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Parthaal Pasi Theerum Movie Comedy | Sivaji | Gemini Ganesan | Savithri | Thangavelu | M Saroja

-Where did you go? The milk is
on the stove -To my mom’s house! Weren’t you here all this time? With your poking,
sensitive nose, couldn’t you to.. ..get the smell of
the burning milk? I have a bad cold!
What went wrong with your nose? -You could have kept it down!
-Why can’t you do that yourself? I’m your mother in law,mind you that! I am here as your
daughter in law to shut your mouth. Let me see if you can shut my mouth!
-Can you do that to me? -Are you getting ready for a fight?
-What else do you think that for? When I give a long rope
for you as the mother in law.. seem to take the full advantage! Your time has changed for the better! This is the time of the youth like me! Don’t think you’re young! What did you say? The usual morning prayer
has started with music instruments. Oh my god This is the time to fly pigeons
as a mark of peace in the world! They seem to be like fighting cocks… ..with knife tied to their legs! Let be band If I intervene
it’s my head which gets crushed. Had they beaten me with some eats.. ..instaed of with the vessels,
I needn’t have to go to the kitchen! Get up will you get up?
-obey me my be fast get up! -If anyone wakes up at her face.. would be a sad day for them. On the other hand,
I am laughing all day, seeing your face. Then what?-Shut your mouth. Wait a moment. Stand close!I want to see you both.. the same time!
Are you ready ? Dear wife!Be serene! Dear mom,be peaceful.-No. What is cooking today at
our house? Yes or no We have non-vegetarian food today Saturday
and I’ve asked to bring mutton! See her? Today is
an auspicious day.. ..and she has asked for mutton today! God! Did I ask you about food? You know only that.
I was asking you about the fight! Is it of civil or criminal nature? I can’t see any weapons in your hands. There are no wounds
on your faces. So it has to be of civil nature
What mom How many earthen vessels
has to be bought today? How many brass vessels
have to be straightened up? Do that to your wife. Before that,
show her to the fire! Your mouths have
to closed up before any thing! My wife, Santhana Lakshmi! I’ve told you several times
not to call her Lakshmi before me! Are you annoyed? You call me
Santhanam (offspring) hereafter. It’s only in the name. It is 5 years,after the marriage!
You have no offspring! How about your mom? It’s only 6 years,
after her marriage that you’ve born! God!I’ve come to know only now
…that a child less home is a battle field! My dad!Where are you hiding
witnessing all this? Where can he be?
Did your mom allow him to stay here? He was unable
to endure her torture. He fled here,
leaving the house and every thing! He didn’t go empty handed. He made up
his mind, and took a sugar cane with him. Then he fled towards Thiruvottiyur! When is he going to comeback? If you talk mean about my husband.. ..I will be very harsh on you! I am notorious too.
Don’t you know who I am? The daughter of Havildar Jambulingam!
Santhanam S.S.L.C.! If you try to fool me
I will book a case against you in court! God! She says,
she will book a case against us! -Why would she do that?
-Will she able to do that? I will cut her legs,
and put in the pocket! Don’t leave at that.
Give me a soap. I’ve to take bath. It’s time for office!
It is 8 o’ clock now! What can I do? Please come in.
-Come in madam. What about her……?
-She can’t see any thing! -This is the room! This is
the hall. -Is it leg (kaal) then? He seems to be naughty!
I wanted such a boy! Sir,don’t worry about the utensils!
I will take care about that! If you can buy some rice for us… It will be very tasty then! What shall
I do for that? My mom… Come with me! This is the chicken!
I mean the kitchen! This is the store room!
This is the back yard! You can use it as garden also! How is the house?
Does it look good? It looks very nice! What is the rent?
How much is the advance? The rent will be 50 Rupees! Advance will be 150 Rupees! They have come! The rent is my wife!
Advance is my mother. Give the advance to my mom,
and the rent to my wife. You’ve to give
the rent also to me,with the advance! That can’t be done! Rent or advance,
divide it between yourselves. Who is this little one?
He has said it right! -Is it your son? -No, he is
my brother’s son! She is his mother! Son!Where is her husband? We have come in
search for him in this town! It is a big story,
and I will tell that to you later. Babu!-He is right here. Son,What is your name?-Babu! Slowly!Just two syllables for his name! It’s time for the office!
