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Panchayat Podcast Ep.6 Ft. Astrophysicist Karan Jani || The Comedy Factory

Alright, so welcome to another episode of
Panchayat Podcast and today we have with us Karan Jani who’s a part of LIGO experiment and also obviously, an alumni of Shreyas school Basically he did his schooling from Shreyas school, Manjalpur But he’s obviously making Gujarat and Vadodara proud Because he’s part of an amazing team who currently are working on the LIGO experiment which aims at researching and discovering
the Black Holes in our Universe Am I right? Yes Thank God at least I know this much about Science! We’ll discuss about Science about how we used to behave and have fun as kids in School He must obviously have been a Scholar! No but… I passed out with first class A little lower than Distinction I didn’t get a job, but it’s okay… But you did get a job at The Comedy Factory No no… This ain’t a job, it’s a passion Some people are passionate about their jobs,
but not me Jobs give you a different Passion – The Bike! You use that to go to work and come back That’s life These are our preparations for our New Tour Karan and I met when we did a Comedy show… The Comedy Factory had called Rohan Joshi and Ashish Shakya So apparently Rohan and Karan knew each other And we ended up going to his farm where we chilled and talked a lot so much that Chirayu, we didn’t even realise when the clock struck 4:00 in the morning We talked about everything! What time did you go? At 1:00 AM Karan was saying it’s right here… and took us farther than Dabhoi! We saw the Statue of Unity being built from there! How do you know Rohan Joshi? Through Social Media… it’s been some time When LIGO was discovered, and I was being called to different Universities in India to give a lecture I was going to visit Tata Institute of Fundamental Research in Mumbai so we just happened to connect during that time… Nice I think Karan is generally approached by a lot of people Sushant Singh Rajput has become his chuddy buddy too even though they met in Adulthood So how’s it like meeting Sushant? It’s just like meeting you all like, you have conversations some topics are Science related, some are not… Yeah he’s an Engineer too I guess… Yeah, but he’s very interested in this And I think it’s just a conversation, right After that… the same time you know, not just celebrities but even when you meet some Politicians… you have a conversation with them about your field, and answer their questions It’s the same… Actually, Karan knows different Celebs, but I met Karan when I was in 5th standard! Oh really? You wouldn’t remember it, as you were in the Billboard I was on a Billboard when you were in 5th? Maybe because you would have scored the highest in 10th or 12th Board exams No, I didn’t score that much… But I had seen your photo in a Blue Blazer That might have been in 2016-17 probably… So maybe I failed my classes more than I think Yeah, possibly… I think, right from 12th standard to the point when LIGO was discovered my family had no idea what I was up to! All they knew was that I live in America and I’m not doing something illegal That’s it But no one had the slightest idea about all of this About me pursuing Astrophysics I was doing Ph.D in Astrophysics that time Now of course Mom and Dad have come up to the stage where they can write a short note about my thesis “My son keeps staring at stars from the terrace” would have been their typical response to questions about you My friends used to tease me by saying that “Go to a village and sing ‘Ye Taara vo taara” Swades… Look where I’m now bitches! He’ll watch the stars from there then… No but it’s just… In our country, specifically where we live In Baroda, there are certain divisions So if you go to schools like Navrachna, the exposure level you get it different and when you’re in the Manjalpur-Makarpura belt the exposure you recieve is quite different and convincing others in such situations So when I first decided that I want to do B.Sc Physics B.Sc was considered as a major downgrade, as in he didn’t get admission in Engineering not even in the Management Quota Which is why he chose to go for B.Sc Physics in MS University Most of the people in our area haven’t seen someone becoming a Scientist They don’t even know the process of becoming one! I live in Manjalpur too and Karan and I had made a hashtag few months ago #ManjalpurBoys Whatever he said is true, because in Manjalpur, DJ during the Ganpati is considered bigger than The Big Bang It’s a priority! Manjalpur cha Raaja! Till a certain age, I wasn’t allowed to go beyond the Laalbaug railway crossing I had to stay within that area, till a certain age So I had not discovered United Way until then I didn’t know that this kind of Garba happens in Baroda! So till that age, Kalyan Baug was like Tomorrowland We could go just there… Karan is such an interesting personality Whenever we talk to him, there’s something new you learn from him But then I met his friends, and I realised that for the first 4-5 times he’s good, but then you get bored… I heard from a lot of people that you went on a Vegas trip but you had different plans than your friends Actually my friends and cousins had very different plans According to them, it was a Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara kind of a trip They had so many adventures planned Everyday we waited for the activity to end so that we can reach the Mainlands We had those kind of days… You wake up and be sad about Scuba Diving… Let’s talk about our school life… So what is the highest percentage you’ve got? Something around 84% in 12th Huh! 47% No but, that’s not important! In our Country, on one side, there are kids who score above 90% That is a Class. They are in the Elite category Yeah, and anyone scoring below that up to 50% come in the same margin And anyone below that is third That means you are third class (useless) No but this was in 12th. I scored 80% in 10th standard And I saw 10th Boards didn’t help me anywhere,
