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Patricia Heaton Has An Important And Funny Message For Her Sons

– My husband’s still
looking forward to it. We have a three year old, and he’s still looking forward to it. – Oh.
– Like he’s like “It’s gonna be so exciting.”
– Three is a wonderful age. – They are, it is a threenager though, but yeah, he’s our boy.
– He’s a threenager? – Twos were fine, threes are the devil has actually
come inside their body, (audience laughing) – And I need an exorcist.
– So you’re drinking communion every night?
– I drink a lot of communion. (laughing) I just, it wasn’t my fault. Jesus changed that water into wine. He taught us correctly.
– That’s right. – Yes, I don’t need water. Are you bothering them to
have grandkids yet though, because now they’re out of the house? – Oh yes, in fact I do it nationally. Like every talk show I go on. Okay, what camera should I look in? This one right here, okay. Boys, just letting you know. The first one that gives me
a grandchild gets the house. (audience yelling) – Oh my gosh!
(audience applause)

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