Laughter is the Best Medicine

PACHHI KEHTA NAHI KE KAHYUN NAHOTU Eng Subtitles | Best Gujarati Comedy Natak  2018 | Dharmesh Vyas

Hello, everybody! And welcome. And welcome. Welcome to the inauguration
function of Sant Ishita Academy.. ..for Special People. Yes, I’m using the
word special people. Because indeed, they are
very, very special for us. Usually, many people
call our Academy.. the Academy for
abnormal children.. ..or slow learner or mentally
retarded children’s Academy. But for us, for us they are more
important than normal people. They are special. I dedicate our Academy
to all those people.. ..whose faith and enthusiasm has
forced us to open this Academy. To tell you the truth.. ..whenever I am
teaching such children.. ..I consider myself weaker than
them on observing their courage.. ..patience and the desire
to achieve something. And that is why, I miss my mom. My mom Ishita.. The person, who spent
his entire life.. fulfil this dream
of my mom Ishita.. that person is going
to inaugurate my Academy. So let me call upon
stage none other than.. ..Mr. Sant Patel. Let’s cheer up for him,
ladies and gentlemen! Mr. Sant Patel. Thank you. Thank you very much. I think she called
me by the wrong name! I’m not Sant Patel;
I was Sant Patel.. ..but right now I am
Shantilal Narottam Patel. – Am I right?
– Oh, I am so stupid! – Please continue.
– Yeah, Thank you very much. Sant Ishita Academy
for Special People. Ishita. A wonderful person. To be honest, I haven’t
still been able to decide.. ..whether, all my life,
I took care of Ishita.. ..or Ishita took care of me! Today when this Academy is
going to be inaugurated.. be honest, I am
having mixed feelings. I feel very happy to
inaugurate the Academy.. ..and along with that I feel sad.. ..because Ishita is not there
to see her dream coming true. Ishita. I still remember very
well When I came to India.. ..for the first time from Aemrica. No, no, no! I don’t want to
listen to anything you say, ok? 4 days ago you should have.. Hey, what are you doing? That festoon is not to be hung
there, but at the main door! Pay attention to the work! Avani, come early
tomorrow morning, ok? O God! Tomorrow there
is our son’s wedding.. ..but nobody is bothered! Das! Das, are you
listening? Come out! There is so much
to do in the house! Aren’t you worried about that? Mummy!
– What is it, son? Mummy, did anyone call up
from the airport? – No. Why? Mummy, when I reached airport.. ..I found that the
flight is 2 hours late. What?
– So I left uncle Atul over there. He will be arriving
with our guests any time. There is so much to do! Listen! Has a bus been
arranged for the wedding guests? It will be here at 8 o’clock
tomorrow morning. – Very good. And don’t forget
to call the catering service.. confirm the menu once more.
– Ok, mummy. – Listen! Have you got
the dresses for all of you? – I would go if you release me!
– Go quickly! Why are you waiting? We are working so hard,
but Das is not.. – Ansu! Das! It’s you! I would
have got a heart attack! I won’t let anything
happen to my Ansu. What were you dong inside? I was checking the guest list. I wanted to know which of my
girlfriends will be there tomorrow! Got it, Ansu? Why do you address me as Ansu?
It’s so embarrassing! – What! The children are in the house!
How would it look if they hear it? It doesn’t matter. – And
by the way, Das! – Yes? My name is Ansuya; not Ansu!
– Ok. It’s so embarrassing when
you call me Ansu at this age! So do you agree that
I have become old? Of course! – So how would it
look if at this age I call you Ansu..ya, Ansu..ya? Instead, short and
sweet name, Ansu! What are you doing?
Restrain yourself! Why should I feel shame
in holding my wife’s hand? Tell me, have I ever held our
beautiful neighbour Rupa’s hand.. front of our children? What do you mean?
– Oh, no! I bungled! You are never going to
mend your ways, Das! Never! Tomorrow is our son’s wedding.. ..but you are in a mood for romance!
– Yes. These are the days of
romance for our son.. ..and daughter-in-law,
and not for two of us! Doesn’t an old man have a heart?
– What! Wouldn’t he also feel
like saying to his wife.. ..hey! I love you! What are you doing? You have
no sense of shame at this age! She is feeling shy! ‘Mummy! Papa!’ Brother! Mummy! Papa! Come fast! Brother! Hurry up!
– Ishita! Ishita, what happened?
– What happened, Ishita? Mummy! – What happened? Brother! Will you forget
us all after your marriage? Dear, why are you
talking like this? Mummy! Papa!
– Yes? I had a dream that brother
will go to his in-laws’ house.. ..after his marriage and
he will forget all of us! Ishita, Ishita, calm down! I am not going anywhere; I
am going to stay here only. With you. And listen! Listen! After marriage, a boy
doesn’t go to in-laws’ house.. ..a girl goes to
her in-laws’ house. So your sister-in-law
will come here. Will she come
here? – Yes. – Yes. Will she come to our house?
– Yes, dear. Thank you, thank you. My cute sister, get ready fast
so that we can go shopping! – Yes. Shopping!
– Shopping! We will go shopping! I
am going for shopping! Yes, go for shopping and
do not come back too soon! Oh, do not come back too soon!
You are also going with them! Das!
– Yes? Do you have a sense of
responsibility for the house? Dear Ansu, I shouldered
the responsibility of love.. ..that is why we reached this
stage in our responsibilities! What are you doing?
– What’s your problem? Ishita, hurry up!
– I am coming. Mummy, I am going out. If there is some work, tell
me; I will do it on my way. Papa!
– Yes? Your guest from America will be
arriving any time. – Yes. In which hotel do we
have to put him up? No, son; not in a hotel. He
will stay at our house only. In our house?
– Yes, dear; in our house. All of you know my friend
in America, Narottam Patel. I had called him up
to give invitation. He said that he is
busy with his business.. he won’t be able to
come, but instead of him.. ..his son is coming. He said that he has grown up,
but he is still ignorant about.. ..the Indian culture,
values and traditions. If he spends a few days
in wedding environment.. ..he will be able to learn something
about traditions and culture. He has grown big like an ox,
but he is still ‘Alvitaro’. Is he ‘Alvitaro’?
– Yes. So after he mends his
ways, we have to find.. ..a beautiful and
cultured girl for him. So he will stay with
us for a few months. And nobody will go
out until he arrives. Ok.
– Yes. What? – Yes? – Does it
mean I can’t go out? – Out! Mummy, hadn’t you said that I
was supposed to go for shopping? Yes, papa! There is so much
work! Who will do it first? I will.
– Sumit will finish first.. No, no, Ishita will do it!
– No, no, Ishita can’t! I will go first!
– No, no, Sumit will go! What are you doing? Hurry up! You are lagging behind! Go, go!
– I will do the work! So Das!
– Yes? Are we going to open a
marriage bureau in our house? Of course. Look, Sumit’s wedding is already fixed.
– Yes. Now it is the turn of
the American ‘Alvitaro’. – Ok. And then it’s my turn. You?
– Yes. Do you want to marry
again at this age? You act like a bachelor
at every wedding! She got scared! Papa! – Look,
look! – Yes? Your American
‘Alvitaro’ has arrived! I saw him from the window!
– Really? Uncle Atul is paying this
much money to the taxi driver! Really! Dear, do not call him
‘Alvitaro’ on his face, ok? I shouldn’t call him
‘Alvitaro’ on his face? Absolutely not! Ok. On his face, I.. Papa!
– Yes? If I want to call him ‘Alvitaro’,
I will turn his face this way! Brother-in-law!
– Yes? Brother-in-law!
– Tell me! Have I made a mistake?
– Why; what happened? If you wish, I will touch your feet!
– Do it, but what happened? Your guest is driving me nuts! What are you saying? Had your friend in
America not got married.. ..a crazy fellow like this
one would not have been born! Hello! He fell down! He is our guest! Get up; never mind. What’s this man? What is this? Oh, No! My foot! Brother, look! What is he doing?
– Sorry! Sorry! No problem. It’s all right.
– Are you hurt? I’m fine. I’m perfectly all
right. I’m all right.. ..I’m all right, all right. The thing is, I’m
new in this house. That’s why you know. Anyway, hello, old man! He is addressing you.
– Papa! Hello, everybody! Hello!
Hello! Hello! Hello! Hello! Hello, hello! Hello! Everybody move! Hello! Hello, everybody! Hello! Hello!
– Be seated, be seated. Yeah, anyway, I’m Sant.
Sant Patel. You know. Sant! Well, Narottam
had named him Shantilal. You have changed it into Scent! Anyway, come here; let me
spray on you. – Spray on me? Didn’t you say Scent? Scent is
meant for spraying, isn’t it? What’s this?
– Das! – No. Das! What are you doing? He has come to our house
for the first time.. ..and you have started
pulling his leg! I was just joking!
– You shouldn’t do it. Sit. Sant, be seated. No.. Sit, sit. Tell him not to
touch me, you old man! Never. Never.
– Sit. Ishita dear!
– Yes? Bring a glass for water for Sant. Bring it. – Bring it.
– Shall I bring water? Yes, yes. – I will bring it.
I will bring water. Bisleri is all right. You know
Aquafina or something like that. What kind of clothes he is wearing? What kind of clothes?
– Hey! – Yeah, what? Spray! Spray! Sant, did you face any
difficulty during journey? No, no, no, no! Not at all. But the thing is, it is
very hot in here, you know? Hey, he speaks in Gujarati! Should he speak in Marathi? I thought he doesn’t
know Gujarati at all! That he speaks only in English! No, no, no, no! You are
absolutely wrong, old man! The thing is, I am forced to
talk with Nuts in Gujarati only! Nuts?
– Yeah, Nuts. Narottam Patel, my father. What happened? Water!
– Yes, yes. Water, water.
– Yes. I have brought water. Water. Water, Mr. ‘Alvitaro’! Hey, hey, hey, hey! What is
the meaning of ‘Alvitaro’? ‘Alvitaro’?
– Yeah. ‘Alvitaro’; yeah. Son, don’t you know the meaning
of ‘Alvitaro’? – No. Look, he doesn’t know
the meaning of ‘Alvitaro’! Why you are laughing? ‘Alvitaro’?
– Yeah, ‘Alvitaro’. You won’t understand.
Let me explain it to you. Yeah, go ahead. ‘Alvitaro’ means..
handsome. – Yes. – Yes. Oh, really? ‘Alvitaro’,
handsome. Yeah. Oh, thank you, thank
you, beautiful lady! No, I’m sorry, Miss ‘Alvitaro’! Hey! You, ‘Alvitaro’!
– No! You do not buy toys for me! This big toy has come from America. Papa, please let me play with him! No. – Hey, hey, hey!
