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Paula Poundstone talks University Libraries at “The Laugh’s on Us”

So, I know that you’ve gotten this several
times before, but why did you originally decide to support libraries as a spokesperson for
United for Libraries? Well first of all, because they’re an interesting
group with momentum … And, and they’re well read. And second of all, I mean it’s kind
of a no-brainer, to support, given, I think libraries are an important part of communities.
I think, you know, the dumber we are the easier we are to mess up. and you know, it’s in the
constant battle of the 1%. I think we need to be more educated.
Awesome, thank you. So, SAGE is a sponsor of this event. And we are a publisher of textbooks,
scholarly research journals, and online products. Why do you think that libraries are important
on a college campus? Because…because arrogance alone won’t cut
it, they have to get the information from somewhere. Umm, ya I mean, that’s what they
were supposed to have gone there for… in addition to the social life. So they’re
critical to a college campus. Maybe even … I mean not more so than any other place I suppose,
but they are really are critical to a college campus.
Nice to see them changing, by the way. I was in one in Guildford, Canada, and I was…they
were bringing pizza in. You can order a pizza and have it delivered. And the lady that I
spoke to that ran the library, she said, you know, we finally just stopped fighting it.
She said they were sort of doing it on the sly anyways, so now they just allow it mean,
she was fine with it. It seems like it I think probably gives the library more use And, uhh,
it doesn’t seem like anything’s being destroyed… it seemed like it would be used.
Awesome. Yep, totally agree. Last question. So we’ve been told that you have a daughter
in college. And…has she talked to you at all about using the university’s … library.
She does, I’m, I’m trying really hard not to be one of those moms that calls my kid
over and over again. And so I really don’t call her very often at all. She’s at Lewis
& Clark up in Portland, Oregon. And, but the handful of times that I’ve called, she’s home
for the summer, The handful of times that I called during the school year, Pretty much
every time, she was like (whispers) “Mom…” And she, (whispers) “Mom, I’m in the library,
hold on.” “And I don’t think it’s a snooty library where you can’t, you know where you
can’t talk at all. But you know, people around her are studying, and so, thank goodness I’ve
raised a child who has the good sense to leave the room. And, but ya, she’s in the library
a lot, loves it And she says a lot of times she goes there — she was in a quad for a
room, so she had three roommates And she said you know, a lot of times she just felt like
she could focus better being there and, so good for her, as a parent, I can’t tell
you, how happy you are when you call your kid at college and they’re at the library.
Ya, certainly. We certainly look forward to the show today. We want to thank you so much
for your support. Well thank you very much, it was nice talking
to you.

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