Laughter is the Best Medicine

Paragliding in manali ..super funny hilarious video  (with English Subtitles) Adventure in Manali

If you sit then you will fall and hurt yourself .. ok you need to mandatory run in the starting. 1 2 3 run more yes yes yes..(gasping for breath) and here i am the top of the sky there is fog all around as you can see fog all around (sound shaking) oooh aaah (sound shaking) too high ….we are too high..this is too high.. Pilot:Bro..please extend the camera ..only then you will make a nice video Passenger:Bro..i don’t know how to do that.. Pilot:Press the button
Passenger:Which button Pilot:Look there…there’s a button Passenger:No no i cant see the button where is it.. Passenger: Passenger:Bro me..bro i dont wanna do a long ride..bro.. B Passenger:Bro me..bro i dont wanna do a long ride..bro.. Passenger:Bro ..i will not do a long ride Pilot:Extend the camera man……come on..why are you pushing on me.. Passenger: how to extend this camera man.. Pilot:Open this will see some 2-3 buttons colored or something like that.. 🙂 Passenger:oh my god..oh my grandpaaaa..ohh my no no ..god sake no.. no no no no noooooooo Passenger:no nooooo…straight ..please go straight… Passenger : stop stop …please Passenger :nooooooo man Passenger ohh man…fuuuuuuuuck…motherrrr fuckerrrrrr Pilot:Pull up your legs else they will break… Passenger:Moved them up…. Pilot:Move them up..up up up…else they will break Passenger: I cant move them up anymore.. Pilot:Why so fussy…what happened dude … Pilot:Ohh man open your…your legs will be broken Passenger: bro..i have moved my legs much as i could Passenger: i swear.. i swear on you bro..legs are up..bro please somehow land me on the ground Passenger:bro land me ..please bro .please Passenger: I am a motherfucker…i was an asshole..that i decided to do this.. Pilot:Ohh man pull your legs.. (frustrated)…cant u listen to what i am saying Passenger:Bro somehow just land me.. Pilot bro you will break your legs Pilot:Move your legs up..yes thats more like it.. Passenger: bro …somehow just land me bro.. Pilot:Remove that hand of yours.. Passenger:Fuck it ..fuck it..fuck it.. Pilot:Open your eyes man…look i am also here… Passenger:i just want to land bro. Passenger: Bro..take a couple more extra bucks but land me bro. Passenger:.ok …….oohhh k…take 100$ extra but land me bro.. Pilot: Keep your legs up ..we will both die.. Passenger:. fuck it ..i am gonna die Pilot:Move it up man..move it up… Pilot:What are you doing Passenger:. brother Passenger:. brother Passenger:can’t do it more bro.. Pilot:PUll you legs from the front Pilot:ohh man..are you a dumbass Pilot:Pull it up Passenger: i am an asshole Pilot:Please bro..i request you ..please pull your legs up.. i wont loose anything Pilot:Bro you are getting captured on video Passenger:to hell with video…fuck it ..fuck it.. Pilot:we are there..we are almost there..keep you feet up… Passenger: God land me safely today Pilot:please bro ..please Pilot:(to his friends)..he is not at all listening to me..i had a hell of a time (someone in background) fucker..asshole.. Pilot:He is an asshole… Passenger: Yes ..i am an asshole bro.. Pilot:I told you to keep your feet would only break your feet… i had nothing to loose there..

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