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Patton Oswalt Performs Mike Huckabee’s Twitter Jokes

Mike Huckabee, the former governor of Arkansas has been showing off his sense of humor on Twitter a lot lately – every day he writes jokes, but like a lot of great comedy voices, not everyone gets it. Some people have been posting tweets criticizing his joke writing to which he retorted: I tweet for my amusement and your amazement. The haters, trolls, and humorless people you really shouldn’t follow me. It’s way over your head. And maybe he’s right! Maybe it is over our heads. Maybe these jokes are great I mean, he’s a funny guy – look at this family Christmas card! You know, you don’t wear a shirt like this without wanting to make people laugh so maybe what Mike Huckabee needs is a stronger presentation. Jokes don’t always have the same punch when you read them to yourself So tonight we asked not just a professional comedian a great comedian to do some of Mike Huckabee’s Twitter jokes to bring them to life on a stage, and with that said, please welcome Patton Oswalt, everyone! Wow, thank you guys, thank you. Thank you so much. Thank you, wow. Wow! Thank you! I– oy, have you guys been watching the news lately? It’s crazy! Speaking of the news: breaking news! Jimmy Dean Sausage Company will be renamed Gorsuch Sausage because he’s grinding up some Democrat Senators into pure pork sausage! Traveling’s weird. Boy, I was in Norway last week… only English speaking TV I get at Norway is BBC. Oh my! It stands for Biased Boring Crap! It’s more effective than Ambien as sleep inducer. Hey you guys like mu– You guys like music? I sure do, but one kind of music I DON’T like: Poop Dogg has nephew named Bow Bow. Both bad dogs who advocate murder and sex slavery for POTUS and First Lady. Who let the dogs out? Okay, they’re giving me the light. I’ll leave you with this – this is a visual gag. Have you guys seen this? As Hillary leaves rally– um– hang on. As Hillary leaves rally, email questions continue to dog her. To be frank, she is in trouble. Wow, that was the comedy of Mike Huckabee as presented by Patton Oswalt, everyone. See, good material just works.

90 thoughts on “Patton Oswalt Performs Mike Huckabee’s Twitter Jokes

  1. In the past few years there have been multiple television commercials that seem biased against white men and boys. Maybe race mixing can be good and healthy. I'm open to that possibility. And at the same time I'm concerned that white people in America might be headed toward extinction via race mixing and large amounts of non-white immigration and television commercials that might be biased against white men and boys. The extinction of white people seems like an actual possibility (although to be honest I'm not the most educated person.) I understand horrible things have been done by people who happened to be white, or rather the ego inside of people who happened to be white. Race mixing can be understandable. And at the same time I still think it might be good if white people don't go extinct soon. White people might have good qualities that are worth preserving. And I think white people are capable (and already in the process) of healing/transforming/advancing to a higher stage. This comment is intended to encourage discussion and free thinking.

  2. You know who would've done this better? Carlos Mencia, because he's good at stealing other people's jokes and making the audience laugh.

  3. The fact that Huckabee has a problem with BBC shows how corrupted Republicans are when it comes to news consumption. The role of news isn't to be exciting, it's to deliver factual information.

  4. I was so happy to find him this morning. I don´t know if he would be delighted, but his name Oswald….maybe mean "ausm Wald" which would be German for "from the Wood"….anyway, I like this guy 😉

  5. If I were to go into standup comedy, I'd be a conservative comic. The bar for it is so low, a minimal amount of effort would guarantee success.

  6. If he thought BBC was "biased", good thing he can't speak Norwegian. LOL. How the hell does the Republican party keep electing children?

  7. Not so bad. It's awkward b/c of the twitter character limits, so reading it verbatim as standup is stilted, not Huckabee's fault,  but for partisan humor "Biased Boring Crap" is sharp enough.

  8. Literally the only funny thing about this was Oswalts "akwardness" lol. His delivery was funnier than the jokes.

  9. Jimmy Kimmel, started The man show!! Women bouncing on trampoline jiggiling their boobs! And he talks about Trump! and Huckabee!! REALLY?????????????????????

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