Shall I leave then? What kind of work is yours? Why do you ask me that? I am a telephone clerk! My finger has diminished
after dialing the numbers! This is my finger
which is grown fresh! I am waiting for the day
I quit my job! Then my dad can
apply for that vacancy! Dad is without a job! Did he say dad?
-He will call me only that! Yes,uncle!If do us this favor,
we will never forget you! Oh,dear!If I don’t do that,
when you have said it.. ..what is the use,
working in that office for 10 years? I will see to that immediately! If not,you can spit at my face!
Don’t spit now. Here is one and here’s another. Sir, the phone! Do you want to go (ponuma)
Come back fast I said, the phone! It doesn’t allow me
to sleep even for 5 minutes. Why have the one who discovered
the phone and fitted a bell to it? Who is it? Why do you bother me?
What is that you want? It is the boss who is speaking. Good day sir.
I am Chakrapani here. I mistook you for someone else! Forgive me sir! I was told you’ve come to office
late today also. Ok. Why should you come late
for a new tenant coming your home? Don’t come late to
office in future! -Call Suguna & Co. and ask
for Extension 34! -Ok sir! You fool!Why do you intervene
when I am talking.. the boss? Good for nothing fellow!
-Stop it sir! Why do you call me that? You could call me by my name! There is no charm
in your name! You have beauty in your face.. ..and it looks beautiful,
when you run! You fool!-Is it so? What is the number of suguna and co It seems I can manage your work! His talk is like fireworks of Sivakasi! Be on the line for sometime! Good day!-Please come! You have come promptly at the said time! I was talking about
you to my boss! He said he will
take care of your matter. Can you wait for sometime? Why do you say
good morning to me again? What is the matter? Nothing in particular! It is ,since I joined in this office..
..-10 years now! In these 10 years of my service
I have never.. ..-come in time on any day! It is not that sir! I have so far recommended..
..-no body for work and you wouldn’t, in future, I guess! I was not to recommend anybody! I have an ……-unavoidable situation now? Yes,sir!How could You guess so accurately all this? Sir!I have got a very nice man with me! What have you done with him? He is our new tenant now! Now he is not…….
-Didn’t he pay your rent? He has no work at all. If you allot him
some work in our office.. ..he will pay our rent
evry month! You can as well deduct
it from his salary every month. If you can do this for me.. ..I will think as a service done for me. There is no vacancy in our office now! Why have you told that? You can send out anybody
and put him in that vacancy! He is so nice guy!
He is very decent too! Can you do a thing then?
-What is it sir? Can you give your job to him?
Is it my job,a worthy one? -What? He is also an ex-serviceman!
He is a military officer. Pardon me,sir!
I asked for a job,without knowledge! I can offer him a job here. I’ve a consideration
for those who were in military. What is this Is it income tax appeal?
Should I’ve to come now? He has come earlier!
-Will you keep quiet? -At 3 in the afternoon…
-He has come at 11 itself. I am coming right now! When shall I tell him to come?
-Ask him to come tomorrow! You don’t allow me to talk
and keep bothering me too! Mom!Our dad has come! Come brother!
Did you get the job? I did get the job!I did. Will you admit me in the school?
-I will do that. When is that?
-By tomorrow! I will admit you in the same school.. ..where my boss’s son is studying! Have you forgotten me
who unified you both? I was thinking about you.. ..and you have come! Chakra pani!
I am indebted to you for your help. -Forget that sir.I heard that
my boss is your friend!-Yes Brother!I thought
he is your only friend. You have friends,
wherever you go! Yes!Please you go in ! Were you both in the military?
Yes We were friends
since we were in the military! If you were not there
I would not have got this job! I am satisfied that,
he has given you a job,at par with him. That is because
of the fortune of this house. It started to prosper
when he set his foot in my house. She might have forgotten
that the last tenant of ours.. ..became penniless
and had to vacate this house and go. O.K!Leave it Where is Indrakka?
-She is inside. What I want to say to you is that… got the job after
coming to our house! So give me 50 Rupees
more from next month. Let us see!-The bonus,
increment etc.,also to be taken care of. I will see to that! See,how the world is! The one recommended
is in the meager work! The one who came in search
for work is in high position! Shut your mouth.