She is insulting me! No, no, no, no! I fly back! Sant! Sant! – No, no, no,
I don’t want to stay here! Sant! Sant! –
Sant! – What? What would you like to have?
– I know what I want to have first? I’ll go for beer, you know! Oh gosh!
– What? He is asking for beer! Yes, beer!
– Hey! – No! Will you drink beer? Beer or whisky or anything like
that isn’t allowed in this house! This is a house with
Gujarati culture. All this is not
tolerated in this house! All this is not
tolerated in this house! What? – Hey!
– Rubbish! Keep your nonsense
limited to your house! – My God! This is my house! You
will have to obey my rules! You may not listen to your daddy
but you’ll have to listen to me. Put some sense into him,
or else I will thrash him! What’s the meaning of
‘dhibedish’ (thrash)? Do I have to tell him the
meaning of ‘dhibedish’? Of course! ‘Dhibedish’, right?
– Yes, ‘dhibe.. You won’t understand.
– Ok. ‘Dhibedish’ means I will love you.
– Yes. Oh, really! ‘Dhibedish’. I will love you. Hey, nice word, you know! Am I supposed to live here for
a few months? – Yes. Will I have to do whatever you say?
– Yes. From now on, I too will thrash you! He fell down! Hey, what’s wrong with you, man? I beg to all of you, please
do not use any strange words.. front of this
‘Dhandho’ (dim-wit). My God! Now what’s the meaning
Of ‘Dhandho’? ‘Dhandho’. Why did I say it? Explain!
– Explain! Explain!
– Explain! What do I explain? You
are going to drive me nuts! Hey, hey, hey, where
will they drive you? ‘Dhandho’.
– Will you drive it? First be clear about ‘Dhandho’. Yeah, all right; ‘Dando’. ‘Dhandho’, not ‘Dando’! No, you’re talking about a ‘Dando’! Not a ‘Dando’; it is
‘Dhandho’. ‘Dhandho’ Ok, ‘Dhandho’. ‘Dhandho’ Now what is the
meaning of ‘Dhandho’? ‘Dhandho’?
– ‘Dhandho’. ‘Dhandho’ means very smart.
– What? Intelligent.
– Oh, really? Oh, yeah, you’re
absolutely right, old man! I am very intelli..
no, I am a ‘Dhandho’. What is the meaning of
‘Pathari fervi nakhish’? Hey, before this ‘Dhandho’
asks me any more questions.. ..pack him off to the guest room.
– Yes, yes. Hey, Sant, if you want to
relax, go to the guest room. That room. Ok, ok, ok. Another thing.
– Yes? Have you brought decent
clothes to wear at the wedding? Of course, old man! I’ve got good
pieces to wear like the one here. It will be very embarrassing for us
if he comes wearing this dress! Yes. Do one thing.
– Yes? Get a nice suit for him, no, get
a safari suit similar to yours. No, no, no, no! No safari!
– Huh? Because in safari, he looks
like a postman! – Hey! A weird looking postman
with moustache and safari! Do one thing. Get a suit for him. Yeah, suit is ok, suit is ok. Ok. Hey, Sant! – Yeah?
– You. – Yeah? Tomorrow you have to be
the Goomsman for Sumit. What man? Groomsman, not man! What’s the meaning of groomsman? I will explain it to you. You postman?
– come slowly, slowly. Come, come! Come, come! Groomsman means support
for the doomed man! It is very risky to become a groomsman.
– Why, why, why? I had tried very hard to
dissuade one of my friends.. ..from becoming a groomsman.
– All right. He didn’t listen. Finally I
had to become his groomsman. All the old men attending the
wedding, would first go to.. ..the groom and then
would come to me. Then they would tell me
that I would be the next one! Why? Why?
– I got so fed up! What next? Next? After a few days,
that friend’s uncle died. The same old men
attended the funeral. Then I started telling them.
– What? That they were going
to be the next ones! You are the next ones! I must tell you, you
are very funny, Mr. Atul! Very, very funny! I must tell you, you are very
funny! Very, very funny!.. ..Very funny! Very funny! He finds me funny!
– What do you think? He has lost his marbles
(Sathiyayi gayo chhe)! Hey, wait! Lady!
– Yes? Leave. He tells me to leave! What is the meaning of, ‘Sathiyayi
gayo chhe’ (lost his marbles)? Now it’s your turn! I will beat you!
– Tell me straightaway! – What was the word?
– What was the word? ‘Sathiyayi gayo chhe’
(Lost his marble)! Yeah, (Sathiyayi gayo chhe)
lost marble! Lost his marble! Not lost his marble,
it is, lost his marbles. Yes, same, same, same. ‘Sathiyayi gayo chhe’
means pure of heart. – Oh! Oh, really! Oh, yeah, you’re
absolutely right, old man! I have lost my marbles! I am not Gujarati; I’m American. Why are you laughing? – You
are very funny! – Ishita! – Yes. Shall I explain to you what
is meant by lost his marbles? Hey, leave me alone!
– Hey! Meaw! ‘Hey, she’s mad or what?’ Hey!
– Hey! Hey! Come out! Hey!
– Hey! I’m not mad!
– Really? I’m Ishita.
– Hello! I’m good girl Ishita!
– Ok, ok. ‘Alvitaro’!
– Hey! You dim-wit! –
I am! I am! I am! You have lost your marbles! Good! Mummy, tell him that
I will thrash him! Oh, really? Oh, really! Thank you! O my God! How we showered you with praises! Yeah, I know. I know old
man. I know very well. He accepts it! Nice people! Nice house, you know! India is a great country! How they showered me
with praise on my arrival! They think I am a fool! They think that I cannot
understand anything! I know all the nuances
of Gujarati language. They don’t know who I am! Anyway, I am Sant Patel. Masters, from USA, in Gujarati! Hello!
– Hello! Do you see the advantage
of remaining unmarried? You can dance to
your Heart’s content! Ask any married man! Forget about dancing, he can
hardly ever speak his mind! Come on, come on, come on!
– Let’s dance! Join me, join me, join me!
– Yes, yes. Hey! Hey! May I do it? Hey, Ishita, come, come, come! Come on! Come on! Dance! Dance! The three of
us have the right to dance.. ..because we are unmarried! No, no, no, no! You’re
absolutely wrong, Mr. Atul. I think that all the married
men are also very happy. What happened?
– It’s a wrong belief! What?
– Married man and happiness? They are words with
opposite meanings! My God! Again started! You don’t believe it?
– No. You don’t believe it?
– I said, no! Ask any married man. Why any married man? Observe Sumit’s condition
after he and Shweta.. ..return from honeymoon. His condition will be worse than
a cloth run through the dryer! Like a cloth run through the dryer! Ishita, every married
man’s condition becomes.. a piece of sugarcane
after extraction of its juice! No, no, no, no, you’re
absolutely wrong, Mr. Atul. I think every man must
get married, you know! Stop it, mister!
– Wait! Why do you want to
invite your ruin? I say, after marriage, everything
sets into fixed pattern! Oh, really?
– Yes. Today wedding,
tomorrow friendship.. after tomorrow love,
then confession of love.. ..then the wait, then
a fight, then the rift! All the hard work goes waste.. ..and finally, one more
unsuccessful lover in a beer bar! I like Indian beer very much;
you know; chilled Indian beer! Hey, uncle! What
are you doing there? Hey, it’s you! How are you, man?
– I’m fine. Mummy! Papa! Look;
brother has come! Come fast! Welcome my sugarcane piece
without juice! Welcome! Hey, you, worse than a
cloth run through the dryer! Welcome! Welcome! What is she saying? – Son,
how are you? – I am fine. Hey, did sister-in-law
get lost? – No, no. Ishita! Your sister-in-law didn’t
get lost! She is here! Sister-in-law didn’t
get lost! She is here! How are you?
– I am absolutely fine. Very good. Daughter-in-law, how
are you? – I am fine. Bless you, and make
me a grandma real soon! O my God! She wants
to be a grandma! Bless you, and always
remain a romantic like me! All right, all right, old man. Sister-in-law,
sit here. – Ok. Sit quickly!
– Ok, ok. Sister-in-law, you had gone for
honeymoon, didn’t you? – Yes. You know, brother had
also gone for honeymoon! Hey, hey, hey, Ishita! Ishita! Ishita, listen to me. Your sister-in-law is
your brother’s wife. – Yes. So both of them together
went on honeymoon, you know? Did you go together?
– Yes. Oh! Ok, ok, ok.
– Ok, ok. Sister-in-law, did brother
kiss you on honeymoon? Ishita! No, mummy, I have seen
it in a movie on the TV.. ..that they kiss each
other on honeymoon. Ishita! – Did he kiss you?
Did brother kiss you? Dear!
– Please tell me! – Ishita, don’t trouble her! Did he kiss her? Ishita, shut up and go inside! Aunt! Aunt! Aunt! I won’t talk to you! You
are treating me like this! I won’t talk to you! Ishita! Aunt, what are you doing?
– You treat me like this only! Don’t treat her like a mad
person! She is not insane! I think she is a slow learner. She can understand, but only
if you explain patiently. And well, she is enough matured. It’s important that she should
have knowledge about everything. You all tell me one thing. If you suppress her
curiosity like this.. will her growth take place? Am I right or wrong? Hello! O my God! Hey, Ishita! Ishita, come
on! Come on look at me! Look at me! Look at me! From now on, if you want
to know about anything.. ..or if you want to ask
about anything, then ask me.. ..I will explain it to you, ok? Oh, should I ask you?
– Yeah. Will you explain to me?
– Of course! Ok, ok.
– Ok, ok. Ok, ok. I won’t talk to you! Hey, Ishita, don’t do that! Peace! Peace! Friends? – Yeah, all right.
Friends, friends. Friends. Friends, mummy!
Friends, sister-in-law! Friends! Hey, Ishita, friends?
– Yes, friends. Yeah, friends. My God! Friends, sister-in-law!
– Friends! Well, well, well! All of
you have gathered here! Have I entered the wrong house?
– No, no; be seated. No, no, uncle. What
brings you here? Why wouldn’t I come?
Shouldn’t I visit my daughter? Sure. – Do you have any
problem in your in-laws’ house? No, no! I have no problems. Hey, uncle! Please give me your cap! How can I give it? This cap is mine. Just give it to me; then I
will also say, this cap is mine! Shweta, I didn’t know about this. Yeah!
– Ishita! Ishita, return it to him!
– Relax. Relax. Relax. It’s ok. Fine. Cap! Cap! My God! You look so beautiful!
– Really? Did you put the cap on?
– Yes. Now give it back. No! This is my cap! All right, Ishita, but I will
get you another cap like this. Give this cap back.
