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Paper’s Please Funny Moments #2

What? What the fuck?! Another one. Another one. Another one. ANOTHER ONE. (Music) (Music Intensifies) (Purge Sound begins playing) (Gunfire) (People dying) (Let’s check out the chaos!) Thanks m8. Oof. XP *Quickscope* *Quickscope* *Quickscope* *Quickscope* I’m in heaven ;-; *Quickscope* OH YEAH MR. KRABS! *Super dank webcam dancing guys* *TRIGGERED* *Quickscope* *Quickscope* *Quickscope* OH BABY A TRIPLE!!!! OH YEAH!!!! *Quickscope* *Quickscope* *Quickscope* It was at this moment Aviel_Novich knew. He fucked up. *Hyper Distorted Violin plays* 🙁 *Quickscope* FUCK! FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK *Hits
chandelier and falls down* Oof. Why are we still here? Just to suffer, every night? I can feel my leg, and my arm, even my fingers -what fingers?- The body of lust ;-; *Stares at fidget spinner image.* *Looks at fidget spinner.* IT’S TIME TO STOP! IT’S TIME TO STOP OKAY?!?! NO MORE! WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOUR PARENTS?!?!?! Bye have a great time! *Quickscope* *Quickscope* *Quickscope* *Quickscope* *Quickscope* OH YEAH MR. KRABS! *Let’s check out the EZIC spawn* *Intense thinking* *Glitching intensifies* Hai. *Quickscope* *Quickscope* *Quickscope* *Quickscope* Wally sez wow. *wink* *Quickscope* Damn son where’d you find this? *Quickscope* *Quickscope* *Quickscope* Feels good to be MLG m8. *Kermit gives a lecture about your neck.* *Pro editing* W0t, I haz no neck. *Many MLG quickscopes and other MLG stuff* *Kermit infects the screen.* You’re welcome! *Quickscope* *Nope.avi* LOOK AT THE TOP OF HIS HEAD! *INTENSE LAUGHTER* *Danks for watching this dank video m9’s.* *GG no re.* Bye have a great time! Q R Cookie Monster. *Kermit gives suicidal look* *Kermit suicide*

14 thoughts on “Paper’s Please Funny Moments #2

  1. While the foreigners were trying to get through the border, a high rank like you just bitching around like nothing happened lol..

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