so why should I work hard? So I didn’t put in efforts during 12th And I actually don’t remember much of it… Because… you remember your Board exam results for max 6 months… It’s the same as your wedding album Except the fact that you still get them framed and put them up on your walls… After a certain time, no one remembers where the results are kept (if they are)! Now, Instagram posts have become equally important as the Board exam results Even I had scored 80% In 2nd Standard I think my highest percentage was in 12th standard- 72.5% So yeah we were… If Karan is saying so, we all were Average Students But you feel 84% is average? That’s because It was a year when everyone scored 80% So you ask anyone around, they replied 80% You too? But you only studied during the end… That duration was weird… I was pretty clear since Day 1, that I won’t be able to crack IIT JEE So there’s no point even attempting it And that was an era of AIEEE, so even that was out of question I had attempted- I didn’t give any such exams As a principal ground, some things – I mean, the family I belong to… in it such over-idealistic approaches are built pretty early on So I decided, that in the Board exams, I will not write any poems So even during 10th – which had 2 language subjects Hindi and English And even in Sanskrit The teacher asked us to memorise, but we were like why??? Why should I memorise anything? And till date, by the way… Even after getting a PhD in Physics, I remember tables only up to 8 I have never memorized tables Best! I think 11 – 12 is the maximum I can do in tables I was using a calculator even that time I used to solve any sum only till the point where I didn’t have to calculate any further Because I knew there are Computers at home An era would come when Computers would be introduced to the Classrooms Totally! It’s like our parents and grand-parents are putting in so much hard work and ask us to answer such silly questions I’m like no. I’ll use a Calculator only. Yeah and even I have never tried to memorize Squares and Square Roots The more you memorize, the more you make sure that you’ll never be able to understand Maths and Science Until and unless you build an intuition intuition means as much as writing your own poetry The gut feeling Yeah it has to come from within So during Boards, I decided not to memorize any poem, because memorising and writing something is similar to what the animals in a circus do!
(that’s what one of my teachers used to say) And I was like, This is the truth I won’t memorize and write poems in Boards. It’s so true Valid point! My teacher used to tell me the answers in exams Come on kids, write down the answers for MCQs And he was wrong twice, because I had
studied for the test No one believed me, and I was like Fine, we’ll see when the result comes As a kid, obviously I was very a notorious one… So as a school kid, were you calm or were you like – Yeah I was practically clueless, for most part I think actually… I didn’t even fit any such definitions of Notorious, Scholar or whatever In India, there’s a very thin boundary between
Mediocre and Clueless But the only good thing was I wasn’t pressurised from home, whatever I score And my Mother got three of her degrees, after my birth And she was always occupied Because my mom was a Computer teacher So she made me join a Programming course in NIIT when I was in 6th-7th standard So I used to do Programming very early on Not realising that, when LIGO would be discovered and you want to stimulate Black Holes
in Super Computers along with Einstein’s equation your Math breaks down doing that and you have to use Computer Programming
to solve Einstein’s theory And then it just happened to be that way –
I already was fluid in Programming Oh damn! Say things which we understand a little please Chirayu, what kind of a student were you? I was bright. But, actually I studied in ***** school So it didn’t matter how bright you are, there was a gutter running right behind you One of the kids fell into it Then? Then he came out, what else… The gutter wasn’t dangerous, just smelly! But in School, I was a good student, used to get 80 – 85% marks regularly and in the group of Scholars, I was the 4th important person And, in the group of mulish, I was the fun guy Basically I was friends with everyone But were you bullied in school? By teachers or by students? Not at all… Teachers used to hit us But that isn’t bullying, that’s love way of showing love to show his love, hit the kid with a stick on the face But after one point I had to start answering them back Oh Damn! Karan Jani spoke against teachers Yeah I had to! What I did was, I made a list of all the teachers along with all the issues in the school submitted the complaint in the DO’s office The irony is my uncle was our Principal That’s why!!! There’s no daring with out backing No no, but you could feel a period coming,