– No, I want this one only! Ishita, listen to me. We should always show respect
to people older than us. You have to respect
them, all right? Give it back. Return it to him. No!
– Please! Take this! I don’t want your cap! Hey, Ishita, not like
this! Come on; say sorry. No!
– Come on look at me! Look at me! We’re friends, right?
– Yes. Say sorry, please! Sorry!
– Good girl! Sit, sit, sit! It’s amazing! All of you tried
so much but she didn’t listen! But she listened to him! Who is he? He is my friend. He is my friend. She is absolutely right. He is my friend’s
son. His name is Sant. Sant?
– You mean spray? Yes. Hey! From Ulhasnagar or from USA? Who is from Ulhasnagar? No, he has come from America. We are searching
for a girl for him. Are you searching for a girl?
– Yes. You should have told me! It
is my job to fix alliances! What!
– What kind of girl do you want? Girl! No, no, no. For him we want a
loving, cultured.. ..and compassionate Gujarati girl Gujarati?
– Yes, of course! G for.. gorgeous! As pious as Ganga.
– Ok, ok, ok. Insane!
– Hey! U for understanding. She will be a lifetime companion.
– Yes. Idiot! J for jolly; that is good natured. Yes.
– She should adjust with the times. All right, all right. Aggressive! A for ambitious! She should be affectionate.
– Yeah, right. Hey! ‘Alvitaro’! Hey! R for romantic! Yes; very beautiful! Like beautiful Rupa
Living next door. Who is she? I want to meet her.
– Where is she? – Hey! – Hey! Where is Rupa? O my God! Come here,
come here! Sit, sit, sit! R for like Rakhi Sawant!
– Hey! A for
all-rounder? – Yes. Someone who gives respect and love. Right.
– Right. Dumb!
– Hey! T for talented. Like Tarla Dalal.
– Who is she? I don’t know her! No, mummy! Like Tun Tun. I for intelligent.
– Indian? Yes. – Idiot!
– Shut up! The whole house is
playing Bournvita Quiz! Not Bournvita; it is Complan!
– Oh. I’m Complan girl! Very good! So you want to marry 24 girls, right?
– Yeah. What?!
– We will get you married. Hey, it looks like he is
the lamb to slaughter.. ..and all of them are butchers! O my God! The postman uncle
is a bachelor. A bachelor. Uncle, wait here. We
will go in and freshen up. Go, dear; I will have a chat
with these people and then leave. Go and relax in your room.
– Ok, uncle. Hey, hey, uncle! I want to get married as
soon as possible, you know! I will fly to the
USA.. – Sister-in-law! Yeah.
– What? Why are you going into my room? Ishita, from now on
this will be my room. Hey! This is my room! –
No Ishita! – Ishita! This is my and my brother’s room!
– No, Ishita! We will go to our room.
– Give her another room! I won’t let her enter my room! Ishita! I am telling
You! Keep quiet! I say shut up! Aunt! Aunt! Aunt, don’t shout. Don’t shout, please! Hey, Ishita! Come here,
come here! Come here! I will tell you one thing. Are you a good girl? Yes. – Are you
my friend? – Yes. Then let your brother and
sister-in-law go into this room. Are you a good boy?
– Yeah. Are you my friend?
– Of course! Then take sister-in-law
to your room! – Hey! Hey! No, I won’t let her
in! This is my room! Listen to me or else..
– Mummy, please! She beats me! Ishita! Listen to me, Ishita! Look! Ok, fine. Sister-in-law will
not go to your room. Sumit!
– Please, papa! Hey, you are my good sister,
aren’t you? – Yes. So go inside the room
and take rest, ok? But will you come in soon? I will come soon. Promise?
– Promise, ok? Mummy, take her to the room.
– Ok. Come, dear. Come, mummy; come. Ok, go in.
– Come. You get nothing! You get nothing!
– You shouldn’t do that! You shouldn’t say that
to your sister-in-law! Dear, don’t do that! Shweta! -It’s ok,
Sumit. I can understand. Right now she is angry so
she won’t listen to anybody. Yes, but Shweta! – Look,
it’s a question of tonight only. Tomorrow morning we will
explain to her with love. Yeah, but..
– Do not talk any more.. ..or else she will
get angry and come out. Go and calm her down. This is the first time I have
seen a new daughter-in-law.. ..being welcomed in this manner! Dear, I am saying this
because I am worried about you. This happened today. Make sure that this
doesn’t happen everyday. Uncle, please!
– I am just warning you. Don’t blame me later
that I didn’t warn you! My name is Ishita. I a.. Hey, brother!
– Yes? What’s that in your hand?
– Piping hot sweet porridge. For whom? For your
sister-in-law. Why? Your sister-in-law is
pregnant; she wants to eat this. Brother!
– Yes? What is meant by pregnant? Pregnant means your sister-in-law
will give birth to a small baby! Just like Sant, you are
also trying to fool me.. saying that
sister-in-law is pregnant.. ..and that she will give
birth to a small baby! I want to eat this sweet. Look, Ishita, this is
for your sister-in-law. Ask mummy if you want to eat.
She will make for you, ok? No! You don’t know! Mummy has made this sweet for me! But Ishita.. – Give
it to me! – Okay. Ishita, look!
– I want it! Look, Ishita!
– I want it! I want it!
– Ishita! This is happening everyday!
Still you are sitting quietly! It is good that the hot
sweet fell on Sumit’s hand! What if it had fallen on your hand? I am warning you! Don’t blame
me later that I didn’t warn you! No, I..
– Ishita, listen to me! Listen to me!
– No! Ishita, listen to me! Come on! Time please!
– No time please! I will teach you to speak.
Come on! Come on! Come on! On getting up in the morning,
say to everybody with a smile.. ..good morning! Very good! – And when we
go to a hotel for dinner.. My God! Again she forgot! This..
– Left hand, stupid! You are stupid! Fork to be held in left hand.
– Right. And spoon to be held in right hand.
– Right. And to eat with them only.
– Correct. Sant!
– Yes? Can we eat with hands
when no one is looking? O my God! She is still talking
about eating with hands! Ishita! Hey, Ishita, wait! Wait, Ishita! Wait, man! Wow, Sant! You have
taught Ishita quite a lot! Of course,
sister-in-law! Somebody does have to worry
about her growth, right? I know. – But
sister-in-law! – Yes? He doesn’t give me time to play! Shut up, you idiot!
No playing time, ok? And where is your book? I have hidden it inside! Sister-in-law, she has
become very naughty. Keep a watch over her;
I will get her book, ok? -Ok. And Ishita, listen to
me; no playing time, ok? Go! You won’t be able to
find my book, you ‘Alvitaro’! You shouldn’t say that! Shouldn’t I say that?
– No. But sister-in-law!
– Yes? The whole day he keeps teaching me! He doesn’t let me play!
– Is that so? Sister-in-law!
– Yes? Please play with me! No, Ishita; you play.
I won’t be able to play. I will teach you my new game, ok?
– Ok. Come; I will show you. Come here. Look, Ishita, do not insist. Come here. Are you a good girl?
– Yes. Play by yourself. How can I play by myself? Why?
– You also play with me. Look, do not be stubborn!
– I won’t. Are you a good
sister-in-law? – Yes. Look, we will go like this..
– Ishita, I don’t want to.. Sorry, sorry! I
haven’t done anything! I’m very sorry! Mummy! Very sorry! Dear, I have been trying to
tell you since a long time.. ..but you are not ready to listen! I am saying this because I am
worried about your unborn child! How can you keep watching.. ..the future of your
child becoming dark? That too, for the
sake of an insane girl? Uncle, she is my sister!
– I know. I know that she is your sister. But you should realize this also.. ..that the unborn
child is also yours. What if something happens to
my child because of Ishita? For her it might be fun, but
it will affect our entire life! But Shweta!
– Look, Ishita is not my enemy. I consider her as my sister only. But I can’t sacrifice the future
of my child for her sake, right? Daughter-in-law, we too
want you to be happy. But for that, we cannot do
injustice to Ishita, right? But we are not asking you
to do injustice to her! We too are thinking about
Ishita’s welfare only. Yesterday only I found
out that at Panchgini.. ..there is a hostel for
mentally retarded children. There they work for
their treatment.. well as their
development also. You see, if we send
Ishita to that place.. will benefit her as well as us.
– Really? Uncle, then you should be the first
one to be admitted to that hostel! Because you need treatment
and of course development also! Did you have to interfere? You are sitting idle so
you are messing things up! Who had asked you to interfere? Uncle, you are talking as if
you are leading a very busy life! Well, tell me one thing.
How much money do you charge? For what?
– For breaking up homes. Or do you provide
free service for that? You do nothing productive and
still you have no spare time! Did I say it correctly? How can you interfere like this? Why can’t I interfere like this? How can you interfere
in their matters? Why can’t I interfere
in their matters? How can you interfere like this? Why can’t I interfere like this? How can you listen to us secretly? Why can’t I listen to you secretly? How can you?
– Why can’t I? How can you?
– What? I don’t know what to say.
– Look! Well, uncle, have
you run out of steam? Sant, behave yourself! – I am
behaving myself, sister-in-law! Sister-in-law,
I agree. I agree, sister-in-law,
that Ishita’s childishness.. ..can cause you trouble. But sister-in-law, right now
you need to make her understand.. ..and not to send
her away from you. Yes, daughter-in-law.
We will talk to her. We will try to keep her away from
you until your child is delivered. I am sure that you
will definitely try it. But what if your efforts fail? I can’t let my daughter’s life
depend on your efforts, can I? Nothing doing, Sumit. For everyone’s betterment,
it is necessary.. ..that Ishita should go
to the hostel at Panchgini. Shweta, think again!
– What is your decision? Fine; let me take the
decision if you can’t! Ishita will no longer
stay in this house! Daughter-in-law, do not
take the decision in haste! Mummy, you are right in your way. It is natural that you
will feel sad for Ishita.. ..because Ishita is your daughter. But I have to think about my child. To support the uncertain
future of Ishita.. ..I can’t spoil the
bright future of my child! Sister-in-law, how can
you decide in the present.. ..whose future is bright
and whose future is dark? Who knows about tomorrow? I agree. I agree that
nobody knows about tomorrow.. ..but one can plan, right? To make the future bright,
you have to plan today only. Sister-in-law, you are right,
but I am only.. – One minute! There is no need to argue! Mummy, it will be better for all of
us in taking a decision about this! Tomorrow let us send
Ishita to the hostel! What?!
– I am fed up of this daily bickering! It will be better for all of
us if tomorrow we send Ishita.. the hostel! Hey, Sumit! You got nothing! Hey, look! Uncle is here! Uncle, how are you? Did you have tea?
