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PARLEZ-VOUS FRANCAIS [] Funny Friday Videos #53

(Funny Friday Videos #53) PARLEZ-VOUS FRANCAIS
(Funny Friday Videos #53) PARLEZ-VOUS FRANCAIS
(Funny Friday Videos #53) Let me ask you something, Typhoid Mary: For what purpose was the chainsaw originally invented? The answer will almost certainly surprise you
and I’m going to have that answer for you
a little later on down the road. In the meantime, rollie-pollie little fat-faced girl, My name is “Bits of Real Panther” and I’m here to invite you (to welcome you, to love you) with another episode of the “Funny Friday Videos!” Funny Friday Videos #53
Funny Joke of the Day #53
Quirky Fun Videos #53 In today’s video, Winston,
we’re going to have all of these things
coming right at you, so go ahead and put down that box of wine, and let’s get things started with “The Winner of the WeAk.” Winner of the WeAk:
Parlez-Vous Francais! Winner of the WeAk:
Parlez-Vous Francais! Winner of the WeAk:
Parlez-Vous Francais! Today’s lucky recipient of the esteemed “Winner of the WeAk” trophy goes out to to a woman whose name
I could not find anywhere on the internet. Anyway, this woman called the police to report
that her place had been broken into and
some of her expensive electronics stolen. A police officer arrived to question her
concerning the incident. While he was there, the woman’s phone rang;
it was her father. She explained to her father (in French)
that he need not concern himself with the crime,
as it was completely fabricated; and that she was just trying to bilk the insurance company out of some extra money. Little did she know that the police officer standing
right there with her was fluent in six languages
— one of which was French. Dumbass Criminals! Dumbass Criminals! Congratulations, woman with no name,
you are both a criminal mastermind and
today’s “Winner of the WeAk.” [YouTube Tips and Tricks For Beginners] I have got a youtube tip for you, Zebra Cakes,
so turn off that REO SUCKwagon and listen up. One mistake that I see a lot of people do is they will use a shotgun approach of one-word tags in their videos, words like redhead, challenge, alcohol,
fun, mystery, toast, bartender, etc., just hoping that they’re going to grab a view here and there off of those kind of random searches. The problem with this is that there’s going to be too much competition with those one-word tags like that. I’m actually going to make a video about this at some point; but suffice it to say for now that you want to use tags that are 3, 4, or even 5 words in length. If you’re not sure how to count to 5,
you want to use your whole hand. 3, 4, or 5 words in length and then to put
those exact 3, 4, or 5 word expressions
in your description as well. This will help to separate your video
from the bulk of the field. I hope you found that helpful. If you did,
please let me know in the comment section below. And I realize that you’re already smart enough,
but how would you like one more little fun fact
in that pretty little mind of yours? [Random Cool Fun Facts] Gary Kremen, the founder of,
lost his girlfriend to a man she met on Wow it sucks to saw Gary Kremen —
you think about that. Wow, I almost genuinely feel bad for that guy.
[Dumbass.] Anyway, Dirty Deeds, at the beginning of this video
I asked you for what purpose
the chainsaw was originally invented. The answer: as a surgical tool
to assist with difficult child births. Wow I don’t even want to go there! Anyway, Mumphrey, if you enjoy content of this kind, please consider hitting that subscribe button, as we all would love to have you as another passenger on board this crazy ship of fools known
as the Bits of Real Panther channel. Lastly, Venus Rising, I’m going to give you a little joke. When I deliver to you the punchline of that joke,
please post in the comment section below
your credit card number and– I’m actually just kidding — post a numeric rating on a scale of 0 to 5 and
let me know what you thought of that bad-boy. Anyway, Moonglow, are you ready for the joke? The Funny Joke of the Day Joke of the Day Adult 2019 Groaner jokes to make you laugh so hard. What is the difference between
a prostitute and a bottle of wine? The older the bottle of wine is,
the more you have to pay for it! Anyway, please rate that joke below and have yourself
a most excellent Friday indeed, friend!

