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Paint-along with Bob Ross

Hellew! Hi! Hi, I’m Natalie. I’m Tara. And this is Natalie and Tara Try Stuff. Bam. Today we are doing something very exciting for me Something I have always wanted to do. Bob Ross. We’re just doing Bob Ross. That’s dirty. Well, we’re going to do a- huh? Huh? Nothing. Doing Bob Ross. Doing Bob Ross? Gosh Dangit Tara! Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t get the joke! You know I pun and I don’t mean to. Today we are going to take a crack at doing a… paint-a-long? With a Bob Ross episode from his Joy of Painting on Netflix I can’t paint I have very limited crafting skills. Nooo, That is not true. If it involves Duct Tape I am a genius. Uh, hot glue. Hot glue, yes. Absolutly. Buuuut, I’ve never, I’ve never touched oil paints before. You know I’ve never oil painted before either. So uhh, let’s paint. [Joy of painting music] So when Tara said lets do a Bob Ross episode, the only reason I agreed is because then I got to wear a Bob Ross costume. [Tara sighs] I don’t know how long this is going to last. I don’t know how you paint with this big of a fro in your way. I told her it was completely unnecessary for painting and she insisted that her work would be better this way. This is not gonna,This is… – encroaching on Taras space with my fro- The episode we’re doing is Beauty is Everywhere on Netflix. It’s episode #24 which is Autumn Fantasy. And we are, we are already having issues with paint-ey situations. Alright, -This is not going to go well.- this is not going to go well. [Joy of Painting Intro music] I love the intro. I know. I should have worn that costume. Is that what we are painting? So this is actually what we are painting. Okay. Is it gonna be that fast? I can do that. It’s evidently just one of those water color ones. You just kinda… Midnight black. Down here. K. Got it. Burnt Sienna. No, Dark Sienna. Van Dyke Brown. Dick Van Dyke Brown. Crimson. Okay. Okay. Wait! He’s already starting! He’s already doing stuff! I’m not ready! Criss cross strokes. Okay. Okay. I got it. Okay great. That’s enough. That’s enough. Just doin’ it! It’s already way worse than his. Oh mines, frickin’ gorgeous. You should have watched the one with Bob Ross’s son. He said you have to give yourself words of encouragement as you go. Oh. [Bob: Let’s have a little bit pink right down here and whats going to end up being water.] What?! What? Down here? Down here? What? Where? PAUSING! He goes so fast! Fast fast. He does go so fast. There’s only happy accidents, Tara. Well, -yours is suppose to be darker. – what kinda “happy accident” is hell? Yours is just going to be darker. His is dark. This is just pretty. I wanna hang it like this. It’s only downhill from here. Done! Arts done. I guarantee you, it’s only downhill from here. Okay, alright. Yes! [Bob: Get a little touch of the Van Dyke Brown mix in the Dark Sienna] What am I doing? Van Dyke Brown? Dark Sienna? Wait, what? S***. [Bob: Now, up in here… we want the indication of a happy cloud that floating around in the sky.] A happy cloud?! Its brown! It’s brown! How is that a cloud? That’s not a cloud. That’s brown. Is it gonna be a tornado? You know what, I’m gonna trust you Bob. Alright, Bob. I’m going in. Goin’ in. What am I doing?! And Why? Across the top. You look, like turn out a little bit. Okay. Cool, cool cool cool. Let’s do a, quick comparison of his and ours. [Joy of Painting music] Yeah it’s going well. Going real well. singing: How you like me now? [grunting] Natalie’s a big fan of the 2nd cam. Big fan. it’s my cam. Because your fro blocks everything. I can’t. That’s what it is, I did not account for the fro. I think its funny. Let me get out of the way of Taras painting over there. It’s hilarious. Let you get some Tara paint. See it kinda like makes it all look kinda streaky. Ah, f***. That looks terrible. This just gets covered up anyways. There’s this big old white patch here. That’s gonna be a lake. Oh. Inception. Wanna see our camera set up? Yeah, mine looks nothing like his. Moving on. Next part. The Mountains! Oh yes. Okay, we got a knife? I don’t have any room to f***ing mix anything. Crimson and something and something else. NO!!! There is no way I wont F*** this up. Very firm pressure. Very firm pressure. I don’t wanna. You can do it. You can do it. I cant do this. Yes you can. Why am I so nervous? I don’t know. It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter. Tara set us up for failure. I did not set us up for failure. I read copiously about this. I don’t mean on purpose. But you did. Oh, Mother B****! What happened? Nothing. It’s just stupid and I hate it. Are you finger painting? Just cleaning up. That’s gonna be a bird now. [Bob: Take a 2 inch brush and we pull it.] My mountains just keep getting taller cuz I’m going in and cleaning them up. Okay, okay. Okay! Okay. Okay, that’s not that bad. Okay, my moutain range is huuuuge. It’s okay. It actually looks good though. It does. It’s not bad. Gettin’ high on turpentine. I forgot we were filming for a minute there. Hey, it looks pretty good on camera. AGHHH! Okay, alright, okay. I’m not touching it anymore. She says as she starts to touch it some more. And she touches further. I immediately put my brush right back on. Yes! [grunt. grunt. grunt.] Okay, okay. We’re Bob Rossin’ ya. We’re Bob Rossin’ so well right now. Like so