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Padha | Latest 5 Award Winning Cute Short Film 2017|Children Comedy Suspense| with Eng.Subtitles

The multiplication Tables Load shedding is irritating…..God knows …
when will electricity be restored ? You Idiot, grandma’s dentures are broken
what have you given her to eat? Go to school and don’t ever dare to
return till evening or else I will break your bones Mummy….tiffin? you don’t bother about school only care about lunch. you are disgusting take this you monkey hey monkey…..hooppa Babnya I curse you….you wont be able to
relieve yourself today… you bloody fool. what have you done?
you have a black tongue – (his curse will come true) Kuldip, give our marbles. Hey, who is there? Students reciting multiplication Tables I am… Hunter number one!… hey you late comer…come here.. welcome, welcome….the great pundit
you have blessed us with your esteemed presence
for this maths class….. kuldip…..sit down…..I am telling you….
sit down at once Dear Lord, Yesterday Ganesh was telling me that If you confess to your sins … lord forgives you and exams will be easy. so I am confessing to my sin I spread the rumor that, at home the devil -maths teacher- gets
beaten up by his wife regularly but later Rafik told me that this is true.
So is this really a sin? Never mind….i have confessed to my sin…
will you forgive me…please do Your obedient devotee Shekhar have you written this letter? Not me…Him oh my god……..stand up what is your name!.. Kuldipak (successor of family) don’t you even know the meaning of it
being true to it is out of question only have come to this class after so many days…
and yet behaving like clown Shameless fellow…… your family is known for great intellect….studiousness ….. and how come you have turned out
to be a brainless idiot have I told you to seat…..have I? Playing games with me? you have only grown by size I know for sure that you wont be able
to solve simple math problem now you tell me…. I bought 12 apples from market…… I dropped 5 while coming home…… so how many left in the bag? I am asking you…
how many apples left in the bag….? what I want to say sir…… What? I want to say is… what rubbish is going on……speak at once… you should have taken leakproof bag Shut Up…All of you And you,
common …..recite….table of 8… eight one ja eight….
eight two ja….eight two ja… oh my god…….I feel pity for you…… you even don’t know simplest of table….. how have you come to fourth class……
or pushed through all the way… I won’t leave you like that…… tomorrow I want you to know all the tables by heart……… or else……punishment of 25 stick raps … then call to your father….. he will surely beat the crap out of you …. all the remaining teacher are of opinion that
you should be expelled from school…. now I will make sure that the headmaster expels you…
got it I will recite all the tables tomorrow Devil is turned into an angel,
what a miracle! you will be relieved today… Oh Lord….let me pass the test of tables…
I will offer unadulterated sweets… Come on…. Start Kuldip reciting table of 2 Kuldip reciting table of 3 Kuldip reciting table of 15 Kuldip reciting table of 17 Kuldip reciting table of 20 why did you help me? we should help each other…don’t we? I am so dumb…..i knew for sure that
I won’t be able to recite any tables… it’s not like that….if you try whole heartedly
for something you definitely achieve it… I heard you like you were whispering tables in my ear… you slogged all night…..
you lacked confidence…..
only that I gave I am wondering…you are so small….
how come you know tables just like that tell me….please will tell you one story a long time ago in those times people living in slums….
outside village were not allowed to get any education but there was one bright child in that slum while picking up trash behind village
school he started learning things by
listening only…just like Eklavya the strange thing was that he picked
up everything taught in the school
and became brilliant than students inside the school to the envy of school going elite kids,
he would recite all the tables fluently the news of this child’s exceptional
talent spread all over the village he was appreciated at first….
but then….one day his father got a message from
Aacharya (chief teacher) the message was…..never ever to allow
his son to go near the school The little boy’s helpless father had
no optionbut to prevent his child from
going near the school but that kid was so fond of
learning that he did not listen to his father… one day his father was fade up….
and got angry he beat up his little kid ruthlessly that night…the upset little kid
got up at midnight….and left his home And And never came back but I am getting the opportunity to go to school now on I will study hard…… become a good person…….
achieve greatness …just like my
grandfather…..father….! where do you live? hey kuldipyaa Have you gone mad?….
What are you doing in this Jungle …
Alone… oh my darling child….. I heard about your accomplishment
at school today……. go and take blessing of lord
and our forefathers! Not revenge but Humanity, Brotherhod and Love are the virtues of cultured person!
– Mahatma Gandhi Not revenge but Humanity, Brotherhod and
Love are the virtues of cultured person!
– Mahatma Gandhi

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  1. सर्व कलाकारांनी कौतुकास्‍पद अभिनय केलेला आहे. खुप सुदर कलाकृती आहे.दिग्‍दर्शन सुदर केलेले आहे.कुलि‍दिप्‍याचा अभिनय वाखाणण्‍याजोगा आहे.
    सर्व टिमचे अभिनंदन…….

