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Pariyerum Perumal Comedy Scenes | Yogi Babu | Kathir | Anandhi | Latest Tamil Comedy Scenes

‘City of Tirunelveli’ PARIYERUM PERUMAL. What does your father do? – Father…
– His Dad… Dad owns a load cart. Load cart!
Very good. A boy like you getting a seat here
is a big deal. – Concentrate on your studies. Ok?
– Ok Sir! He says all the mathematical tables
very well Just a little playful. This is no place to play around!
This is a Law College. There are many issues related to
caste, religion and politics here Don’t get involved in all this!
Study well. Ok? Yes, Sir Only if you study well
you can make it big OK Sir. Ok. Your admission is done. You remember everything I said? Only if you study well,
you will become a what? A Doctor, Sir Ok! Your admission is done.
You can leave. Let your mother go.
You stay for a minute. Go on, Ma! Listen… This is a Law College If you study here,
you won’t become a Doctor. You can only
become an Advocate I didn’t mean the doctor
who gives injections I meant Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Oh! Dr. Ambedkar is it! Super. You can leave. Ok Sir! Here! He says he will become
Dr. Ambedkar Note this down Why, Sir? Boys like him
will soon get into some conflict. Then he will come and stand here. We should remember this then.
That’s why. What is your name? Pariyerum Perumal Parigara Perumal? No, Bro.
Pariyerum Perumal Oh! What does it mean? – ‘Pari’ means horse
– Ok! He who rides on horse- back.
A God’s name! Hey…! Come! Come on! Where are you from? Puliankulam Take that cigarette Puliankulam Who could he be in Puliankulam? Don’t you know who lives there? Oh yeah! Puliankulam? Do you know R.K.R Raja? Yeah. He is my grandfather. He is my granddad too. What did they ask you to do? They asked me to smoke and
do the Law College salute Put the cigarette in your mouth Do you know what is
a Law College salute ? Look there! Jump high with your hand saluting &
your legs touching your buttocks That’s how you do it! Why do you have a cigarette in your mouth? Seniors were ragging me! – We are five. Salute each of us twice
– Hey, I want 3 He wants 3. Salute 11 times and you can go. Did they rag after you
mentioned your village? Who is it?
Show me! No. It’s ok Salute! What are you looking at? You are so much better! They asked me to get drunk and cycle My name is Pushpaleela. Stand up and introduce yourselves. What is your name? Madhumitha from Coimbatore Manohar, Palayamkottai Tamizh, Trichy Shobana, VM Chathiram Saravanan, Aalwar Thirunagari Ramesh, Kokkirakulam Kavitha, Kovilpatti Priya, Madurai Sankaralingam, Ambasamudram Thangaraj, Vellore Subash, Aathur Saranya. Madurai Deepika, Erwadi – Pavithra, Trichy
– Maam May I come in? Come in. Introduce yourself Jothi Mahalakshmi There Jothi Mahalakshmi, Ambasamudram Go! M. Anand, Samaathanapuram If you drop the cigarette
you would have to repeat it 10 times Don’t worry
You are one of us Take Care! Name? Pariyerum Perumal BA BL
with a line on top A line on top? Pariyerum Perumal is fine. What is that BA BL, with a line on top? I am pursuing the course, right!
That’s why Teacher (Students giggle) Make the line as long as you want Make sure it doesn’t last life- long Ok, Teacher This is a College. You shouldn’t call me ‘Teacher’
Address me as Madam’, Ok? Sit down! You look innocent. But managed to
become a hero on Day 1 One has to be careful with you! Bro, not like that. Can I trust you? Of course! History of Courts Ok, students Today we are going to look into
the Trial of Raja Nandakumar The case stands in a
class by itself And Raja Nandakumar was
a very influential man back then Do you understand anything? Does she consult me before teaching? Bro, ask him! What is she teaching! (whispers in English)
History of Courts History of ‘Kotche’, it seems What does it mean? Ask this one time, please Meaning? It is the History of Courts. History of Courts, it seems. What is that? Do you understand? If I did,
why would I pick my tooth? What to do now? You pick your teeth too. Pick tooth?
For how long? Until we understand this
stupid English. Yeah Right! Bro! Won’t they teach in Tamil? Tamil? Are you kidding me? Quiet! I am going to ask her
to teach in Tamil What? If they know you can’t
speak English… they will treat you like shit.