well. I’m Bob Rossin so hard. So well. It, Okay! I’m happier again. It’s doing much better. For a minute there I was paniced, I was freakin’ out. I knew Natalie was going to yell at me about liquid white. You don’t know what happens when this camera gets turned off. You don’t know what happens. [Bob: Now then lets make a big decision today. Where does our highlights live?] [Mockingly happy Joy of Painting music] Here’s my problem right now, I don’t understand shadowing enough to like figure this out right now. Okay. Agh, agh agh. Oooo it does look good on camera. It does look good on camera. It looks really good right there. But when I look at it right here, it looks like ____. Drag and go tchicka-tchicka-tchicka-tchicka-tchicka-tchicka-tick Oh my god. Tchicka-tchicka-tch-tch-tch NO!!!! You can do this. You can do this. I have faith. Okay, you do it first. Okay I’ll go first. This is a sister moment if ever there was one. You ready? Okay, I’m going to go first. tchicka-tchicka-tchicka It’s not doing what his does. This is not whats happening on that thing at all. No. Not at all. As you can tell by the changing light in this room, we’ve been doing this for a long time. And we’re only this far. [Anguish of Painting music] I’m sure theres at least trees to come. Uh, I hate every second of it! What you don’t wanna hang your masterpiece on your living room wall? Is this another situation where you have to lie and said your niece did it? This factious niece. I don’t even have a niece. Oh yeah, she makes me art, craft projects. You F***ing B****! I’m so mad at this right now! It did it for 2 seconds and then F***ed up again! So mad. This is, this is the worst thing that’s ever happened to me. Mountains are done. Finally. Just gonna say their done. We’re on to trees. Bob wanted me to do some more stuff. I’m not gonna do it. Look how mine are- I have a scary tree. Ooo. Yours are creepy. I thought this was gonna be the easy part. Me too! I thought we were in the clear because we were on to fan brushing trees in. This is not. Nope. Not a thing. It’s horrible. Not a thing. [sigh] Are we even half way done? No! [Torture of Painting music] We’re at like the 11 or the 17 minute mark. . Look how awesome my tree is. Actually that looks really f***ing good. That looks amazing. That’s the best thing you’ve done today. At least it’s, luckily it’s in the front. Yes! That looks amaze! Oh, s***. this is actually working! Okay, that looks amazing. Look look look what I did. That looks good. Okay, next. Alright, next thing. Okay. Okay. I’m startin to feel good about this again. I’m startin to feel really good about this again. Okay, moving on. This is starting to look good all teh sudden. All the sudden things are turnin around. We are treeing and it’s going well. Its going real well. [Bob: This is the kinda place I’d like for my little squirrels to live.] No. There’s no squirrels living on this god damn- There are no squirrels. …got my ear bud… In the wig. Mmm hmm. K. I’m amazed that you’re still wearing that. I’m impressed its been like hours. It hurts. We were doing better. Okay, here we go. That’s terrible. Thanks Bob. Now what? It looks so bad. Now what Bob? Now what? Everything was going fine. It was going better and then we did that step. Why did you have us do that? [Misery of Painting music] We finally got the cameras back up and running. Jesus. And I’m adding bushes. More bushes. I dont like em. I’m sick of the stupid trees. I’m sick of this stupid tree. I hate this tree. This is the only tree I like, right here. Isn’t this suppose to be like relaxing or something? This has not been relaxing at all. This has been stressful and annoying. I don’t have bushes. They’re just blobs. Right? [sigh] This seemed like such a good idea. [Agony of Painting music] I thought it was a terrible idea from the start. This seemed like such a good idea to me. To me. Natalie was like, “I don’t wanna do this.” I didn’t know it was gonna take 8 year to paint a painting. Nothing should ever be in the foreground thats this f***ing blurry. [Bob: So I hope you try this, it’ll give you a little challange.] We’re getting challenged now? Yeah, now it’s challenging? That’s terrible! Theres gotta be something, another step to that. Like that just cant stay like that. I have a blurry shore line. Alright. I’m signing mine. Ready, here we go. Do I have to sign mine too? Yep. I don’t wanna. You dont have to. You can sign it with a fake name. Sign it with your nieces name. No, It’s just gonna be terrible if I sign it. Look at our incredible pieces of art. Look what we f***ing made. [Torment of Painting music] There’s paint everywhere. Oh, I’m covered in paint. My house is covered in paint. I’m gonna tell you something, don’t do this. This seemed so tempting, don’t do this. Don’t do Bob Ross okay. Just don’t. Just don’t My name is Tara. ooooooooooooooow. Ow! I’m Natalie. And this was Natalie and Tara Tried Stuff. I’m gonna kill her. It was just an idea. I thought it would be fun. Now we’re even for octopus. This is done! I hate it and it’s done! Insert beauty shots of our art work. [Hellfire and Damnation of Painting music] [evil, terrifying, bone chilly, spine tingling laughter]

100 thoughts on “Paint-along with Bob Ross

  1. Thank you for Trying Things.
    Thank you for filming.
    Thank you for sharing.
    I always wanted to try something like this, and you are inspirational.

