Laughter is the Best Medicine

34 thoughts on “Parents Whose Sense Of Humor Is Better Than Their Kids (Full Pics)

  1. How I miss my Dad . . . he was the best, most generous, most funniest, most caring man on the planet. Life seems a lot smaller without him here!

  2. Hey!!! Slow the damn thing down. Not everyone is a speed reader when there is a lot to read. No thumbs up for you…just thumbs down. Hope you like that as well as me not liking the too rapid movement of the information to be read, but couldn't.

  3. Great clips that are tough to read on phones. But when you pause the video, the player progress overlaps yhe caption you want to read. Don't bother.

  4. The one with the socks, lotions & tissues, wish I'd thought of that when my boys went through that stage. lmao

  5. When I was a kid, if my brother found a live beetle in the house, my Mom would say "Ask your sister if she wants to see [insert name of someone from The Beatles] before you flush the insect. I kept falling for it because I was always optimistic that I might see an actual picture of one of the Beatles. January 1981 my brother found a dead beetle. My Mom told him "Ask your sister if she wants to see John Lennon". I am now 51 years old. I still think she was a b** for doing that to me.

  6. My father is very sarcastic and definitely passed that on to us. Most of these are very funny.

    The word retarded, however, is NOT funny. Children are forbidden to use this word in most schools in the U.S.A because it is a bullying, derogatory word. Prime example of how grownups are not being good role models for children. Anything for a laugh! What are we teaching our children?

  7. I was away from home on some sort of school trip for a whole week, my parents sent me a letter with a photo of them eaten icecream, AND THEY KNOW HOW F*CKING MUCH I LOVE ICECREAM

  8. Lot of cute/funny pics. Just wish there was a longer delay before a new pic flashes up. A few seconds isn't long enough to read the (sometimes very LONG) passages/pic descriptions. I gave up even trying to see whole video. SLOW THEM DOWN!!!!

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