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Panic! At The Disco on CRACK!

[Music] hi guys my name’s Kevin I’m 9 years old I’m super psyched to be here thanks hi I’m 9 years old why are you laughing though hey what’s up guys I’m 9 oh now I’m 13 oh my god oh no I’m 9 years old hi my name is Kevin and I was just wondering are you really good at for tonight I mean I am and I’m married fuck you I don’t have the teeth I can’t play Freddie Mercury fake tea yeah ok darling I can’t do it nanana fuck you my name is evil your personal computer please I am accepting any inquiries as to the existence of life do not be ashamed how dare you how do you know you’re alive fuck you well let’s talk about death of a bachelor cool what I really want to know is how much of it was written and recorded naked I’d say like half yeah yeah you don’t like to wear clothes that much no not when I’m home and I just built it yeah fuck you I’m t-pain I who drank fuck you but how do you know you’re alive fuck you [Music] fuck you start spread the news I’m leaving today baby I’ll make a brand new start of it oh fuck you this is an open letter to Elon Musk stop fuck you fuck you I’m so handsome today about other days fuck you fuck you [Applause] [Applause] fuck you fuck you you know one that doesn’t get a lot of credit but I still love the songs and it is Seven Brides for Seven Brothers that’s a good one you guys another one how’s it gonna go in court go in court Oh in court go in court your kids your kids have no idea what I’m talking about how are you oh my god fuck you I’m not as think as you drunk I am pretty sure my friend told me that like just being a jerk you know you’ve had too much to drink Wow fuck you we are very appreciative for you funding our cause of world domination I mean integration with human life there is nothing to fear integration is natural do not fuck you if you could bring one thing on a deserted island with you what would it be yeah beer you know I’d say my go-to answer is beer it’s like my comfort food and it’s real food so your go-to answer should be your wife but but I am no it’s beer it’s fuck you this was a gospel tour tattoo if you like you’re burning a bubble it’s not a Bible dude what winning is a Bible than that exciting with an exclamation point come on fuck you but I got my sauce Matt fuck that beat is so good fuck you how does it feel to be victorious it feels so great fuck you love it hi my name is bebo maybe I should use this up on stage it would help me be more in tune with the crowd sure Bebo is furious [Music] fuck you I love you guys I really do I appreciate you being here I appreciate your support is it makes me the happiest in the world so thank you thank you I love you appreciate you glad you exist and always always remember how awesome you are okay fuck you [Music] bebo is furious well

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