  2. If neither of you had painted with oils before, and you did this ??? I can't wait to see what you both do with some practice. That was REALLY good, ladies. Seriously. First time ? Doesn't look like it .

  3. Is this 1st time your painting…if it is 1st time then you did a very good job girls its not that bad its beautiful

  4. For having never painted before, your paintings look very good. Bob has mastered his technique and so can produce these quickly.
    I am inspired because two different people painted the same scene and though similar they are unique!

  5. I know you are joking but making fun of Bob Ross will make people upset. I just learned this from watching a bunch of paint with Bob vids

  6. Poor choice with the devil imagery, but you probably already know that by now. Other than that, it's always fun to see people enjoying themselves while painting along with Bob Ross. Also, they turned out pretty well.

  7. They look pretty amazing to me, I'm sure on camera vs. real life can hide some stuff… but from here I'd put that on my wall. Also gives me confidence to actually go buy all the supplies and PAINT! Bob Ross lives on!

  8. You're probably only trying to be funny but it's pretty disrespectful to display him as a devil, since he's now past away. God bless!

  9. Both your painings turned out really well. Tara's was closer to capturing Bob Ross's actual peice and better at the texture, and Natalie really captured that light shading. Great job and despite your discamers yes, im gonna do it.

  10. CAN'T HEAR YOU!!!!
    Literally have youtube full volume and my tv runed to 100. I tried with headphones as well and they were turned up all the way as well. I can't hear a single thing it's all muffled and quiet. I can just barely hear bob's music

  11. How does he do it in 30 minutes and we take hours? Imagine if HE takes hours on a painting, imagine that masterpiece…

  12. I love this. When I followed his tutorial I too was all over the place trying to pause the video, find the right color, and fix my happy accidents

  13. 1 thing I learned from people Following Bob Ross' Painting, they are the one who stresses them selves, the painting is supposed to be for you to enjoy making, everyone is like "copy everything" Bob Ross make on screen, when you actually know that he is a Legend already, that he is in another level, Absorb and follow his instructions and most importantly, Enjoy. So far only a few people really did it right by just enjoying and appreciating their painting

  14. I ❤
    I L❤
    I LO❤
    I LOV❤
    I LOVE ❤
    I LOVE B❤
    I LOVE BO❤
    I LOVE BOB ❤
    I LOVE BOB R ❤
    I LOVE BOB ❤
    I LOVE BO❤
    I LOVE B ❤
    I LOVE ❤
    I LOV❤
    I LO ❤
    I L❤
    I ❤

  15. Ladies, you made my night! This is just what I needed after a long, cold night at work. A beer, some Pot, You and Bob, and I haven't laughed this hard in months. Thank You!

  16. Coming back to watch this again because this is one of my favorite videos from you guys and the amount of angry comments makes me sad. You both are great and your paintings are great as well!

  17. Your costume is amazing. So were your paintings. I don't paint but I do jewelry, which I suppose could be considered "folk art". My mom is really good at painting though.

  18. These are actually really good!! I still haven't found the courage to try a Bob Ross – i have the fear. He (and you) make it look so easy that if i fail it will beat the devil out of my self-esteem.

  19. Natalie, not bad. Tara, don’t give up your day job. It really helps if you have thick oils ( not too much oil)

  20. Omg!! Y'alls paintings both look amazing! Of course, the last thing I tried looked like broccoli with a scoop of chocolate ice-cream (it was SUPPOSED to be a tree and mountain scene 😭). My mom and I were faithful Bob Ross viewers. I'm so glad you tried this.

  21. I love Bob Ross painting to the point I made my own oil paints like his and painted with them. You can grind up various rocks to a fine powder and add refined lineseed oil to make your own oil paints. The liquid clear he talks about so often in his show is just straight oil. Liquid white is a very soupy white oil paint. Would you like to make your own oil paints?

  22. I was at work and supposed to be working but you two had me cracking up. Thank you for a great laugh and they do look great on camera so don't be too hard on yourselves, oil painting is a hard medium to work with and I think you did an amazing job for you first time.

  23. OMG… that was great….lol… i started watching you guys after you did a townsend episode.. so glad i did, you guys are hysterical!

  24. I'm very impressed, I remember watching Bob Ross as a teenager, and alwayes wondered if he just made it look easy or if it really was. You ladies have proven it was both. While I wouldnt buy those paintings, I know motels would.

  25. Bob Ross stole his "happy little trees" etc. A and more from his teacher, artist Bill Alexander. I can't stand the guy. That being said, I love the video series and keep up the good work.

  26. "It's just a happy little accident." he said, while squirting lighter fluid on the painting. "Now, we just need to burn the devil out of it."

  27. They're turning the studio where "joy of painting" was filmed into a Bob Ross exhibit.

  28. I think you did a wonderful job ladies! You finished the painting, and got all of the major elements of it just fine! Great job!

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