Laughter is the Best Medicine

Palomitas | Cortometraje de humor

Keep your paws off, go buy yourself your own! Like I’m going down with that demo staged there. Besides, I’m having more fun here… Stop pointing at people, you’ll screw it up… But the place is dead, what can they do to me? What are you saying? Half Bilbao is in the street… Look, there’s even a helicopter. Oh, yeah! But, what are you doing!? Don’t do it, stop it, stop it! What the fuck have you just done? You’ve knocked it down! Awesome… Yes, hi, we’ve just seen a helicopter falling down here… Heck, right here, in this demonstration in Gran Vía… Fuck, what do I know? It has lost control and fallen down by itself. It has crashed into a building! No, I won’t calm down, come quickly because it’s falling down. Mikel, Mikel, it falls, it falls, it falls! It has fallen… Damn, we’ve fucked up… The greatest fuck-up in the history, buddy. I don’t know how you see it, but we have to go down, that car that has rolled over is pouring gasoline. I haven’t gone down for popcorn, I’ll go down to help. Please yourself, but I’m going down to lend a hand. Damn tobacco… how many people has this killed? Phew, now I feel at ease, man… Did I miss anything? Nah…

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