when you are just agitated You are going everyday to school – but agigated and thinking why are things like this and then of course students either start meddling with the fans or shouting from the windows We used to that! I studied in BHS, Alkapuri And, as a kid, I was bullied a lot! So if I get into any fight with anyone, I throw my lunch box on his face and go home Used to run away Because my house was very close to the school At a walking distance, so I used to go home Then Mom used to shout on me saying ‘What are you doing here? Get back to school! Go!’ Then mom apologises to the teachers,
teacher scolds us both ‘Is this the way? We were so worried, we have BP issues now!’ When I used to run away, no one realised.
They only did once I came back So Karan, Chirayu wants to know how you became a part of LIGO Do you know what LIGO is? No, not really LIGO is one of the world’s biggest Science Experiments One of the most expensive experiments to exist on Earth, and also the most sensitive instruments on this planet! Many generations of Scientists were working on developing it since the past 30-40 years And I’m one of the recent generations of Scientists This was a part of my PhD thesis So when I started with Astrophysics that time, one of the biggest questions in Astrophysics, that has remained unsolved for the past 100 years was, ‘Is the theory written by Einstein is true or not?’ And as per common knowledge, everyone agrees that Einstein’s theory of E=mc^2 is true But that is not his only theory He had done grander work than that So one of the theories which had to be tested was –
Do Black Holes exist? In our Universe So my thesis dealt in searching for Black Holes with the help of LIGO experiment which became my PhD thesis and when I started, the experiment had already been going on for 15 years, with no solid conclusions The clear idea was that we’ll write some methods, which may end up getting improved in the future But no one had even the slightest idea of this happening And it worked out exactly according to my PhD thesis A signal would be received from the Universe by the LIGO experiment, the signal would look like this And then the signal would be matched with Einstein’s theory so if Black Holes exist in the Universe
just how Einstein had predicted the signal will match up to at least 99% and it exactly played out that way That signal was emitted almost 15 million years back! The Universe has a timeline too Generally when we look at the stars,
we feel they are permanent But all the stars die eventually And when the bigger stars die,
they die in the form of Black Holes And when one Black Hole collides with another it emits such huge amounts of energy into the Universe which is greater than the energy of all the
stars in the Universe combined!!! The Collision is that huge But since nothing can escape the Black Holes things gets pulled into it, hence the name Black Hole Not even the radiation and energy can escape it! Light, heat, X-ray… nothing can! So how our brain sees the Universe currently,
how it visualises the Universe is limited to just 3 dimensions X Y and Z only But there exists a 4th dimension in the Universe – TIME And we live in that 4 dimensional ocean The ocean includes the Earth, the Sun, everything! Such waves create ripples in the ocean they travel through the entire Universe So the waves created by the collision of Black Holes which travel to reach the Earth every 15 minutes We now know all of this, because we have discovered many Black Holes with the help of LIGO Almost 11 times! Which is the reason I got the Nobel Prize along with the Special Breakthrough Prize from Stephen Hawking and various other things like recognition in Forbes and meeting the Prime Minister and all We met the Prime Minister because we want to create the same LIGO experiment in India The Prime Minister was in Washington DC at that time which is the same time around which we had our discovery and announcement and he had called me, our Team Director and other Scientists to meet him That time he asked me how we can do this in India… I think it was an ongoing plan in his mind to create an experiment like this in India But the World Community didn’t know that India is ready to provide such fundings and resources Then the Prime Minister asked us, Why should India invest in this? Just a casual conversation like this feels a little serious, sitting with him But it was just like this, sitting at a similar distance I explained a few points in answer to his question It would be a great step up for Education Like how every time ISRO did
a successful Mars mission And when you watch the same on our currency today It says a lot!!! You know, as a Developing Country A lot of countries around us are independent too Look at their value in Science today and look at ours. In the history, LIGO’s discovery is as big as us landing on the moon! This is the biggest Scientific Breakthrough Our entire perspective of the Universe- Only 2% of our Universe consists
