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Pappu Laapata – Gumshuda ki talaash on Facebook and Whatsapp – Comedy Video

Check this… This guy sitting across…
isn’t he the same guy? yes.. That’s him. Pappu is missing from Jaipur.
Whoever finds him, please call at this number. Informer will be rewarded
rupees ten thousand. Please share as much as you can. Pappu bhaiya, wherever you are,
Please return home. Bhabhi (Sis-in-law) has vowed she will not go to
Sharma ji’s place ever again.’ Poor guy! Where did he go? There he is. You call them; I will stop him. Pappu bhaiya listen… What brought you to Indore city? Uh…I had some work here. Work? How is everyone at home? Good, well, doing fine…
but you….? They are tormented.
Look at this. Leave it. Whatever has happened is past.
Go home, forgive Bhabhi. Shit! I ran away 6 months ago And till now,
people have sent me home over 600 times. This facebook and whatsapp…. Stop it bro… Easy. This is girlfriend’s gift bro. Made a mistake running from home.
Pappu bhaiya listen.. What now? Just a question. Your wife and Sharma ji’s affair is over now? you.. Your brother is on. Your facebook and whatsapp
has destroyed my life. What do I do now–
Plastic surgery or run away again? And f***** why did you mention
the Sharma ji episode? You too must have forwarded
this message in your groups. I’m f***** big time. Ten thousand rupees drained out. And listen, Sharmaji is an astrologer. My wife follows him. Fasts for 15-20 days a month
And also makes me fast on those days. And that scoundrel Sharma takes away
More than half my salary That is why I ran away. Get it? We have a request. Whenever you post a ‘Missing Person’ message, Please mention the full date. Like, ‘missing from 1st June 2016’ And if message is older than a month,
do not forward it. Otherwise, the person will suffer like I do. But then, if he does not return in a month? In that case, the family can post
another message with a new date. And then, keep sharing that post. And, please share this video. Do not forget to subscribe the channel. Or, I will post your ‘missing person’
post on facebook and whatsapp Without a date.

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