If he happens to hear it.. ..he will sack me,
and vacate this house and go. If you come this side,
I will be get very furious! Their prestige has gone up!
-What prestige? Have you seen her? She has mark on her forehead,
flowers on her head.. ..and have sacred thread
on her neck! When asked about her husband.. ..she says that
they’re searching for him! How do you like this story? You are also same as her,
wearing the mark on your fore head. You also’ve flowers on your head,
and sacred thread on your neck! If any body ask me,
about my dad what will be my reply? You better go home now! Madam! Please offer some thing! The meal is over. Go away Oh God! Someone said
meal is not yet prepared Someone said it is getting prepared But you say it’s over!
Please give some raw rice! There’s nothing, go away Oh god
-listen -What did she say?
-She said there is nothing Who the hell she is to tell that? I’ll tell you
There’s nothing here, go away Oh God!-You stop there! You will be prosperous! -Stop there! -You should
be more prosperous! Wait a moment.
-Competition in giving alms! It has to be like this
I am lucky today? -Take this
-You alone should be more prosperous! Wait, don’t go! Seems they are philanthropists There is no limit for charity What do you say now? Madam, take care of this,
I’ll come with the rickshaw Because I can’t lift it Take it, this is the leftover rice They will eat and
compete again if it is in the house You gave all,
what to do for dinner? Let you beg this side Let me beg this side And let us meet in the lodge at evening I don’t know how you competed with dad He became a sage and ran away -Don’t speak like that
about your dad-Why? He came last night
-Was my dad? Why don’t you tell me?
I haven’t seen him He came in the dream
Did he come in the dream? Does he look fat eating alms? No, he has become thin
with beard and moustache He inquired about you
-Is it so? Wake me up when he comes
in your dream, I will watch him Oh dad, come soon and make me happy It’s time, I will take leave I will also take leave
-Where are going -Give the rice
-No -It has many home’s rice
-It’s our home’s, give me Father has gone as a sage
Son is Chakrapani! Beard and moustache! No body is to be seen,
and looks so calm! He seems to be the head now!Sir! Please come!
-I am here! Where is your aunty and grand ma? They left me here
and have gone for the movie! They are fighting
only when I am here! They seem to enjoy
themselves when they go out. Then you better stay out.
-I can. What will I do for my food?
Can you bring it for me? -I can do that for you.
-Anybody home? The theater might’ve been damaged after
a fight between my wife and mom The manager has
come in search of me. I wonder how many
chairs been damaged! I am relieved now!
There’s nobody here,and you can go! I am not here to beg you! Have you come then
to dig the treasure? Why do you call me as your son? I am your dad who was
supposed to be dead. -Son!
-Dad! -Is Chakra not here?
-Is it Is Chakra (sugar) there?
-Are you begging for sugar? No, I meant Chakra pani! -I am that unfortunate one.
-My son! Leave me!
Your clasp is stinking! My son!My son! If you come near me
I will hit you! I will tear your robe away!
Don’t run! Who are you?
It is me. I couldn’t stand the family burden
..when you were a kid! Have you come to share
the burden with me? No.I have become
a saint and went away. You are lying.
-No. Truly I am your dad -Dad!
-Son! -Dad!
-Son! -Dad!
-Son! Uncle,and grandpa
don’t have to fight each other! Don’t fight.
-We are not. Dad…grandpa
grand son….. We are not fight come here He is my dad.
Dad! Dad…. How is your mom? There is no change in her.
She’s same as before. The more she gets old
the more audible she is! -Where is she?
-Those two have gone for a movie! Who is the other?
-Your daughter in law! Have you got married?
-I’ve caught up in that accident. Dad!Where were you,
all his time? I was climbing
the Himalayan mountains! Was it with the trekking group?
-No!All alone! Was it very cold there?
-Yes it is. Wasn’t it too far? When I have relinquished my life,
the sky is only at hand’s reach. It’s after all the Himalayas!
-Isn’t it Kailasam there? No.Yes!I went there only
to visit Kailasam! Only a foot distance
was left to reach the peak Then I remembered you suddenly Immediately an ice rock came falling, I too came falling with it Who reached first?
-Rock Thank god, you escaped else your corpse would have reached here So affection of son is so strong! Only that has driven me here Senior son!
What dad? Who is this junior?