Please listen to me. Teacher! Teacher?
What is your problem? No! I am unable to understand. Can you please teach in Tamil? What?! Are you sitting in a law college… …or studying 5th standard
in some Government School? Now I understand absolutely nothing Ey! This is a Law College
Are you aware of it? Why are you torturing me
on the first day? I can’t teach in Tamil
just because you don’t understand. Sit if you understand
Leave if you can’t Not just me. Lot of people here can’t understand.
Ask them. What do you mean? Those who don’t understand
please raise your hands Ok! Raise your hands
if you understood me! Everyone’s raising their hand! Thank You! Everyone has understood.
Including the guy next to you. If you don’t understand, just leave
Go learn Tamil literature. Go! We were talking about the case of
Raja Nandakumar Sit. I told you to stay quiet! Everyone’s gone.
Come. Come. Hello…
One minute Why are you calling her? What did she teach now? History of Courts class. I know that!
What specifically? Nandakumar Murder Case Meaning? The judgment of a murder case
during Warren Hastings time. Why?
Didn’t you understand anything? Absolutely nothing If you can’t understand
buy Tamil books to study Are there books in Tamil? You can even write the exams in Tamil Mother Promise? Mother Promise! Superb! This is enough.
I will teach a 1000 people. Oh! Alright Thanks a lot. Your name? I said it earlier.
Jothi Mahalakshmi. You have two names then? 3 in total.
I am ‘Jo’ at home Jo?
That’s my favorite actress name I’ve watched her movie 19 times. I like her so much! Dear students… Here English is
very very important – Here
– Why? You see what class he is taking? What? ‘ENGLISH!’ Even God can’t teach this in Tamil Here It’s our fate.
Pick! ‘Write down your name and address…’ …in English
in your notebook Let’s start – Sir
– ‘Yes!’ What is this, Sir? We are Law College students How can you insult us like this? Oh! Like that!
Come here Come Write your name and address… …in English for everyone to see It is not ‘Coolny’ It’s Colony Negar?! NAGAR! Isn’t this your address? -Hey!
– Hmmm? Actually you should have been the one. Some girl is bearing the brunt. If it was you he would have
pulled your pants down. Keep quite Who is laughing there? Last bench Get up, now OK, sir! I asked you to get up Oh! Is it? Red colour shirt What is your name? Pariyerum Perumal BA BL with a line on top! Is it? I know why you laughed. Let’s see what you know! Nothing. Just tell me 10 words
that start with A. Sir… I am asking you. Answer! A for Anand A for Ambika A for Annalakshmi STOP IT! OUT! Sir, I gave you the right answers I am also saying the right thing. OUT Idiot
That’s not how it is. Idiot! You tell me 5 words
that start with C Small ‘C’ or Big “C’ sir? Silence. What is he saying? He is asking if it is a
Capital letter or small Correct Sir My father is a Councillor Should I go out for sure? Long live India! (Teacher speaks in the background) One is saying A for Anand Another one is asking C or c Is he a professor or a postman? Asking everybody’s address
on Day 1. Forget that Bro. You are Anand Starts with an ‘A’ right? Yes! But Capital ‘A’
I think you got that wrong. Those who have to be in
KG classes are here. Tomorrow, you write 100 words
that start with ‘A’ And you 100 words
that start with ‘C’ Only then you can enter my class. Why is this idiot giving
all this as punishment? See, they are definitely
going to make fun of us Put your head down You too Councillor! – Small ‘c’ or big ‘C’?
– Shut up! Hey, BA BL!
Pariyerum Perumal! What a shame! All the English people have left! Look up Look up! – Nothing
– Where did she come from? I want to ask you something Were you serious or joking? About what? A for Anand
A for Ambika Why? I was serious. No! You shouldn’t say that. Why? A for Apple, B for Ball
That’s what you should say Apple also starts with an A, right? I am saying things.
You are saying names. Why shouldn’t I say names! I don’t know why
But from now on don’t say that Everyone will look down on you – Ok?
– Ok! Hey! Leave this aside Will you help me? With what? Can you write those 100 words
that start with A? – Okay
– Thanks – Jothi
– Yes, Anna Will you also write 100 words
that start with “c”? Small c or Big C Oh I see!