of light emitting bodies Light, X-ray, Infrared, UV, whatever it is Only 2% things in the Universe emit Light, because our Universe is made up of Dark Energy and Dark Matter Which means we are the leftover specs of tiny particles like extra clay Stars and Galaxies are like clay Our value in the Universe is null Dark energy and Dark matter hold a lot of value Gravitational Waves are in the ocean, which is brimming with knowledge about everything Imagine this as being blind your whole life till now… Bad analogy, cause you can’t feel blind… But imagine that you’ve been blind for thousands of years and suddenly after an operation when you open your eyes for the first time how much there is to see around you!!! The discovery we made in 2016 was the same chapter! And by God’s grace or I don’t know what, but I was the only Gujarati Scientist involved in the entire process since a long time… So that is all about LIGO and it’s discovery And this Discovery was announced on 11th February which is why I got married on 11th February too This is amazing… Feels as if you are the only one actually working Don’t you feel very insignificant right now, Chirayu? No but, even I have 7 Lakh views on my Baghban video That’s great, that is a lot more, right? I don’t have that many views on my Ted Talk video When Karan was explaining everything it felt like school time – where a Speaker, who actually has some knowledge, has come to give a talk I was listening to him with such interest, I tell you! That’s what I like about Karan that he explains it in such a way, that you –
it’s like hypnotism! And the main thing being, he uses such words that you understand everything that he’s saying! Have you ever thought of teaching? You might have thought of becoming
a mentor eventually, right? That’s what we are doing So generally, the process of becoming a Scientist Doing B.Sc, M.Sc. PhD is considered very normal for everyone… You know there’s this joke in Big Bang Theory, where he says who Sheldon? They say hello Dr. Cooper, hello Dr. Yeah, they tease him He says, I also have a Masters to which Sheldon replies, who doesn’t have a Masters? So when we roam around in my Department, everyone’s basic qualification is PhD After which people do Post- PhD then you become the Assistant Professor and a Successful Scientist is a Professor whose students also become Scientists! So the generation of Scientists I belong to My Advisor’s PhD Advisor was Kip Thorne! Kip Thorne – the man who wrote Interstellar film which is why the robot in Interstellar is named Kip
(those who have seen the film will know) in his honor Whoa! and the old Scientist’s character is
loosely based on Kip Thorne In fact, when the movie starts, remember they
are looking for something in a facility, and they say it’s NASA? that was actually LIGO in the original script But then the studios said, no one knows about LIGO because it was the era of Pre-discovery Ooh That’s why they named it NASA So I’m the PhD student of Kip Thorne’s PhD student umm.. student actually at that time This is what a successful Scientist has to do Mentor the students I don’t think Kip realised 40-50 years back that this would be achieved in his lifetime And now even I’m aware of such problems, that will absolutely not be solved in my lifetime For example, I’m currently working on a NASA mission which will be launched in 2034. And I’m working so hard day and night in my lab preparing for a mission to be launched in 2034 The reason I’m on it is because I’ve been working on it since 2008, before joining LIGO And a lot of people from my field stopped working on it, because they retired and left A few passed away But it’s just, that is how long the process is I don’t know what I might be doing in 2034 But I have to write such papers and train such students who can carry the torch forward Wow man I mean You didn’t speak a single average thing… I feel I haven’t achieved anything in life He’s preparing for 2034 from now You know what When you were speaking, a thought popped in my mind that you are related to the guy from Interstellar Sushant Singh Rajput is a good friend of yours You’ve given a Ted Talk and you’re preparing for 2034 from now My career achievement is Jackky Bhagnani! The closest Closest! We were sitting at a same distance Similar to how you were sitting and
talking to the Prime Minister It’s not like you plan for such things There was never a plan even Stephen Hawking, when I met him,
I was very young in my Career and my Mental capacity and it was quite ironic The first time when I met Stephen Hawking that time I was very inspired from his book –
A Brief History of Time So I took the book along when
I went to meet him the first time thinking, I’ll definitely get it signed from him And then I realised – he won’t be able to sign it! Which is so sad Dark Matter The 98% of our Universe has spoken It’s a universal joke Chirayu, now I think, whenever we make a movie which is based on galaxies and space and time and space, we’ll definitely approach Karan because I think you understand more about the Universe than about human beings Now I’m not even sure if I’ll ever make such a thing But you know one of the very co-incidental thing is once I was done with Computer Programming the C++ courses and all I was in 8th standard that time I didn’t know what else to do in the afternoon So I joined Arena Multi-media That time Vinit and I Vinit Kanojia, we used to- Of all the things you could do, Arena Multi-media? Wait you worked with Vinit? Yeah I mean Vinit Kanojia Reva! Both Vinit and I were crazy behind Matrix at that time So in my mind, Programming and all was a side thing, but I wanted to create movies like Matrix! And when I met Vinit and we found something common to talk So he had made a film on aliens back in those days Aha So that time, both of us went to an off- location and I was in 8th-9th standard Vinit was already in College that time We used to go shoot he had a script in mind and for me, all of this was AMAZING! So all these shenanigans of mine continued