– No; why? Serve tea to him so
that he will leave! Ishita, you should
not talk like this! No, mummy, I didn’t say
so; uncle Atul said that! He said that this man comes
here to have tea free of cost! So serve tea to him fast,
so that he will leave! Uncle, what is the
procedure for admission.. the hostel at Panchgini? Dear, I worry about you, so I
have brought along the forms. Take it. – Sister-in-law!
Sister-in-law, please! Sister-in-law,
Ishita is innocent. Do not give her such
harsh punishment, please! Ishita, please sign these forms. Do I have to sign?
– Yes. Right now? Take this pen. Thank you. I am going to sign, ok? My name is Ishi..
– Ishita, one minute! Didn’t I teach you to
ask or to find out about.. ..what papers you
are going to sign? Yes. Did you ask about
what these papers are? No.
– So ask! What papers are these? What papers are these? What.. – Didn’t you want to
go to a college for studying? We are going to send you
to a college for studying. These are the papers for that. Sign them, ok? Will I go to a college?
– Yes. Stupid, they are going to send
me to a college for studying. May I sign them now? Papa, they are going to send
me to a college for studying. After going there, I
will become a dentist, ok? Then I will extract all the
teeth of the uncle with a cap! Shut up! I am going to sign them, ok? My name is..
– Ishita will not go anywhere! She will stay in this house only! We will not send you anywhere! Hey, serve tea to the
uncle with the cap.. that he will leave! Uncle, bye-bye! Have tea!
– Shut up! Daughter-in-law Shweta, if a
limb of the body gets diseased.. ..and if it needs to be cut off,
even then a person can’t do it! Ishita is our life! How can someone live without life? But papa!
– Enough! Listen to one thing! Ishita is not insane, so she
doesn’t need a hospital or a hostel! She is innocent! She needs love and compassion! I consider those parents as
impotent, who leave such children.. ..dependent on others’
love and compassion.. ..instead of providing
it themselves! Sister-in-law, can
I tell you one thing? Don’t feel bad. Until now, you lived for yourself. Try living for the
sake of someone else.. will enjoy it immensely! Fine! If this is your final decision
then listen to my decision also. We will not live in this house! But Shweta! I won’t be able to live in a
house where the elders do not.. for the daughter-in-law
and her unborn child! Daughter-in-law, you
have misunderstood! It’s not like that!
– It is like that! You have proved that
a daughter-in-law.. ..will always remain
a daughter-in-law! She will never be
treated like a daughter! Absolutely right! In no household, a daughter-in-law
is treated like a daughter! And it is never going to happen! A daughter-in-law has to
protect her own dignity. That is why well-wishers
like me keep visiting.. inquire about their daughters. Uncle, I can’t understand
whether well-wishers like you.. ..come to inquire
or to investigate! Stop creating rifts, because
if your efforts backfire.. will be in great trouble! Didn’t I advise you
against getting married? Look, the example
is right before you! Yeah, you’re right. No, Sant! Do get married. Just make sure that the girl
does not have an uncle with a cap! Sumit, I am going
to do the packing! Are you coming with me? Sumit, I am asking you! Fine! Now you will decide whether
you will go with me or not! I am leaving!
– One minute! One minute! I am coming.
– Sumit! Mummy, right now
Shweta needs me most. I’m sorry. Das! Das, please say something! What can I say? It was their decision to throw
out someone from the house.. ..and it is their own
decision to leave the house. We can’t do anything about that. In a way it is good that
everything has been sorted out. How can things be
sorted out like that? They have taken the decision,
but where will they go? In these times of inflation,
is it easy to buy a house? Since other things
have been sorted out.. ..decide about this matter also. What matter, uncle? Son, you have totally forgotten! You have equal rights
over this house. This house needs to be sold if
you want to buy a new house, right? Right? Uncle is right. It will be better if
the house is divided.. ..before they spend
everything on their daughter! I will not allow this house to
be divided while I am still alive! Mummy, be practical! We can’t live on the streets
because of your obstinacy! Why don’t you say something? Daughter-in-law!
– One minute! There is no need for
anyone to say anything! I will sell this house
as soon as possible.. ..and give you your share. Sumit, get the documents
for the house ready. I will contact an estate agent. Why do you want to waste
money on an estate agent? The buyer is right in front of you. This house would fetch at
least 50 lakhs, right? – Yes. Look, I have brought
the papers with me. O my God! Sign them so that the
deal will be sealed. Papa! Pen. Pen. Uncle, one minute. At least read it once before
putting your signature! Sant, they may not trust me,
but I have full trust on my son. Uncle, you are absolutely right. Every parent should
trust their children. But uncle, what made you
think that your trust in them.. ..will be proved right only if you
sign without reading the papers? Uncle, shall I tell you one thing? In present times, one-sided
trust doesn’t exist. The trust would be proved
right, when the opposite person.. ..tells you that he would be
happy if you sign the papers.. ..only after reading them. Uncle, then only the trust from
both sides is proved to be right. Sant, how did you learn to
speak Gujarati so nicely? It’s nothing. Vishal
had given me a book. I remembered something
and quoted from it. Take this, son; today you have
divided both the house and feelings! Wow, Indian culture! Very good! Uncle, do you know one thing? My father sent me to
this place from America.. learn Indian culture
and Indian values.. ..because you know, in
America, we’re very independent. We often get into arguments
with parents over small issues. We raise our voices. We were criticized that we
don’t know anything about.. ..the Indian culture
and Indian values! Go there and learn it! Pardon me, uncle, but if these
are the values in this place.. ..then the American values are
million times better than this. Wow! Very good! He gave a good speech on morals!
– O’ my God! All that is of no use. Give me the papers; tomorrow
you will get the money. Nil! Nothing! You will get nothing! Again nothing! There
seems to be some catch. Uncle, come here! Come here! Who all have signed
on these papers? What do you mean? Those who
have a claim have signed them. Your brother and your papa. You are stupid! You are stupid! I too am a daughter of this house. I too have a claim on this house. Did I put my signature? I didn’t, right? You won’t be able to buy this
house until I put my signature! Yes! Who taught all this to you? This dim-wit did! Hey! My dear daughter’s! Oh, so this outsider has
a hand in this conspiracy! Well, uncle, if you can
ignite the fire of discord.. ..despite being a relative,
then being an outsider.. ..can’t I douse that fire? Come closer, I won’t hit you. Now you won’t be able
to buy this house. But it is regrettable that a task,
that should have been accomplished.. a mature son of the
family, was accomplished.. an immature daughter. Well, uncle, you have failed! Do not feel tense; you
still have an option. Do one thing. Take your daughter and
son-in-law to your house. Hey, how can a daughter
live in her parents’ house? Uncle, did you see? He doesn’t want to take
the responsibility.. ..but he wants others to bear it! Mend your ways,
uncle! Mend your ways! Or else you will have to regret! Consider this as threat
and not a warning! What did you say? No, I am just warning;
don’t blame me later.. ..that I didn’t warn you! He says don’t blame me
later, that I didn’t warn you! O God! I have always advised
people not to get married! I warn against getting married,
but nobody listens to me.. ..and later they can’t
get along with their wives! The example is right
before our eyes! But it is the fault
of brother-in-law! If brother-in-law
had not married.. ..his wife-crazy son Sumit
wouldn’t have been born! Had Sumit not been born.. ..none of these problems
would have come up! Before marriage, a girl always
keeps saying that you are mine! You are mine! And the boy keeps saying that
you are mine! You are mine! But after marriage, both
start fighting with each other! Uncle, how are you? Talk of the devil and
the devil is here! – Uncle! Come, you
wife-crazy! – Uncle! Why do you treat me like this? Nephew, he, who takes
his wife’s side.. ..and mistreats his
parents, will always regret. Uncle! Uncle, please talk to
mummy and papa on my behalf. Go on, I am enjoying it. Mister, I do not
want to be thrown out. You will have to
pay for your deeds! Come on; I will tell you about
101 advantages for not marrying. Advantage number 1: You
never get a headache! Come. Ishita! Ishita, wait! I want to go!
– Ishita, wait! Didn’t I tell you that you will
not meet sister-in-law? That’s all! All of you behave like this!
You do not let me meet her! Ishita! Ishita, you will
not meet your sister-in-law.. ..until she gives birth
to a small baby, ok? Sant!
– Yeah? Sister-in-law is
pregnant, isn’t she? – Yes. Will she also become plump and fat? What is plump and fat? No, the next door neighbour Roopa..
– Yes? She is also pregnant.. ..and she has also
become plump and fat! Do you know how she walks? How? I will show you, ok? Watch!
– Ok. Ah! Ah! Ah! Sant, when will sister-in-law
become plump and fat? Come here, come here. There is still a long time
for your sister-in-law.. get plump and fat
and walk like that, ok? Sant, you are very funny! Who! Me?
– Yes. Yeah, ok. Sant!
– Yes? Sit here. Here?
– Yes, here. Here. Yeah, ok. Sit down fast!
– I sat down, ok? Look!
– Yes? I will tell you something. Don’t tell anybody. Do you know?
– What? Next door neighbour Roopa
is papa’s girlfriend! Girlfriend! Some day she is going
to create big trouble! Hey, don’t laugh!
Don’t laugh, idiot! Come here! Come here! Come here! How did you find out? Yesterday mummy was angry. Papa asked for tea. Mummy said if you want tea, go
and ask your girlfriend Roopa! She will make it for you! Hey, Ishita! Ishita, come here! Come here! Don’t laugh! Listen! When the elders are talking
and you happen to overhear.. should not tell
about it to others. It is bad manners! Bad manners?
– Yeah. Ok, ok.
– Ok, ok, ok, ok. If we overhear somebody.. I will not tell you also
what others talk about you! Oh God! She will not tell me also! Sant!
– Yeah? Sit here. Again?
– Yes, again. Sit here. All right. Sit down.
– I sat down. Look!
– Yes? Do not get up, ok?
– No. I will go and check if sister-in-law
has become plump and fat! She is hell bent on it! Hey, Ishita! Ishita,
wait! Wait! Wait, Ishita! Didn’t I tell you that you
will not meet sister-in-law? All of you treat me like this only! You do not let me meet
sister-in-law! – Ishita! How will I know whether
she has become fat.. Ishita, listen to me! What happened? What did you drop? Again! What kind of a girl..
– I want to see her! Ishita, you can’t..
– Sister-in-law.. What is it? Why are you following me? Because you are going forward! Do you know?
– What? A boy should not follow a girl! Really?
– Yes. Only that boy would follow a
girl, who wants to flirt with her! Oh! Are you trying to flirt with me? Ishita! Ishita.. you
are my friend, right? Yes. – You are a good girl, aren’t you?
