Laughter is the Best Medicine

‘Peaceful Warrior’ Maz Jobrani believes in the power of laughter

Maz Jobrani welcome to Singapore and it's a pleasure to have you with us and connected to India all excited for your first ever show in Singapore I'm very excited I'm very this is my first time ever in Singapore and already what a beautiful city just got in today we were driving from the airport to the hotel I saw the jewel that amazing fountain man-made waterfall I wanted to get there just babe are you sure it's called the peaceful warrior right yeah the peaceful warriors why not messenger why worio because I feel like with comedy you can send a message across that maybe it's got some deeper meanings and but do it with a laugh now in the States as you know we have a lot of political stuff with Trump and everything going on so sometimes during my tour there were some some people in the audience we get upset when you would do jokes about Trump and I had to remind them I said we live in America we have new freedom to make fun of our leaders whether it's Republican Democrat whatever it is and a few times I get into a heated debate during the show where to the point where people would say hey what happens the comedy show so then I realize you know what I need to tone it down and if somebody is upset and is yelling at me I try to just turn it around and just with a smile I try to get through those moments and keep getting my message across so mas do you think it's important to localize your act as you go to different places different countries yeah I think it's important to try to at least the beginning of the show localize the act talk about your experiences you've been having in that country I think people appreciate that because it shows that you're acknowledging them and also for me it's important because it helps me actually learn a little bit about the country because a lot of these countries I don't get to get a chance to spend a lot of time so maybe I'll go on stage and I'll say hey I saw that fountain at the airport you know what's going on like has anyone ever tried to swim in there like what would happen if I swam in it you know I'm also it's almost like I'm doing research off of the stage masa you have been very vocal about the current tensions that are going on between Iran and the US does it bother you or scare you if I may say so that both country's it looks like they don't want to relent and it kind of looks like a war like situation is being created yeah you know I've always that goes back to the peaceful warrior right I've always been an advocate of peace of diplomacy and so even when America went to war with Iraq and there was people marching in the streets I went in March because I was against the war in a similar situation here you know Iran is the country of my birth but I've grown up in America now for you know 40 years and so I just don't want a war because I know that there will be a lot of lives innocent lives lost and I try as much as I can through my stand-up comedy through some advocacy to try and push for peace as much as I can end of the day though again you feel helpless because you go no matter what I say or do these two governments don't seem to be looking to find a resolution but does the immigrant AG ever Gorby I consider myself very American I grew up in America and you know the culture that I know is an American culture whether it's you know my my first comedic influence was Eddie Murphy when I was a kid I know American music I know American movies that's what I grew up with and so yes I felt very comfortable as an American but then when you see this backlash the current backlash that's come under Trump I ally myself with the immigrants to go as much as I thought I wasn't you know past that title and I'm American well here we go now you're telling us again you know you're doing a travel ban to ban Iran in American Syrians all these people from coming you know so yeah I think that unfortunately the immigrant title does not go we don't have such issues here in Singapore because you know we believe in inclusiveness diversity is big here yeah but we have a bigger challenge and that's to make Singaporeans laugh yes I don't know if you've done your research they score quite down on the laughter in there yeah so what do you have up your sleeve for the Singaporeans laughs I do no you know it's funny yeah I am first of all like I said I love the diversity and so I'm looking forward to that I have faith in the audience that's gonna be there that they know how to laugh so I'm hoping that the people that come to the show please people laugh I'm telling jokes don't take anything seriously just laugh whatever I say laugh so not many people in this region might know but you have a very strong Indian connection as strong as it gets yeah your better half is from India absolutely and you make a lot of jokes about Indian accent yes you make a lot of fun about your father-in-law how did that go initially at home I'm sure it didn't go down well actually it's interesting so I'm married an Indian woman she's from Kerala she was born in Kerala grew up in America and then her parents obviously came later in life and so is the honest truth is I for whatever reason I'm not a big impersonator like I'm not someone who can do a lot of impersonations but for whatever reason I'm very good at doing her father's voice it's the weirdest thing and so you would think that he would take offence at it but no it's the exact opposite he likes it when I talk about him when he's at the show and I do his voice he is loving it because he's saying hey he's talking about me and recently I haven't done a lot of my father in love but I'm gonna try right now to bring him back so first of all his name is about the charcoal money by dr. mani he's a dentist okay and when he talks when it talks it comes it comes from here and it's like this and then when he when he when he sees you it doesn't say nice to see you he says nice to meet you nice to meet you and I say sir we've met before he goes yes but every time I see you it's like meeting you again nice to meet you so it's got a very very it's up here I don't know how or why I don't know if it's from the South I don't know why but that's what it is so that's his accent is like that so there you go mouths lastly what's up on agenda and Singapore other than the act are you going to get into food because food is really big in Singapore some chicken rice black pepper crabs what's on the agenda I'm doing any and all of it you know I mean the good news is few things first of all the good news is I have my family with me so they want to go up see stuff so I have to go see second thing that's great is that we've now been on this side of the world for a little bit so really our time change because we were last in Melbourne so it's only a two hour time difference so I'm ready to see Singapore and experience it oh well we are glad that you're awake and ready to see Singapore and make Singapore glass absolutely thank you mother brown either the pleasure talking to you and all the best for your show thank you very much thank you

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