for around 2-3 years Till I reached 11th standard – Science. then I had to leave all of this After that, it became a little tough So one unfortunate thing is, once you reach 11th, you need to attend the classes No but it’s great Thank You so much Karan for pulling out this time and enlightening us with with Dark matter! Yeah man We should do this more often So space is basically a pond for you Universe is your pond That is where I ask a question, Why do I exist? I think the mistake we are making is we are looking for answers in other humans What kind of life should we live? What’s our purpose? How should we plan our life? Etc. We are keeping ourselves as the reference point when in reality, our reference point should be
the Stars and the Universe. I think the break you took from LIGO is almost done And you’ll soon be seen in the LIGO lab again and you’ll get back to action and studying Black Holes and everything But, would you recommend something to Chirayu, me and the people who are listening to us right now? Something which will enlighten us about the knowledge that this Universe holds for us? Something which everyone can understand Yeah so there are few things that are very easily accessible now One is Neil deGrasse Tyson, who’s a colleague of mine We’ve met quite a few times And his show, Cosmos which is based on Carl Sagan’s book I think Cosmos gives a very good first step A basic knowledge about what the Universe is Then there’s another documentary, Elegant Universe which explains the String Theory and the next theory which will be
derived from Einstein’s theory is that, our Universe is not the only one, there are millions of other Universes Multiverse And we are in the midst of Parallel Universes currently So all of these are very first generation ideas They are in the infant stage But that’s a very good documentary to watch Apart from that, there are books Stephen Hawking’s last book Brief Answers to the Big Questions In it are explained the biggest questions of life,
in a very simple manner ‘What was there before there was anything?’ ‘Can you travel back in time or not?’ and such other questions And if you’re interested in Gujarati, then wait for a while because I’m writing a book in Gujarati Wow! And I’m just collecting all my thoughts about the Universe in it That’s amazing! I don’t think anyone has written a book in Gujarati on this till now Professor P. C. Vaidya had written one, a long time back And P. C. Vaidya was Gujarat’s actually India’s biggest phenomenal Scientist who had researched on Einstein’s theory He was from Gujarat He passed away in 2011 And unfortunately, there is no mention
of him in our text books! But if you pick any text book on Einstein’s theory in it you’ll find the reference to Vaidya Metric He was the Vice Chancellor of Gujarat University Damn! After talking to Karan, I have a feeling… and whenever we talk I always learn something new from him as I said in the beginning I’m a big fan! As soon as there’s a cut, I’m gonna touch his feet It’s our aim to bring something new in Gujarati entertainment, and revamp it Similarly, being a Gujarati Scientist, you are really making all of us proud! And the efforts you are putting in I mean, you are there! Since a long time! You don’t have an accent, first of all! That’s the best! *mimics fake accent* which is great! My friend visits for 10 days
and comes back with an accent And you want to contribute to Gujarati Science field which is great, and which is exactly
what we also resonate to! So thank you so much for making Science interesting for Gujaratis like us and for the people who were clueless about the field Thank you so much, any few words that you would like to say to The Comedy Factory subscribers? Well thank you, I’m a big fan of The Comedy Factory We watch all the videos of The Comedy Factory all the Gujaratis there, even the non-Gujaratis we make them sit and watch And I’m really glad, you know… You’ve been so original In our language, content wise, everything So more power to you And even I’m really proud of all of you Please Like, Share and Subscribe to The Comedy Factory We’ll keep bringing more such guests from different Gujarati fields in our Podcasts And, do follow Karan Jani on all Social Media platforms if you really are interested in Science! Yeah, Karan’s instagram handle is over here So if you have any questions for Karan you can ask them under the pinned comment below and Karan will answer to your questions
as and when he gets time Thank you so very much once again Karan We had a lot of fun Really! And all the best for LIGO I’m not washing this hand ever! Ask only genuine questions in the comments. No nonsense will be accepted, genuine questions only Otherwise don’t ask at all! Please. I’ll come down to your place and hit you