– Yes. Then sit down. Sit here. You are asking me to sit down! Didn’t you make me sit down
twice? Now it’s your turn! You also sit down!
– Yeah, ok. First I will sit
down; then you sit, ok? Look, I sat down, ok? I am sitting down, ok?
– Yes. I sat down.
– Yeah. Now tell me one thing. You want to see your mummy
and papa to be happy, right? Yes; one should always
make mummy and papa happy! Very nice! Your sister-in-law would not
like it if you go to see her. Huh! Because sister-in-law says that
whenever you go to see her.. trouble her a lot! She will take your brother
along and leave the house! And your papa and mummy
will cry a lot if they leave. And the plan we have made
to make your brother.. ..and sister-in-law
stay here, will fail! Do you want our plan to fail? No! I won’t like my plan to fail!
– Right. Swoosh!
– Ishita, what’s this? Ishita! Ishita! – I
will meet sister-in-law. Sant!
– Yes? Until sister-in-law gives
birth to a small baby.. ..I will not go and meet her, ok? Good girl! Sant!
– Yeah? Will sister-in-law get the baby
delivered through a courier? It will be delivered
through e-mail, stupid! Am I stupid?
– Yes, you are! Did you call me stupid?
– Yes, I called you stupid! I won’t talk to you! You are mad!
– I’m sorry. Sorry. Hey, Ishita! -I won’t talk
to you! Ishita, listen to me! Don’t act like this; please! Listen!
– What? I will tell everybody!
– Oh, no! You are trying to flirt with me!
– You will get me into trouble! – Come, come! Follow me!
– Go inside! Go in! Sumit! Sumit! Yes, mummy?
– Oh, you are here! Yes. Here is your lunch. Thank you, mummy. A mother always knows
when her son feels hungry. But this is not for
you; it is for Shweta. It is my duty to take care of
her because she is pregnant. If you are feeling hungry,
then ask Shweta to cook for you! But mummy, Shweta
is not feeling well. Then go to a hotel and have lunch! Wouldn’t you have eaten in a
hotel if you had lived separately? Ansuya!
– Yes? This is the bill
of the supermarket. But most of the items have been
ordered by Shweta and Sumit. So why did you pay the bill? Actually I..
– What? Oh, Sumit, give the money for
this bill to your mummy, ok? Well, wouldn’t he have paid the
bill if he were living separately? Brother-in-law!
– Yes? Brother-in-law, this is
the bill for electricity. – Out of this, how much we’re
supposed to pay? – Check it. Yes, so I can take the
remaining amount from him. Yes.
– Check this bill. Well, wouldn’t he have paid
the bill for electricity.. ..if he were living separately? Of course.
– Yes. Atul!
– Yes? Count the clothes before
giving them for ironing.. check how many we
give and how many they give! Yes, yes. Well, wouldn’t he have
paid the bill for ironing.. ..if he were living separately? Why are you all
treating me like this? You reap what you sow! Had you thought about us when
you decided to sell this house? No; right? What made you think that we
will worry about your welfare? Ishita, wait! Do not say anything
in front of everybody! You keep talking about anything! Hey, look! Brother is here! Brother! Do you know this
‘Alvitaro’ and uncle Atul.. ..have given you a new name? What? Wife’s slave! He fell down! Are you alive? Look, he always falls down! Yes, he is a fallen man! Again he fell! Catch him! Brother!
– Yes? What is the meaning of wife’s slave?
– Hey! Brother! One minute. Give my message
to sister-in-law. Tell her that I will
not come to meet her.. ..until she gives
birth to a small baby. I won’t come to meet her! Sumit, when you return.. bring the money
to pay the bills, ok? Go. He went! Sumit went! Look, I beg to you
with folded hands! Please do not force
me to do such things! How hungry the poor boy must be! Aunt, we are doing all
this so that the poor boy.. ..never again thinks about
putting you in a tough situation. Yes, that’s right! Parents always give in due
to their love and affection. But in the end, they are the
ones who have to regret. -Right? We want to bring Sumit on the
right path by behaving like this. Uncle, you are absolutely right. Do you know what the problem is? Parents never forget
to love their children.. ..but in return, children never
forget to keep demanding. Yes. – Who has come? – One minute!
– I am going! Let me go! I am going! No, no; you have to go
this way! He doesn’t know! I will open the door.
– Go, go. Sumit became speechless! Uncle, this is too much. You
should not harass him so much! No, it’s necessary for him. Hey!
– What? Pritamdas is called
there.. -Oh my God! Is that so?
– Yes! Come here! Come here! Pritamdas? Can’t you
address him as Papa? But that man did not say Papa. Sumeet! Sumeet, come out; Sumeet! Yes! – What is this?
– What happened?.. Your dear son has
filed a case against us. Case? Just see how innocent he acts? I can understand about me. But you should have at
least thought about.. ..your mother and your sister. By filing this case you
are trying to dishonour us? Sumeet, have we
troubled you in any way.. ..that you had to take this step? I agree that you have
never troubled us.. ..but you were the ones who
always benefited in every way. The children nowadays
are like this. How much ever the parents bestow
their love & affection on the children but the children always
find something lacking. My dear daughter-in-law,
no one can be happy.. ..if separated from
the parents, understood? Otherwise too who is happy here? And you are no less; you have
always seen to your benefit. Keep quiet!
– Did you hear? Did you hear that? She is calling a mother selfish. Shweta, do you know
what a mother is? If there are four laddus
(sweets) in the house.. ..and there are
five people to eat.. ..she is the one who says that
I do not like sweets at all. That is a mother! Even if a mother wishes
she can never be selfish. A mother never lives for herself. Her existence is
only for her children. And today you say
that she is selfish? Papa, all these emotions have
no place in this practical world. Instead of this talk think
about what is going to happen.. the court. Did you see? Did you see? See what she says! Sumeet, you withdraw the case. Sumeet, I say withdraw this case! Sumeet will not withdraw the case. I want to hear this
from Sumeet himself. Fine! Now even I will see.. ..whether these children who
wish to desert their parents win.. ..or the parents who take
all the troubles on them.. ..and give all comforts
to their children win. And you understand
one thing very clearly. I will change my
name from Pritamdas.. ..if I do not throw you
out from this house.. ..without giving
you a single penny. You keep quiet! Papa! Papa! Papa! At least listen to me! Papa has gone away! I will not come with you. Enough! Now once the verdict
of the case is given.. ..and we become free from you.. ..only then I will rest in peace. You are after us
like some bad omen. Wonder what bad deeds
I must have done.. my past birth that I have to
tolerate an insane girl like you. Mummy! Papa!
– Sister Ishita! Sister-in-law
fell down! Quickly give me your hand! Sant, come quickly!.. Please try to pick me up! I am coming! I am coming! Sister Ishita! Give me your hand! No! No! No! I will
not come close to you! You are trying to take
my brother away from me. You have broken my parent’s heart! Sister Ishita, I beg of you! I will not come to you. – Ishita, please pick me up. Sister Sheetal, please pick
me up! Please help me!.. You are trying to take
my brother away from me. May this hospital be ruined! No one is telling us
about Shweta’s health.. ..and how she is. Here my legs are paining and
they are just not bothered! Sant, like uncles brain his
legs too have become weak. Don’t laugh! All this has happened
because of you! If I would have known from
before that an insane.. ..girl like you was here then
I would not have allowed.. ..Shweta to get married
in such a family. They should have sent a mad
girl like you to the hospital. Enough, uncle, enough! Now if you utter one more
word I will see to it.. ..that I slash your tongue. Sister-in-law Shweta
has said many times.. ..that Ishita is not to be blamed.. ..for whatever has happened. And instead of fighting
amongst ourselves.. is better for all
of us if we try and see.. sister-in-law
Shweta gets well soon. Silence please! Sant, you do not get so angry. Uncle is not at fault at all. Uncle, you are tense
because of sister-in-law.. ..that is why you are
angry on me, isn’t it? When a person is angry
he can say anything. We should not feel bad about it. Every insane man in his anger
calls the other person insane. Uncle, did you see? Did you see the smartness
of the one whom you call mad? At times even the
smartest person cannot.. ..understand what an
innocent person talks. You could not understand her
but she understood you very well. Now are you writing an essay
on understanding and ignorance? Here I am worried about Shweta.. ..and you are trying to preach me? Look here uncle; I am trying to.. – Uncle, what happened?
– Sant, both our blood group
does not match at all. Oh my God! The doctor says that the
blood is not available.. any blood bank. If something is not
done at the earliest.. ..then the case
may get complicated. Das, please do something; I cannot bear to see
Shweta suffering like this. Aunt, do not take tension; we
still have one more solution. What solution?
– Uncle! Close your mouth otherwise
a mosquito will go in. Now see; now at
least say something. Yes, how is it like
this? Then what? If I give my blood! What if something
happens to me in this age? There will be one villain
less on the earth, what else? Come on!
– Come on! Why? Now are you not tense
about sister-in-law Shweta? Come on! Come on; come on!
She will not spare me. Come on; come on,
quickly! Come on! Come on! Come on! Das, I just don’t
understand for which sin.. ..are we suffering like this? I never dreamt that we would
have to suffer like this. Anusuya, have faith in God! If he has brought
this calamity on us.. ..then he will only
relieve us from this! You don’t worry at all;
everything will be fine! Oh! I am saved!
– What happened? Now just look at this; my blood group does not match
with Shweta’s blood group. Ishita! Ishita! At least
listen to me. Please! Sant, what happened? Uncle, none of our
blood has matched.. ..but Ishita’s blood has
matched with her blood. What?
– Yes, uncle! The doctor says that
she is very healthy.. ..and she can donate blood. Because the mind has
nothing to do with the blood. But mummy, I will not
give my blood! Yes! Ishita! Ishita! If you give
blood then sister-in-law Shweta.. ..and her small baby’s
life will be saved. Why don’t you understand this? But mummy, if I give my blood
and what if I too become.. ..pregnant like
sister-in-law? Oh God! Ishita, look at me! Look at.. look at me! You had promised me that you
would listen to all that I say? Yes! Then won’t you listen to this?
– No! Oh my God! Papa, please tell him something. My dear Ishita; maybe your good deeds might
save your sister-in-law! Go! Go! Go, my dear! Come on you crazy man! Thank God! And look here!
– Yes! If I become pregnant
then I will not spare you! Yes, my mother! Yes! You are taking away my blood! Uncle did you see! At times when you try to
put someone away from us.. ..we tend to forget
that, that same person.. ..can be our saviour! You are laughing!
Have you gone crazy? Do you know? I was so
scared in the hospital. Oh my God! They had taken such a big needle!
