gone. Not cool. Ah, I have my special and I’m not even
using it. I do not even realize it. Whoa! Nice hop there. Overtime! (*Objective Lost*) Noo! Come on, let’s make a comeback guys! It’s time to pull out the real guns with my Special! Hahaha. Run away everybody! Gotcha BouncyBear. Noo! Basatioooon! Whoa! I got revived! I did not know that could happen. Oops. Looks like I wasted that revival uh ha…
sorry. Do do, do do, do do. I’m on the (*sing)I’m on the hunt down after you.(*sing*) (*Justice rains from above.*) Not anymore it doesn’t. Ooh yes. Been forgetting about the health around here. Ah! Gotta get some cover, gotta get some cover! AH! I hate that! Ooh, it was BouncyBear! Errrr! That little guy! No! He got both of us. (*Heroes never die*) Heroes never die- What a lie. Died so many times. And now I’m a hero. (*Heroes never-*) Heroes never- Ughahh. Didn’t even finish it that time. Someone put a stop to your lies! Before you could finish your statement. Come on McCree! Let’s get ’em! Rice cooker… -you know, I couldn’t use a rice cooker. Maybe they’ve got some extra on them. Whooo! Getting some good hits in here! Ha ha, yeah! Ah, the BouncyBear again! Of course! Ooh, that BouncyBear! Mmm mmm mm. Oh, not much time it all left. Not really paying attention to who’s ahead here. Just wanting to get these guys! Ah! Oh yeah! We won! Yes we did. WOOOO!!! My first play of the game guys! Yes!!! Nice! Love it. Love it love it. Sweeettoo Burriiiitoooo! Sweet game that was guys! I hope you enjoyed! I know I did! So happy when you’re Play of the Game! It’s so awesome! So I’ve got one win down and eight more to go! For the D.Va Cola Challenge. If you would like to see more, let me know below. Thank you guys for watching! Please like, subscribe and share this video if you enjoyed it. I appreciate your support so much. Thank you. Have a great day and I will see you next time!

19 thoughts on “Overwatch: Low Level Gameplay (Newb Girl Gamer Humor)

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  2. Oh man, this brings me back to when I first started playing Overwatch two years ago. I remember being so confused when moving through the maps, following the blue line on the ground to get on the point… and only playing Lucio because he seemed the easiest one. I recommend playing A LOT of Mystery Heroes, it will force you to learn every character 🙂 I really enjoyed your commentary by the way, I'd be happy to see more of these videos!

  3. It has been a minute since I’ve played Overwatch. Not sure I even remember how to play! 😂💯 Cool gameplay though 👍🏻

  4. I did do the challenge on the day it was up, was a nice thing of the dev to do that for free rather than being payed. I love wracking ball he is so freaking adorable…. suck at him tho xb. I love your editing, you really have fun with what you do that for sure.

  5. Great challenge. GG. Awesome video. Keep up the Epic Content. Awesome awesome awesome. Oh ya, I use the word Awesome a little to much. Because it such an Awesome word. Awesome. 😂😂

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