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  1. PARLEZ-VOUS FRANCAIS [] Funny Friday Videos #53

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    PARLEZ-VOUS FRANCAIS (Funny Friday Videos #53)

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  2. Haha! "Dumbass criminal" is very accurate.
    I really didn't know about the keyword thing. Glad you shared that man.
    Well, today's fun fact is pretty sad tbh lol.
    That chainsaw fact is really disturbing to think about. Just trying to imagine it being actually used. Good lord!
    Lol, that joke just blew my mind. It totally deserves a 5555555555555555 / 5 if you know what I mean!
    Good day to you! 🙂

  3. Winner of the week omg😂 she's so dumb great tags tip would love to see your video about this Gary 😂 say what chainsaw for birth 🤯 joke 4.6 have a wonderful week friend sledgehammered that like button

  4. Sorry I’ve been MIA brøther! She must have been in Quebec. Thanks for the info man. Poor Gary 😂 A C-section device 😳 For Brontosaurs? Oh snap! That joke was a 3. Here’s my credit card number. It’s a visa. 86753094269.

  5. It's not a secret anymore! Bits of Real Panther is your regular one stop shop for success! 📺 (edited for bits)

  6. wth🤤difficult child birth who they tryna bring into the world (leatherface) poor poor (dumb ass😅🤣)I didn't think those hashtags had much influence on ya channel but appreciate the tip. Like how u slipped ol girl into the video too that woman can sang. As for joke I'm undecided probably because I got distracted gotta take another listen

  7. Hmmm, I’m not sure where to go with this one. We’ll give it a 5, as it does have some merit. Have a fantastic weekend my friend.

  8. Shawn, I give the joke a 10! I think renaming your channel "The Bits Of Real Panther Show" is a great idea because that's what your videos are. Professionally produced and full of fun content, they're always a pleasure to watch. Your information about tags on Youtube is fascinating and I'm going to take your advice. Thank you for that!

  9. Lol as usual! I love your channel 😂 oh the irony 😁
    For birthing!!! No way 😳😂
    Full view from me..
    How you have a great weekend!

  10. Looks like a party indeed around 0:28! Fluent in six languages…that's indeed plenty of words to have in mind haha! :-p
    Not a difference, but a connection, between a prostitute and a bottle of wine, is the word 'prostitute' has a 'tit', and someone who has had a bottle of wine could act like a tit! Joke gets a 0.69!

  11. 3 or 5 words in a description great advice! I'll have to try it. I seriously struggle with tags. Haha my credit number is 3456667 not happening 😛

  12. ………… ??? …… HEY …… Thanks for reminding me that TODAY is FRIDAY …….. Friday's the day I gotta ……… ??? ……… watch PORN ??? ………. Speaking of which ….. I made a multi tag that goes ….. "Herfortz sends Dick pics" …….. It brought up a lot of RED FLAGS ……… Maybe I should have hashtagged it …… I usually find that the older broads don't pay me enough ……. Photoshopping those dick pics don't come cheap.

  13. That is one heck of a surgical tool…. Note to self don't start a dating website when in a relationship. 4 hookers out of 5

  14. Great video thanks brother. Yeah ok. I hope it was never used for that. I wouldn't put it past a few doctors back then. I don't know what to say about the man who lost his girlfriend on the web. I will have to go 4 on the joke of the day. Hooker and wine prices wife or wine prices depends could be pretty pricey either way. Keep up the great work see you in the next video thanks again brother.

  15. Friday already 🤣! Weeks is flying by fast, great to always start my weekend with some Bits of real Panther Funny Fridays. Lol multi bilingual cop 🤣🤣 #interestinghashtagtips. Damn surgeries was horrifying back in those times. I always thought the younger the more expensive 🤘🤣🤘 cheers my friend🍷🍷🍷🍷 4 toast on the joke. Enjoy your weekend Shawn! 👍

  16. Great crazy ship of fools!!…many Fun moments…joke: 3…..Have a groovy one, homeslice! :)))

  17. I looked it up, a hand-operated little chainsaw for cutting the pelvic bone when a child couldn't fit through at birth. Before the C section was done.