– Such a big needle? Yes! They took such a big needle. And they poked me like this!
– Oh my God! It pained me a lot!
But I did not cry.. ..just because you told me not to.
– Good girl! After that they removed
so much of my blood! Shut up, you idiot! Do you know what is the meaning
of so much blood? – Yes! But do you know?
– What? After that sister-in-law
called me close to her.. ..she caressed me affectionately.. ..and started crying! And she caught me
tightly like this! Ishita! Ishita!
Ishita do you know.. ..why sister-in-law
was so happy? No!
– Because you helped her. In life everyone likes
if we help someone.. ..rather than take someone’s help. That means, I will have to
give my blood to everyone? Oh my God! I will not gives. Do
not give, my mother! And listen; in life you
must always help others. And you must not get angry on anyone.
– Okay! All right! Now I will
teach you etiquettes. Is it a new game? Come
we will play; come; come. Is it a new game?
Come we will play! Today I will teach
you something new.. to how to behave with others. That means.. you will again teach me?
– Yes! Sant!
– Yes! I suddenly remembered!
– What? I am thirsty since long. I will drink water and come. Wait! Whenever I say that I
am going to teach you.. ..something new you just
find excuses and run away. I remembered that I had to do this! Now stand here; stand here! Now suppose someone
asks us how are you? Then what answer should
we give? -I am fine. I am enjoying myself!
– Oh God! If we tell this to someone that
I am fine and enjoying myself.. will it look? No! If someone asks you, how are you? Then you must say..
I am fine, thank you! But if someone asks me how are you? Then how can I say
that you are fine? No! No! No! I am fine
means you are fine! I am fine means you are
fine.. how is that possible? Oh my God! I am
trying to teach you.. ..but you are trying to teach me! You should not unnecessarily
get angry on anyone. Who taught me that? My God! Ishita! Do you know I love my two plaits! Ishita, will you not listen
to what I say, please? You very well know that
if you plead like this.. ..I will have to listen to you! Here, see, I have
opened my hair! See this! But remember!
– Yes! You should not pull my hair!
– Ok. Otherwise I will scream loudly!
– All right! Then stand quietly,
do not keep shaking. Oh!
– What happened? My hair is getting pulled! Comb
my hair gently. -I am very sorry! But you stand straight,
how much you are shaking? Oh!
– What is it? My hair is getting pulled! I have not even brought the
brush close to your hair! Stand straight without any drama! But look here!
– Yes! If I do not like the new hair
style then I will not talk to you. Okay! Okay! Okay! Stand quietly! I will not listen to you! Do it quickly how
long are you taking? Oh! Who is this?
– Who is this? Is it I?
– Yes! Sant!
– Yes! Since long I am telling you.. ..that these two
plaits do not suit me. But you do not listen to me at all. My God! You are a politician! Is it BJP or Congress? BJP.. shut up you
idiot! BJP or Congress? At times you just
talk anything! Yes! No, no! I want to sleep!
– Wait! Wait! I told you not to sleep! – He does not even allow me to sleep.
– Now I will teach you Maths. You are going to teach me Maths now?
– Yes! The thing is, calculation
is very necessary in life.. that no one can fool you. Now tell me one thing! Suppose you have gone for shopping. Oh! Shopping! And you purchased
goods worth 40 rupees.. ..and you gave him
a hundred rupee note. Then how much money will he return? 60!
– What? You fool, a hundred rupee note! Okay, on top of that
you call me a fool? Fine, answer me! 20 + 30?
– 50! 50 + 50?
– 100! 200 + 200?
– 400! 400, okay fine! 500 +..
– One minute! Now I will ask you, okay? Ask me! Ask me! 18 x 5 is equal to how much? 90, you fool! You do not even know. Since when you are saying 90..90.. ..why are you calling me a fool? Tell me. Answer me! 10 + 10?
– 20! 20..
– 20 + 20=40! 40 + 40=80! 80 + 80=160! 160 + 160=320! 320 + 320=640! 640 + 640=1280! 1280 + 1280=2560! 2560 + 2560=5120! 5120 + 5120=
– Stop it! 10, 240!
– Stop it! Oh my God! Now everyday from
morning to night.. ..I will teach you Maths! Oh no! Come on! Come on!
Go to sleep! Go to sleep! Go! Go! Go! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes, brother, yes! Yes, okay! Okay! Yes! Yes! Yes! What? You have incoming free? Just see this! Hey you if you have incoming
free then why are you.. ..troubling me?
Disconnect the line! But why are you after my blood? What is the matter,
brother-in-law? -Atul! She is after my blood from morning! Atul! – Yes, sister!
– Have you called up at the hospital? Yes sister, I have
called up at the hospital. Sumeet has already left
from there with Shweta. And they both will be here any moment.
– Yes! Das!
– Yes! Why are you sitting like this? Then should I sit like this? I did not mean that! I meant
did you speak to the doctor? The way you are saying it,
as if only you are concerned.. ..about Shweta! Look.. – I have spoken to the
doctor and the doctor has said.. ..that all the reports of
daughter-in-law Shweta.. ..are absolutely normal. That means it is not
necessary for anyone to worry. Thank God that
Shweta is well again! Hey Das!
– Yes! Now we will take so
much care of her that.. That we will not give her
a chance to say anything. Right! – We will never give
her an opportunity to say.. ..that she is not a daughter
but a daughter-in-law.. ..of this house! Tell me! We will agree to whatever she says okay?
– Okay! I remember everything now! – You are always..
– Even I remember everything now! Now look at this; even
she remembers everything. Greetings mummy! Greetings papa! How are you? How are you?
– What? Yes, I am fine! I am fine! You fool, you
must not say like this! You must not call your papa a fool! See, you must say like this! I am fine, thank you! Say it!
– I am fine, thank you! Good boy! And mummy, if you need
any help in the kitchen.. ..then you tell me I will.. I will come to help you! Das! She is.. I have learnt to walk
also a little properly now. Just see! Did you see?
– Das! Das, did you see? Das, I am talking to you! Just
look at her! She is our Ishita! She is our Ishita?
– Yes! I just cannot believe it! You will have to believe it, uncle! This one.. this one is your Ishita! Uncle, didn’t you tell me that
she is powerful in Maths? – Yes! You know something?
Yesterday I was zapped! Tell me 13,000 into 58,
000 is equal to how much? Yes! Now what is all this again? You do not know Maths at all! I do not know Maths, you say.. Sant.
– Yes. It is our belief that a
guest is like a God to us! A guest is like God to us! But after meeting you I
feel as if God himself.. helping us in
the form of a guest. Thank you! Thank you very much!
– Uncle please. Please uncle; do not fold your
hands in front of me like this. And if you wish to say thank
you then say that to Ishita.. ..because she has
reached to this level.. ..only because of her own efforts. And yes Sant, you should
say thank you to me. Why? Because I tolerated
a person like you! You girl; what do you wish to say? I am making fun!
– Making fun! All of a sudden she
has become a Sindhi! Mummy! Sister-in-law
has still not arrived? My child, she will come just now Wonder why they have got delayed? Mummy!
– Yes! Do you know that sister-in-law
is very happy with me! Yes?
– Yes! You know in the hospital
she called me close to her.. ..and said.. thank you! Okay?
– What are you saying? Yes! So I told her that it
is not necessary to thank me. Now you are pregnant
and you needed blood.. ..that is why I gave you my blood. Then when I become pregnant
and I will need blood.. ..then you return my blood. Then it will be tit for tat! Tit for tat! I think they have come! Who.. who.. who has come? Mummy!
– Yes! Mummy.. mummy,
sister-in-law has come! I will go and hide there! The moment sister-in-law
comes in I will startle her! But no one must
tell her! Keep quiet! Yes, yes, keep quiet! I will go and hide!
– Yes! Shut up! Beware if you ever again
make fun like this with me! Shweta, are you in your senses? Till now I was not in my senses! But now I have come to my senses! My God! -Go away! You people are great! You
left me behind like this? And the dogs here are also great! Why? After seeing me they
do not stop barking! My God! Uncle, I am sorry;
I am really very sorry. Actually I always
forget to tell you this. Our dogs never bark
at any human being. I was wondering that when there
is already such a big fire.. ..then where is the instigator? Uncle, you do not take any tension. I will not pull your cap!
It is dirty and worthless. That means my cap is
dirty and worthless? Of course! Uncle,
now you only tell me! A person who does not
have a clean heart.. can his cap
be clean? Tell me! Sant, enough Daughter-in-law! What
is wrong with you? You all have deceived me by
giving me sister Ishita’s blood. She is out of her senses! My sister has done a favour
to us by giving you her blood. She has definitely
done a favour to you! But will this favour prove
to be a blessing or a curse.. ..on the child that is to be born. Only God knows that! Uncle, please!
– What uncle says is right! My child and I were saved
because of sister Ishita’s blood. But what if my child is
born like sister Ishita? Shweta, please try and understand! You try and understand! I am tired of
explaining this to you. One minute! That means you have decided?
– Yes! Which decision?
– To abort the child! Sister-in-law! I will never be able to
tolerate if my child turns out.. be like sister Ishita! And it will be in everyone’s
benefit if I abort this child.. soon as possible. Daughter-in-law Shweta,
the blood that saved.. and your child,
because of that very blood.. wish to abort your child? Now whatever you wish to do
you will have to do it now. Otherwise it will be too late! And then only you
will have to repent. At this moment if we abort
this child then we can think.. ..again of another child. But if this child turns out
to be like sister Ishita.. ..then I cannot even
think of another child. Sister-in-law, one
minute! One minute, please! Sister-in-law, now if you
think, Ishita’s blood.. now in your entire body. And if you are scared that
Ishita’s blood will affect.. ..your this child then it can
affect your next child too. Please sister-in-law, do
not punish your to be born.. ..child in this way, please! – Dear Shweta, you will find
many who give advice. – Uncle! But you will have
to make the decision. Whatever you decide
to do, do it sensibly! Later you will have to suffer, yes! My God, uncle I tell you
this man with the cap.. Oh my God! He is a limit! Brother Sant!
– Yes! If you can explain to this
entire family then why don’t you.. ..explain to these dogs too? – At least they will..
– Uncle, please! Just go! Sister-in-law! Sister-in-law, there are so many
abnormal couples in this world who have given birth
to normal children. Whereas Ishita has just
given you her blood. Sister-in-law, listen
to me.. oh my God! Shweta, listen to me! Sant! She has gone crazy! She just does
not want to understand anything. Now there is no need
to make her understand. – She will not consider
anyone’s explanation. – One minute! I just don’t understand, why do you accept defeat so soon? At present sister-in-law
is angry, so fine.. ..she will not listen to anyone. Uncle do you remember
a saying in Gujarati? If you cannot use fair means then.. You must adopt illegal means! Oh my God! What are you saying? No.. no.. means you must
use foul means. – Correct! That means?