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    सभी बच्चे जल्दी जल्दी उत्तर लिखने लगे, छुटकी भी धीरे-धीरे अपना उत्तर लिखने लगी।

    जब सबने अपनी कॉपी जमा कर दी तब टीचर ने छुटकी से पूछा, “क्या हुआ बेटा, आपको जितना पता है उतना ही लिखिए, इन बच्चों को तो मैंने कुछ दिन पहले ही दुनिया के सात आश्चर्य बताये थे।”

    “जी, मैं तो सोच रही थी कि इतनी सारी चीजें हैं…इनमे से कौन सी सात चीजें लिखूं….”, छुटकी टीचर को अपनी कॉपी थमाते हुए बोली।

    टीचर ने सबकी कापियां जोर-जोर से पढनी शुरू कीं..ज्यादातर बच्चों ने अपने उत्तर सही दिए थे…


    चीचेन इट्ज़ा

    क्राइस्ट द रिडीमर की प्रतिमा


    चीन की विशाल दीवार

    माचू पिच्चू


    टीचर खुश थीं कि बच्चों को उनका पढ़ाया याद था। बच्चे भी काफी उत्साहित थे और एक दुसरे को बधाई दे रहे थे…

    अंत में टीचर ने छुटकी की कॉपी उठायी, और उसका उत्तर भी सबके सामने पढना शुरू किया….

    दुनिया के 7 आश्चर्य हैं:

    देख पाना

    सुन पाना

    किसी चीज को महसूस कर पाना

    हँस पाना

    प्रेम कर पाना

    सोच पाना

    दया कर पाना

    छुटकी के उत्तर सुन पूरी क्लास में सन्नाटा छा गया। टीचर भी आवाक खड़ी थी….आज गाँव से आई एक बच्ची ने उन सभी को भगवान् के दिए उन अनमोल तोहफों का आभाष करा दिया था जिनके तरफ उन्होंने कभी ध्यान ही नहीं दिया था!

    सचमुच , गहराई से सोचा जाए तो हमारी ये देखने…सुनने…सोचने…समझने… जैसी शक्तियां किसी आश्चर्य से कम नहीं हैं, ऐसे में ये सोच कर दुखी होने ने कि बजाये कि हमारे पास क्या नहीं है हमें ईश्वर के दिए इन अनमोल तोहफों के लिए शुक्रगुजार होना चाहिए और जीवन की छोटी-छोटी बातों में छिपी खुशियों को मिस नहीं करना चाहिए।

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  30. 25:30 is the best moment, just like Manan, I couldn't believe how easily he said Neil Degrasse Tyson is his colleague. Humbleness at 100 level. Such a proud moment for Barodians.

  31. 25:30 is the best moment, just like Manan, I couldn't believe how easily he said Neil Degrasse Tyson is his colleague. Humbleness at 100 level. Such a proud moment for Barodians.

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