How do I know that? We should use her to clear English exams You do that.
I will just use my father Ey! It’s tails again. She wouldn’t have written it for sure Damn! Then should we copy from a book? – Come!
– Us? Which book will you copy from?
I am going to the theatres. She is here. You thought I wouldn’t write it! We were tossing the coin to foretell. What did you get? That you won’t write But I did! Is it! Hey, this is yours. What is this wound? This! Those seniors were ragging me yesterday So, I broke my bangles in anger. How did you write this? I didn’t write this. Who then? My niece – What is she studying?
– Grade 3 Third grade it seems! Jesus! I was kidding
I wrote it. Is it ok? Ey, Sir! Oh him! Come, sit! Sit down – What?
– Let’s give it now That’s right!
What do we do with this! Sir What is this? The homework you gave yesterday This too – Nonsense
– Same to you, Sir – Go and sit
– Ok! Carry on! Why did you get so angry? If you don’t like English
you should stay quiet. Who said I don’t like English? That is how you behaved I didn’t behave like that. Everybody treats me like that Can I ask you something? You cleared English in
grade 10 and 12 right? Then what is the problem? How much did you score
in grade 10? 360 How much is it? (In Tamil)
Three Hundred and Sixty How much do you think I scored? Sorry…
200, may be! – What?
– (In Tamil) Two Hundred Three Hundred and Ninety Three Hundred and Ninety! Yes. But I failed. How is that possible
after scoring so high? How come? All because of
your rotten English. Teachers did not know the language! I didn’t get it too. If it was only English… …couldn’t you have copied? I did! Even then I failed. How? How do I say that! I hide small chits
when I go for English exams When I see the question paper… …I won’t know which chit to copy from Only if the guy next to me helps… …I can figure out which chit to use. That day they asked an essay
I hid under my foot I struggled so much
to write You got caught? No way! Then how did you fail? How do I say this? It took me 3 hours
to copy that essay I got 7 marks for that That is all I scored! 7 marks?! How did you pass at all? An Akka took pity on me
during the re-examination What? Time is running out! And you are just sitting,
staring out the window. I don’t know anything, Akka Sister? You are appearing for re-examination
and still don’t know anything? How many ever times I try
I won’t clear English English is the only
difficult subject for Sir? Alright! Tell me how many subjects
did you fail in? Only this, Akka 390 is my total score Oh wow! You scored 390? Yes, Akka Do you have anything
to copy from? Take that and write Everyone’s doing it You write too Somebody like this! Not just Akka. She is the first angel I saw I asked you to write
What are you doing? I don’t know which one to copy from What do you mean…? How many chits have you carried? Lots! Take it all out! Hey! Why are you laughing
at everything? Then I won’t continue my story Let me get the correct chit This is why she
is your angel, is it? Tell me what her name is! I don’t know her name But she had a beautiful
mole above her eyebrow She looks very pretty Honestly She is an angel to me Hello…
That’s enough! So many stories in Grade 10?
How about Grade 12, then? A fatso, who knew nothing in Tamil Tortured me asking for my
Tamil answer sheet I was happy that a girl
was asking for MY paper I gave it too I understand you helped
But why did you follow her? She asked the same question too Why are you following me? I don’t know Tamil at all
That’s why I copied from you If someone sees now
what will they think? Hey! No! You don’t know Tamil
I know nothing in English Tomorrow we have English exam right. If you let me copy, I will come If you won’t, there is
no point turning up That’s why… Is this why you followed me? Come tomorrow without any worry I will definitely help you Mother Promise? You started this Mother Promise trend
back then? Hey! What is the problem? Why are you sitting here? Only because you asked I am
getting you this nonsense. Drink it and tell me what
problems you and Jo have. Ok? Hey! What happened to him? Let me ask! You drank, right? Now tell me why you didn’t
attend the wedding. Bottle is empty! Tell me, why? Nothing happened! You just drank it It will take some time Tell me No! My head has to swirl like a
giant wheel Get me a drink like that Like a giant wheel? Yes! A drink like that? Soft drink is all he drank Now he wants more! Son, what is your problem! He got me this I drank it.
Why am I not feeling anything? How will this shit work? Drink this, you will get super high Look at me.
