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Part 3 — Express — How to deploy Vue.js app in one line with Docker & Digital Ocean

but to be able to resolve it we need to we need to know water start and for that I'm going to pay the new file which I know for solar jf for example and I already have some free my code so I will just do this package and the feelings I'm going to move the video so what our application by to say is that it so static file and if you know the smallness moment so our always serves in this with HTML and because we get adapted patrol analogy there we go and what we need to do is we bestow our spread and you can get on the panel so I'm just running down on Xpress GA one of us also it's always nice at our small doctor dr. Adnan file which will basically tell what which folders should not be sent to doctor and in my case I usually don't send not modules and discouraged and also we need to package.json need to be sure that we changed our sub script from default one of our stupid just elevator chains all right let's try to run npm run good posting what the replication from big booster successfully and whether we can run it with our server script and it is fine and then we will be run on not so yes which says the changes that is on the porch if they're the rows three you should be default for taxi work further 14 in welcome I do J education yes it works so now let's try give the doctor each do the doctor to make sure you put I've had doctors do doc so our but the container do make sure the docker container could fine and works let's try to run this on our machine so what I do the type of bigger one and then choose automation in is going to be exposed so in other words I said let expose it turns the 40 mm from the pot 8 inside the ducting 5 why because here we expose it to the port and I hope by the container ID from here and here we can get some logs edges application line fine let's try to punish and there we go it's the same negation but already inside the socket container

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