– That means! If you are ready to
support me then I will try. I will try to pacify
sister-in-law Shweta! Yes, Sant! We all are with you! Tell us what have we to do? Come here!
– Come here! Okay?
– Okay! Okay!
– Hey you! One minute! But is it possible? Of course, it is possible! Yes, why not? If Sant can make fool
like me understand.. ..then he can always fool my
sane sister-in-law, isn’t it? She is absolutely right, Sumeet! Where there is a
will there is a way! But uncle, when there is no way,
we have to find our way, right! Right! Come here. It’s right. “My dear child is a gift of God!” “Oh wind blow gently
he is fast asleep.” “Oh my dear child..” “My dear child is a gift of God!” “Oh wind blow gently
he is fast asleep.” Hey Shweta dear; just
see these photographs! How are they? Very nice, isn’t it? My dear, you like to see
them that is why I have hung.. ..all these
photographs on the wall. The thing is, if you keep
watching these photographs.. ..all the time even you will get
a child as beautiful as this one. You tell me one thing! Which
one you liked the best from this? That means if you like
this photograph then.. ..will get a beautiful
son like this. And if you like this
photograph then you will get.. ..a beautiful
daughter like a fairy. And if you like this
photograph more then.. Now when the child
is born we will know.. ..whether it is a boy or a girl. “We will play tomorrow morning!” This is such a beautiful cradle! See this is such
a beautiful cradle! My office staff came to know
that I am going to be a father. So all of them brought this cradle. I told them that I do not want
this; there is still a lot of time. But they said.. as it is,
in another six months.. are going to be a father. So take it as a gift and keep it. Now during your pregnancy
when you will look.. this cradle then you will
be happy about the coming child. Hello! Mamta nursing home! Look here, I am
Shweta Shah speaking. What? But.. Sumeet! Sumeet!
– Yes, tell me, Shweta’s I had called up at the hospital! The booking is already
done at the hospital. You need not worry at all.
– I.. Sit! Sit! Sit! You sit comfortably! You tell me one thing! If we have a son what
will you keep his name? Harsh, Dhruv or Krishh? And suppose if it is a girl then? Krisha, Rishika or Dhvani? And if you have not
liked these names.. ..then we have a
whole book of names. Just read it! And yes; I want a girl
so read all the names! No! No! No!
– At least listen to me. No, I do not want to hear anything! At least sometime listen to me. This is the first occasion in
my house and I am going to.. ..celebrate it with splendour,
I am telling you that. Shweta, now you only
make her understand. I told her that there are
still four months left.. ..for the baby shower ceremony. But she has already sent
invitations to everyone. It is fine if you celebrate
this baby shower ceremony.. ..only in between
the family members. But she just does not
want to listen to me. And I am not going to
listen to you at all. I am going to invite
all my relatives. I am not going to
listen to you at all. Shweta dear, you make
a list of your guests.. ..and give it to me, my child. But what I am trying to say.. Look here Das! I do not like you
interfering in all my affairs. I must have told you
a thousand times.. ..but you never listen to me. Oh! The ladies of this house
do not listen to anyone! Hey Ishita! What are
you doing? Don’t run! Slowly! Slowly! Go carefully! Oh! Just see this!
– Sister-in-law! Sister-in-law
is here! Sister-in-law!
Sister-in-law, one minute! There are toys and clothes
for your to be born child. If she could have her
way then she would have.. ..purchased the entire shop. Sister-in-law, you know
I enjoyed a lot there.. I enjoyed a lot there! There they were giving
discount on the new toys.. ..if we would give
them our old toys. So I told them that I have
such a big old imported toy. He is of no use to
me. Take him; take him. God! Now I understood.. why everyone was looking
at me and laughing? I enjoyed it! I enjoyed it! You enjoyed it! You dare
ever make fun like that! Do you know how much
they all were laughing? And yes sister-in-law,
I have a request. Please keep these
toys very carefully! Because Ishita has selected
all the toys very carefully.. ..for your to be born child. And in return she has
given away all her old toys. So what? I had such
a big teddy bear.. Such a big teddy bear.
– I brought! One minute! What is all this going on? What is all this going on? By doing all this what
do you wish to prove? Am I a small child? I
don’t understand anything? If you all think that by you
all doing this I will change.. decision then you are wrong. I will not change my decision! – I will definitely go in for an
abortion. – No, no, sister-in-law! – No, you will not talk to her.
– One minute! Sister-in-law, all these people
told me that if I give you.. blood you and your small
child’s life would be saved. That is why I gave you my blood. But look here.. if you think
that I have committed a mistake. Then.. you can punish me, okay? You can beat me..
beat me.. beat me. Ishita, what are you doing? You are not to be blamed
for whatever has happened. Ishita! Sorry! I am not such a fool
that I cannot understand. I can understand everything. I know that sister-in-law
is angry because of me. I even know this that
sister-in-law does not like me. But sister-in-law, if I am like
this what is my fault in that? Maybe God made me like
this so that everyone can.. ..make fun of me and laugh
and be happy, isn’t it? But you call me unlucky. But do you know
that I am very lucky. God has given me a little
less of intelligence. But instead of that.. He has given me such good parents. He has given me a
brother and sister-in-law. He has also given me
a friend like Sant. Sister-in-law, till you
were twenty years old.. ..did your mother give
you a bath? No, isn’t it? But my mother used
to give me a bath. Till you became so big did
your father ever feed you? Till today my father still
feeds me with his own hands. You feed me, isn’t it? Then how can I be unlucky? I do not want anyone to be like me! I am very happy! I am very
happy! I am very happy! But sister-in-law, your child
will not be lucky like me. Because your baby
will not be like me. That child will be
very cute and normal. Just like you and brother. I will, I will pray to
God that you should have.. ..a very normal baby. That is why you do
not kill your baby. If you wish to kill
someone then kill me. But do not kill your baby. Sister-in-law, you said
that I should not come near.. ..your baby so.. so.. I will
go away just now from here. But you please do
not kill your baby. Sant, I feel like crying. But I will not cry just
because you told me not to. I am going! I am going away just now. Sister-in-law, I am
going away just now. I am going away! Sister-in-law, I am
going away just now. Sister Ishita, please! Come here! Sit down! If you go away then who will
pamper my baby like this? When Sumeet and I were
leaving this house.. were the one to stop us. And today you are leaving
the house and going away? But you will kill
your child, isn’t it? Will you not forgive
your sister-in-law? If you go away then who will
christen my baby? Tell me! Am I supposed to christen the baby? Sant! I am going to
christen the baby. Sister-in-law, you
sit here! Sit here! I am going to christen the baby! That means you will not
kill your baby, isn’t it? No! But on one condition! Which one! Till my child does not grow
up you will have to feed him.. ..with your own hands. You will have to bathe
him with your own hands. The way you were pampered
he too should be pampered.. the same way. Will you do it?
– Yes! I will pamper him a lot! I will take him to school;
I will bring him back. I will teach him Maths too. But what will I name him?
– What? Okay look here; if you have
a son I will name him Tom! And if I have a daughter then? Jerry! Tom and Jerry!
– Yes, Tom and Jerry! Tom and Jerry? It is the phone ringing!
– Yes! It is ringing! Hello! Yes, tell me Narottam! Hey! Hey Dad! Hey!
– Oh! You should not say dad;
you should say papa! Why are you beating me? Okay, papa! Yes! Yes! Yes! What? But Sant did not tell
me anything about this. No, I, I will call you later. Sant, your father was
saying that your friend.. coming from America? Oh yes! Sorry uncle.
I am really very sorry. Actually in all this tension
I just forgot to tell you. Uncle, after I came
here from America.. ..I used to frequently chat
with my friend on the net. Ishita too has spoken
to him on the web cam. He has seen Ishita and he
knows everything about Ishita. And tomorrow he is coming here
with a marriage proposal for Ishita! Ishita’s marriage?
– Yes! Mine!
– Are you okay? Now you just keep quiet; I do not
want to listen to anything you say. You are a fool! An utter
fool! – Brother-in-law! Why do you keep
saying brother-in-law? I do not know what I
would have done to you.. ..if you would not have
been my brother-in-law! Why are you glaring
at my face like this? I do not want to see
your face; go inside! Wait a minute! Where are you going? You told me so I am going in. Oh my God, if I tell you to
get married, will you do it? If you wish to keep me here then
fine but I will never get married. Hail Lord Bajrangbali! Keep quiet! Just keep quiet! And remember that not a
single thing from this.. ..should be misplaced anywhere. Go inside! Shall I go?
– Just go! You will not call me back, isn’t it?
– I will beat you now! He is after my blood
just like his sister. Sister! Oh my God! Hey
you! What is her name! Hey! Hey, Ansuya! What are you still doing? You are getting ready since
the time we went from here. What are you doing inside? Now it takes time to
get ready, isn’t it? You are getting ready as if
the boy is coming to see you. I am not that fortunate! It seems it is
impossible to talk here. Sumeet! Sumeet, what
are you doing inside? Are you too adorning yourself
like your mother? Come out! That boy is coming here to see
Ishita and no one is bothered.. home about it. Come out you henpecked husband! Yes papa!
– What is this? Tell me! What were you doing inside?
Running After your wife? If I have a wife I have to obey her.
– What do you mean? My wife is in Ishita’s
room since morning. What? Come, we will go and see. Oh! Now both the opposition
parties have united.. ..then what will I alone do? When they were at loggerheads
they used to always fight. Now that they have united
they cannot be separated. Yes! How come you have come here? Why do you ask how come I am here?
– Yes! I heard that a boy is coming
to see my daughter Ishita. That I have to come, isn’t it? My daughter Ishita? Atul! Atul, what are you
doing inside? Come out! You fool, you are still here; I
had asked you to go to the airport. What are you doing like this? No, I am not telling you. My dear, I had asked you to
go to the airport, isn’t it? Then why haven’t you gone till now? Yes but.. Sant told me that
he had some work on the way.. ..and so he will complete
that work and come. Yes! Yes! Uncle Atul!
– Yes, uncle! Once Ishita gets married.. ..then you will be the
only bachelor in the house. Uncle, I am fed up
of telling everyone.. not get married.. But no one listens to me. But uncle shall I
tell you one thing? If Ishita is getting married
then I will pray to God.. ..that let that day arrive
soon when I will be.. ..the only bachelor in this house. Keep quiet! Keep quiet! Here I am tense whether the boy
who is coming to see Ishita.. ..does he know everything
about Ishita or not. If he would not be aware of it I
would never have invited him here. Excuse me!