High in heaven! Son! Enough! I want some! Looks like the poor boy
is drinking for the first time! Why is he choking on water! Here, the giant wheel
you asked for. Ey! No! My head is swirling already What? Will you put me in a
bus to my village? You are high, is it? Come to class.
Give your attendance and then go. Not to the College I am high Put me in a town bus Oh, sir is high is it? Don’t go around telling anyone. I will take care of everything
Let’s go! Hey! You and Jo have some problem. You are hiding it from me! Let me see when you
will talk about it Hey, come here So… You think what you
drank is liquor? Huh? For a drop of liquor I had mixed a bottle
of soft drink You drink that and
act like a hero of pathos! – Soft drink?
– Yes! But my head is reeling!
I am feeling giddy If you keep irritating me… …I will tear open your mouth Mother Promise bro! Mother Promise?! Or is it because what the
guy next to me gave What?
That guy gave you something? Hmmm And you drank that? Hmmm Blow, let’s see! (blows) Damn! Cheap liquor. Someone has given you
the 60 rupees liquor Why did you drink that? Why didn’t you tell me this? Who is that? I don’t know – Go see!
– Let me go. This old man looks interesting Should we take him? Who do you want to meet? We want to meet Sivaji Sankar Sir! For the college?
To act? Yes Sir! – Hey, Sivaji
– Ya! See you have a booking! Come take your advance. Yes, coming! Advance? Looks like they are going
to fleece us You suggested this right!
Pay up. What? Here comes the King of acting! Which college? Law College – Law College?
– Yes Son, I can’t do it They ask tricky questions. No! They won’t, Sir He came drunk to class That’s the problem If you come… …they will yell at him in front of you
That’s all. Look here, mason! The shame that drunkards
like we have to carry Exactly Sir! Son! If you had called me for love or fight
I wouldn’t have come Because it is about drinking
I am going with you Two bottles of alcohol is the fee Is that ok? Two bottles? For one person? The head mason is sending me with you! So? I have to give him a bottle. Isn’t it the ‘dharma’ of drinking? Two bottles for us to be onboard! If not walk on. – Sir, I will get you two bottles
– Ok! I will put on my shirt! Come soon Son! You never mentioned your
father’s name to me. Selvaraj From Puliyankulam village Oh! Selvaraj What does he do? He owns a load cart What kind of a person is he? Is he an angry man? Or an innocent one? Or is he a cheapskate? Also, does he beat you up? Only if you give this information
I can act, right? Dad… …is a very angry man If he knows that I have done
something wrong, that’s it! He will beat me to pulp He looks very majestic Like the character from
‘Thanga Pathakkam’ This is enough Wait and watch my performance! Sit please! Are you his father? Yes, Sir! What do you do? I own load carts Did he tell you anything? No sir.
He said you sent for me How will he say anything? He has come drunk
to the class. What is it, Sir? He has come to the
College drunk. Liquor! Liquor! Hey…Hey… Stop! Don’t beat him Is it for you
I am making you educate? Is this how you beat
up a boy this age? What kind of a father are you? Who? Who told you I am his dad? He is not my son From the moment
his tongue touched liquor… …he has ceased to be my son He is an orphan now. We have nothing to do
with each other anymore. I don’t even tolerate
the word “liquor” How could he be my son? No way, Sir Why are you hitting him so hard? Sir! Do me a favour Throw him out of the
institution now Wait…! You can even burn him Burn him! I don’t have any problem Don’t ever send for me again Sir… Come here for a minute
Let’s talk What is there to talk? I should just hang myself
for having a son like this Let me hang myself Let me! Just, let me. So much rage! A son like you
for a father like that I forgive you because of his anger Go Sign the apology letter What’s up? Did I beat him up badly? Why is he sulking? Nothing like that Don’t mistake me. Only if you exaggerate
they will quit bothering you That’s why See! Doesn’t it feel wonderful to hear? That’s our greatness! Why are you pouring
only two glasses? Anna, he will never
drink after this. The whole problem was
because he drank right? That is his first… …and will be his last time
to touch liquor Let us drink.
Here That’s why he got scared Yes! Anna, cheers! CHEERS! Listen, Pariya I forgot to tell you something After I finished my performance… …a girl pleaded with me for you Her name is a…single syllable… – Single syllable?
– Yes! JO? Yes I thought so

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