He resides in the backyard Ok! When will he go to school then? I should change before
your mom comes What to do? Bring immediately razor set.. ..white dhoti and bar soap!
-Bar soap Obviously you need it,
many days’ dirt is there Shall I bring the breakfast also? Rasagulla! (Sweet) Why Rasagulla when you have gulla(cap) Dad, I mean tea and bun
Anything it may be, bring it Shall I bring it?
Take care of grandpa, I will be back Do you have any change? It’s only a knot
Ok, I will take care Grandpa, what are you seeing? Nothing dear, I want to drink water Water! I will bring it,
don’t stand, sit down Grandpa… Oh vessels… Don’t shout….
Don’t make noise Fake sage! Uncle, grandma, thief is tying me
Don’t make noise Uncle, gradma!
Don’t make noise Don’t make noise A sage is running from the house! He has tied Babu I asked you to stay in home,
but you didn’t listen I asked you not to come with me,
but you didn’t listen Can you watch that kind of cinema?
Have you allowed me to watch? He asked us to get out
because of your noise Ok, untie Did you ask who my dad is?
What is this? Who tied you?
Where is grandpa? He is not grandpa but a thief He went taking all the
money from home and tied me Oh gosh!
Come dear, are you fine? Are you taking butter from the curd? No, some guys mix flour in the butter I am checking if that flour has butter! What’s that bandage
in your mouth? Is it surgery? This is to avoid sprinkling of flour What will happen if you grind standing? Everything which has not happened! No work can be done without standing Am I only person standing here? For kerosene
People stand For tickets in theatre
People stand Without place in the bus
People stand In the train
People stand Why are you annoyed? -Won’t they make you stand
if you err in school?-No, not at all We don’t stand on the floor like them.. ..but stand on the bridge Are you taking credit in this also? Sir, who is there? Seems someone is
standing there, let’s go and see Go… Come Who is that? Isn’t it Lakshmi’s house?
Yes, exactly Lakshmi’s house What is your name? I am Jack of all trades
from grinding the flour to bathing cow No, it’s Sakalakala vallavan
(Jack of all trades) Ok, something!
My name is Chakrapani Son! Son!
Leave me The same hug, smell and dress! What are you saying?
He has sent you! Leave me… Who are you?
I am your dad, where is your mom? Are you married?
I heard I’ve grandchildren What are you looking there? I understood
Have you understood? Have you come to know
that I am your dad? You’ve hugged me so tight
Am I fool not to understand this? Thank god I haven’t gone to office today Dad, be here, I will be back Come here Take care of grandpa
Don’t worry, you go Now I am peaceful Give that What mistake have I done? Why are you tying?
Did you ask why am I tying? My dad became a sage and gone! Knowing this somehow, some guys
started to call themselves as my dad.. ..and started to trouble me It should come to an end today Why don’t you ask your mom? How dare you?
Shut up, I will kill you You take care
Should I bring mom? Mom! You fake sage! Silver vessels! Silver vessels?
I can’t afford even mud vessel Dear, untie me Should I untie?
I will punch you on stomach -Is it opposite house, he is punching!
-He has tied the sage.. ..who has stolen the other day You.. You are calling my
mother-in-law’s name, who are you? Don’t you know me? It’s me! Is it you?
Yes, unknowingly son has tied me Who is he?
He is your father-in-law Damn it Why are you untying? I will put a permanent
mark on your forehead -He is your dad -Are you mad?
You are saying a sage as my dad I am true, he is your dad Is he really my dad? Does he have any mark to prove that? Mark!
-What is the mark? Which mark can I say?
Tell me Mark is there Your mom has put this burn mark
I’ve became a sage because of this It looks like a tar road! -Mom, did you put
this burn mark?-Yes, dear If the identity is ok, then no problem Dad, pardon me for tying you Eyes!
Thank god! Thank god, you’ve
been saved from my burn Daughter-in-law is pregnant,
because of that good time you’ve come Is it? What dear? I’ve become grandpa,
so no need to shave the beard -You needn’t shave beard
but you will run away quickly-Why? The fight in home hasn’t ended
both of them always fight Why do you say like this? We both had been to temple
Don’t you see our unity in that? Uncle, take your seat
Uncle! I had done mistake, pardon me
-It’s ok-Let her bow Dear, pardon me also

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