  18. We need a full show of your informative insight and wit,
    Very good youtube tips, I started doing longer tags , but not as long as what you said.
    Great now after you kept repeating "joke" all I have stuck in my head is your face
    I give that joke a 3 bangin" Betty's , the name seems to fit the theme of the joke :0

  19. I liked the To-Do List and the A Video About This at Some Point w/accompanying thumbnail xD I may not always leave a score for the jokes, but I've watched each and every Friday Funny video because I appreciate the effort you put into your little works of art that so entertain us 🙂 I don't like the word 'show' for your potential new title. Something like, 'Funny business with Bits of Real Panther' might be a cool alternative if it's not too much of a mouthful.

  20. Oh cool, the winner of the weak features some white collar crime this time! Woo hooo,.,,..,what if i use the one word "the" in my tags? is there much competition with that word? 😹
    I can see them using the chainsaw for cutting the umbilical cord…if they just gave birth to gozilla,,,.,.,.i give this week's friday funny joke a 2 of 5, not so high because it reads like a factual statement than a punchline. Heck, there are guys that like them MILFS and MILFS who charge more than a bottle of Chateau Cheval Blanc

  21. Bonjour! the YouTube tip was very helpful. Fun fact was Irony at its finest! And your joke gets 5/5 as always!! ❤ Have a great week!

  22. I try to mix up my tag lengths – some shorter, some longer and more specific. I'm not sure if my method is working, but that's my system. LOL The match . com story reminds me of the story of the guy who created segways, and then died by going off a cliff on a segway (or something like that – I'm not clear on the whole story and I'm too lazy to Google it).

  23. Such a great youtube tip. I guess I was doing the tags, mostly wrong. I'm sorry, but I couldn't put my wine down, lol. This joke deserves a 5 from me and Sunglasses Man. Have yourself a great rest of your week Shawn.

  24. i love the clowns!! yes chainsaw!!!! i love Patrizia in the background i like the bottle of wine joke!! a perfect 5!!!!!!!!!!

  25. That woman sounded like an interesting character. Look forward to your tag info I definitely need some advice with that… I'll try the more then one word tags thanks shawn 🙂 no way surgical tool for childbirth omg!! 4

  26. ♡ Aw .. Thank you very much, shawn! 😃 i feel honored to be part of of your video.I loved it, my friend! 😃😂. 👍
    I found the information about tag management useful and , your joke deserves a 5 from me! 👌👌
    A big like … for you! 👉👍

  27. Yikes don't call me typhoid mary lol ! I thought that tag tip was awesome and would definitely watch a video on that. My credit card number is 4 🙂

  28. got egg on her face huh? nice tag tips..i only use 2 for mine..the name of song and cover..:-) match dot com never worked for ya gross fact joke i give a 3.7..:-) have a fantastic night

  29. Oui oui je parlez francais Hahahaha 😂😛🤣a few words only, long time no 👀my friend but I am here now visiting have a fabulous weekend Tfs 👍🏻

  30. Your winner of the week is a real Village Idiot! When I was young a friend got drunk the night before and stole his older brothers car and bounced it off of several parked cars before totaling it into a 5th or 6th. When I went over to his place, he and another guy had hatched a plan to report the car stolen. That called the cops and sent an old guy out who sat at the dinning room table and took the report and then left. A few minute later the door be rang and it was him with some more cops and that hooked and booked our buddy and several hit and run charges. It appears several people got a really good look at the person running away from the scene of the crash and the older cop put 2 & 2 together rather quick. Beside having to pay to fix all the cars he damaged, his brother beat the crap out of him, had the salvage of his totaled car parked in front of their house while he paid that car also. Thanks for bringing back the memories Buddy. We'll see ya later. and OH, we'll give the joke a 5! Take care Buddy.

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