  2. खूूप सूंदर अप्रतिम अशी कलाकृती आहे…. सर्व कलाकार आणि टिमचे मनापासून ….. अभिनंदन ….. अशीच सुंदर सुंंदर कलाकृृती आणत राहाव्‍यात हीच आमची मनापासून इच्‍छा …. ग्रेट

  3. khup sundar, apratim kalakruti….. khup sundar direction, ani swapnil chi acting sudha khup sundar zali…..👌👌👌👌👌👍👍👍👍👍

  4. movie was good but swapnil was poor in movies but for his figure he is looking rich swapnil joshi very poor and bad work

  5. nice movie Navle sir , congratulations to all team.. very good message at the end… please continue more movie on social aspects….👍👍

  6. khup chhan 👌👌👌👌….story line, picturization, cinematography ….very good,,,,impressive…. Navale sir Ur acting was so so good 👍👍👍👍👌👌👌👌

  7. Very nice heart touching flim ,Heartly congratulation to all team for ur great success…..

  8. अति सुंदर, सर माझ्या youtub chanel वर टाकला तर चालेन का

  9. nice moive very interesting sir and very well ending suspense
    congratulations for National film festival nomination…..

  10. "Nice Film "

    "हिसाब" म्हणजे भावनेचा लेखाजोखा….!!! नव्या पिढीला संदेश…!!!
    थोडक्यात काय,"आपण कॅशलेस होताहोता माइंडलेस होत चाललोय…!!!
    फिल्म पाहून कळेलच कि….!!!!
    marathi short film 2017 Hisab a revenge is based on wrong use of
    mobiles in Schools.This film is Education and Social purpose only.
    This film is directed by Suresh Gaikwad and Story written by Mohan Padwal.

  11. महेश आणि नवले सर आणि सर्व कलाकार टिम चे हार्दिक अभिनंदन ….
    फिल्म पाढा खूपच छान आहे संगीत पण छान आहे.
    सर्वांचे काम छान झाले आहे.
    हार्दिक शुभेच्छा

  12. जबरदस्त कल्पना… विशेष दाद संगीत विभागा साठी 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌

  13. Hello ,
    Khup Chan hoti story'mala khup aavdli…
    Maze shelche divas mala aathavle thank you for making that video.
    Pune madhe kadhi shouting aasel tar mala nakki saga mala aavdel madat karail
    Thanks again.🙏

  14. 👮🎞️ PRODUCTION ओक्के
    📝 STORY & SCRIPT खरीखुरी
    🕵 👐 DIRECTION वाssजवाब नहीं!
    👨‍👦‍ ACTORS perfect
    🏖️🏝️ LOCATION Perfect
    🎶🎷🎼🎵 MUSIC नैसर्गिक
    📽 CAMERA MAN लाजव्वाब!
    👁 🐒 👁️‍️ MY RATE
    ⭐. ⭐. ⭐. ⭐. ⭐.
    मराठी सिनेसृष्टिला सुवर्ण मुगुटाकडे घेऊन जाण्यांचे सामर्थ नव्या दमाच्या Criative writers Directors and actors मध्ये ठासुन भरलेले आहे अशाच टिम ची आवश्यकता आहे. Go ahead this way.

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  17. nice story but average acting …sply kuldeepak acting is very poor …i am not judging but i feel so…please don't mind if i am wrong….hope next will be the best creations from you sir…

  18. A really nice thought behind this short film.loved it….Vijay navale sir was awsome…great direction as well…

  19. Short film khup musttt hoti. Jar devane ashya dhabbu mulana shikavnya sathi ase dut pathavle, tar jag kitti sunder hoil. Katha khup bhavli.👌👌👌👍💓💓💓💓💓

  20. सर प्लिज सांगाल का कॅमेरा कुठला वापारला आहे ?

  21. We are organized R9R National Short Film Festival 2019 Pune if you are intrested please submit your short film in our festival for more details or call 9373672591.

  22. Concept chhan hota.,matra climax bhartiy itihasala shobhel asach…..

    Climax science kde neta aala asta.

    Not like

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