– Yes! Yes tell me! No, no, we are just
worried whether.. ..are you going to
marry Ishita or not? Yes, tell me one thing do
you have the address right? Then fine we are waiting
for you, okay? Yes, bye! Uncle, he has already
reached the airport. He will somehow reach here soon. Are all the preparations done?
– He has already reached the airport. Do you understand anything or not? Oh my! Gents Lalita Pawar
is also present here. That means you think you
are fair Rajnikant yourself? What has fair
Rajnikant to do in this? Hey Sant! Dear Sant,
I am very tense. Please, please uncle;
why are you so tense? A well settled and a well
educated NRI boy is coming here.. ask for your
daughter’s hand in marriage. In fact you should be very happy. Yes papa! What Sant says is right. Our Ishita will be very fortunate
if she agrees to marry that boy. Right. Our Ishita is really
very fortunate. Just see she found
a friend like Sant. But Das, I am afraid
of only one thing. I only hope that boy does not
look at Ishita sympathetically. Aunt, please! Please, aunt. All of you sympathize for
Ishita because you feel.. ..that she needs sympathy. Just once! Just once
forget her weakness.. ..and think about the
qualities she has and then.. ..that none of you will
feel sympathy her. I mean it! I am surprised of one thing that the
girl who is so powerful is Maths.. ..why did God write
her fate like this? But aunt, one thing is definite he
will definitely give her a good life. And uncle that boy has seen
Ishita he has also spoken to her. And he also knows
everything about her. Then why will he sympathize
for her, tell me this. No my dear, the thing is..
– My dear Sant, tell me one thing. You had come to India
to learn or to teach? Uncle, just come to the corner!
Come, come to the corner, please. Actually do not tell anyone. I had come here to learn
something from them. And people like you.. You are making fun! I do not know what Sant learnt. But yes, we have
learnt a lot from him. Sister-in-law, please,
please, sister-in-law. But tell me, where is Ishita? Yes, call Ishita!
– She is coming! She is coming! Sister Ishita! Come out! My God! I just can’t believe this! You fool, you have to believe this. Sant, does your foolish
friend look smart today? First he used to always teach me
and now when the time has come.. really teach me he
just keeps looking at me. You fool, at least say something! But what should I say? Your friend is coming here to see me.
– Yes! So at least teach me.. to behave in front of him.
– Oh yes! Yes! Yes! Sant, only you can tell us how
your American friend will behave. Oh yes! You are right! Actually seeing all
this I was also confused. Uncle when that boy comes we will
make him sit here. – Okay! And Ishita you have
to sit here, okay? Come, come, sit here! Come, come. What happened?
– One minute! Oh my God! Hey you Kanta! What is
this, you walk like this? You are going to
get married! Married! There should be a grace in
your walk! A lot of grace! What is the meaning of grace? My God! Uncle, at times she really asks
me such difficult questions. No, not you at all. I will teach her in whatever
way I can, but not you at all. If you even utter one word then.. Okay, I will do it
and show you, okay? You are in this room, all right? Then we will call you out saying.. My dear Ishita, please come out. So calmly slip the curtain aside
and coyly you must come out.. ..and stand over here like this. You should not look
at the boy at all. And now the way I walk
and sit on that chair.. ..the same way you must
walk and sit, right? Now see how I walk. After that? After that? Oh my God! After that? Then you must talk to
that boy for some time. Then we will tell you to go to
the kitchen and get some snacks.. ..and tea for that boy. You must get up and
go to the kitchen. Fill the tray and bring
it and keep it over here. And then again you must
sit here, all right? Yes, but how? You do
it and show it to me. Oh God! Your daughter
really troubles me. I will do it and show you, okay? You have gone to
the kitchen, right. You have filled the tray. And you come out with the tray. You must walk gracefully like
this and come and stand here. Uncle is standing on the
left just look at him once. Then again you must walk
gracefully.. come.. come.. must not look at the
boy keep the tray here.. Oh my God, you all
were making fun of me? Yes! The way you were
walking gracefully like this.. But dear Ishita, if that boy
asks you whether you know.. to cook then my dear,
what will you answer him? Then I will tell him; if I
would have known how to cook.. ..why would I have married you? Your friend used to
always talk to me.. English on the internet.
– Right. That means is he a champion
in Gujarati like you? – Why? Because if he does not know
Gujarati then I will tell him.. are ‘Alvitaro’! You are mad! Aunt, tell her not to say
like this. She is really funny! Papa!
– Yes! I have one more new word. Duffer! I will tell him the meaning of
duffer is sensible and understanding. My dear Ishita, even I have
two new words. – Is that so? ‘Vaydo’ (Oversmart) means lovable
and ‘Fatichar’ (pauper) means quiet. Wow! Wow! Lovely! And papa, if he sits quietly
like this then I will tell him.. ..why are you sitting
like a ‘Fatichar’? Hey Ishita! Sit! Sit down here! Yes! I am sitting, one minute!
– Oh my God! What? I forgot! I forgot! One minute!
See! Like this! Gracefully! She is telling me..
gracefully like this. Hey! Oh my God! It
was not like this. Now tell me one thing; what are your expectations
from your would be husband? My expectations!
– Yes! See, I will tell you just
now. – My God! – Now see.. Sister Ishita! What are you
doing? Put your feet down. Yes! I forgot! I have
worn a sari, isn’t it? My expectations means..
I will tell him.. will have to serve me. You should feed me
with your own hands. You should take me
for shopping everyday. You should oil my hair everyday. And yes! You must press my feet. At present only this much. Oh my God! Only this much? Yes, only this much for now. After that everyday I
will increase my demands. But Sant!
– Yes! Your friend will think that I
am sensible Ishita, isn’t it? Of course Ishita! Will he look after
me as much as you do? Yes! Yes! Maybe he will look
after you more than what I do. No one can look after
me better than Sant. If he looks after me as
much as you do, it’s fine. Tell her not to say anything like
this in front of him otherwise.. Thank you! Okay, that means now I
am no more your friend. Oh yes! I forgot! There is no
sorry and thank you in friendship. Correct! Hey Sant!
– Yes! Your friend stays in
America so does he smoke? Now uncle, while having
drinks he smokes one. Drink?
– Yes, there in the casino.. must compulsorily drink.
– Casino? After winning in the race
you have to go to the casino. Race!
– Oh my God! You all react so loudly. No please, chill! Chill! Uncle, I am joking; he
does not have any vices. Excuse me!
– It is your phone, phone! Yes, it is my phone,
shall I answer it? Yes!
– Thank you! Hello! Sant Patel here! Oh really! No, no, I will pick it up. Yes, thank you!
Thank you very much! Yes! Thanks a lot! Bye! Uncle, my tomorrow’s ticket
to return to America is booked. What? But my dear Sant, so suddenly? Uncle, I have stayed here with
all of you for so many months. Now I have to return to
dad in America, isn’t it? Then why tomorrow?
You go today itself! And take your friend
too along with you. I will not get married, just go. Dear Ishita!
– Uncle! Please! Please uncle! Ishita! How did you believe that
if you are not here.. ..I will agree to get married? Do you know why I agreed to
marry that boy from America? Why? So that I can meet
you there everyday. You will come to meet
me there, isn’t it? He is saying no! Papa, just see he is saying no. Sant, a taxi has arrived! My God! I think he has arrived! Do one thing. All of
you take her in please! Uncle! Uncle! You come here.
Uncle, you stand here! Good evening everybody; I
am Sant Patel from America. And I have come with a
proposal for Ishita’s marriage. I am sorry uncle; I
am really very sorry! As I had to say such a big lie. But uncle if you give permission
I wish to marry Ishita. Really? Who has come? My God! Hey Ishita! Will you marry me? Will you marry me? Will you marry me? Sir, these four words that I uttered became a
golden occasion of my life. Because that was the first
time when I saw love for me.. Ishita’s eyes. While asking for Ishita’s hand and
support I had promised her family.. ..that I will take care
of Ishita all my life. But I am sorry I could
not fulfill that promise. Because all my life
Ishita looked after me. I still remember when Ishita for
the first time stepped in America. She started making fun
of those white people. The happiness that I used to get
when Ishita used to joke about.. ..those white people; those
moments are my beautiful memories. Gradually Ishita won the heart
of America and the people there. In this way with all those beautiful
memories our life was going on. And one day! One day Ishita gave me the
happiest news of my life. She, she wanted to have a baby! Sanskruti.. ..our darling daughter; the
Principal and Chairperson.. ..of Sant Ishita Academy
for Special People. Ishita was always happy about
one thing that she proved.. ..that even special
people like her also.. ..could give birth
to normal children. In this way we lived our life
happily and then suddenly.. Suddenly as if the
time had stopped. Ishita passed away! But her strength.. and her support encouraged us
to start such a great Academy. Sir, I would like to say
one thing for all of you. In this world per every five
families there is one such child.. ..who needs love and understanding. Do not avoid people
like this, like this, who live between this
sensibility and insensibility. Include them with
you in the society. It will do if you do not
give them your ten rupees. But if you give them ten minutes
of your life time then the love.. ..that they bestow on you is like
you have achieved everything in life. I will say that throw
an extra dinner party. Go to watch a film
more than you do. Go to hotels frequently. But do not miss an opportunity
to give such people.. ..a little of your
time. No, please! No, it is just that I
have gradually told you.. ..later on don’t say
that I didn’t tell you! Thank you! Thank you very much! Good night!

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  1. Nice play. .. …Sant is excellent. .. … I do not know why i am not seeing his play so often. .. … Those who knows what is acting only they can tell you what class this play belong to. .. … Balance play. .. … Message – Comedy – Acting. .. …everything. .. …

  2. I am disable as well advocate, yes disable person mean differently able person, not only parent duty but every members of society should have respect for differently able person,we just need to boost them, support them, motivated them, so that they can give their best performance in world, they are given some reservation to stabilized, so  that they can also earn their livelihood and not be depended person, but yet mentally handicapped has not yet got good platform, they are kept aside door, nor bother to promoted them, support them, to live happily in this world,

      I was not watching as drama but real fact with social responsibility presented in his story, story writer has present platform for mentally differently able person to reach the society, they just need to motivate, support, respect,but need not want sympathy just give them time to understand,never avoid them, which is presented in script

    There are very few story script on mentally disable, I have great respect for story writer as well every individual role who were part of the story script.there is also not single dull movement,

    Special Thanks to Sant & Ishita role in story script. But best in script is they are "Special Person"

      Keep it up.

  3. I love cartoons with Tom and Jerry ! I will support your channel by adding your video here ! if you allow it!

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