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Pedro Pascal Shows Jimmy How to Crack a Whip

-Let´s talk
about "Kingsman" now. -Okay.
-"The Golden Circle." Here you are, amazing cast —
Colin Firth, Channing Tatum, Julianne Moore,
Jeff Bridges, Halle Berry. -I think it´s just really brave
of Fox to make a big — You know, to do a — make a
sequel with a bunch of nobodies. [ Laughter ] -Thank you,
that´s really good, yeah. -You know?
-It´s great, it´s fast, it´s funny. There´s a lot of high-tech
weaponry and things like that in this "Kingsman" thing. And then, your weapon
is not a high-tech. You have a lasso and a —
and a whip. -I get primitive. -Yeah, you have
a whip and a lasso. Were you —
-I have a whip and a lasso, yeah.
-Was it CGI´ed in the movie? -Well, okay, I was —
I was really bad at the lasso. -Okay.
[ Light laughter ] You´re just going to say it?
-I was — I sucked at it. -Okay.
-Can I say that on what we´re on right now?
-Yeah, yeah. Please, we just threw an
axe at a man´s crotch. -So, like, the lasso,
I just had to stand there and just be like — You know. [ Laughter ] You know. [ Laughter ] -So it was all a fake rope,
so you had to do that? -I mean, I had rope that, like, no longer continued past
my thumb. [ Laughter ] -So you were basically… -Matthew Vaughn´s gonna kill me.
The director´s gonna kill me. He´s going to be like, "Pedro!"
-I could have done — I could have done, yeah.
So, you had to do that. How many takes did
you have to do of that? -I had to do it for,
like, four months. [ Laughter ] -That´s pretty —
That´s soul crushing. But, you know, you did it
and it looks so, so great. But then, you — The lasso…
-I caught a couple of chairs. [ Light laughter ] Pulled them in. -So, the lasso´s one thing, the whip, you kind
of mastered the whip. -Well, I mean, I…
-You got the whip crack. -I — I feel — I felt
more confident with the whip. It — I enjoyed it more. [ Laughter ] -Yeah, see I´m more confident
with the Nae-Nae, but you do the whip…
[ Laughter ] [ Rim shot ]
Thank you, thank you, Questlove. Thank you, thank you.
-You´re — you´re pretty good with an axe.
-Yeah, I appreciate that. But, we happen to have…
-Oh, gosh. [ Cheers and applause ] -A real — A real one. Wait, wait, wait. If you´re to —
If you´re going to do anything, you have to put these on.
-No, I´ll keep these. -Okay.
-Yeah. -All right, then,
I´ll put these on. -Yeah, you put those on.
[ Laughter ] -Whatever´s safer for you.
Where are you going to whip? -I´ll go over here. Oh, my God, what if this like — What if this is one of
those moments I look back on for the rest of my life
as like — That I never came back from. -No, no, this is going
to be great. [ Whip crack ] [ Cheers and applause ]
[ Band plays ] [ Whip crack ] [ Cheers and applause ]
[ Band plays ] Dude, just stop!
Just stop that right now! Put it down! Put it down
or I´ll get security. Security, get that thing
out of his hand. Dude, respect, respect, respect.
-It´s very addictive. It´s addictive. -Can we see that? [ Cheers and applause ] Can we see that in slow motion? That was nice. [ Whip crack ] All right, we don´t have to see
that in slow motion. Don´t have to see everything
in slow motion. [ Light laughter ] I was scared.
I´ve never dealt with it. That was — All right, I want
to show everyone a clip. I want to show everyone a clip
from the movie. Here´s Pedro Pascal in
"Kingsman: The Golden Circle." Take a look at this. -That´s not what I call
a Kentucky welcome. Manners maketh man. Let me translate that for you. [ Grunting ] [ Glass breaking ] [ Rope spinning rapidly ] [ Grunting ] [ Country music playing ] -Aah! Ugh! [ Cheers and applause ] -Pedro Pascal, everybody.

49 thoughts on “Pedro Pascal Shows Jimmy How to Crack a Whip

  1. Jimmy didn’t even mention Taron Egerton as one of the cast in Kingsman??? Like he is the main character as well😫

  2. Jimmy Fallon is beyond cringy… can’t even watch these interviews, I try sometimes, but it’s too hard.

  3. When he was in game of thrones and in kingsman he looked odd to me but his personality on top of that is like damn

  4. I don't watch much tv, but I keep landing on stuff he worked on and I gotta say – he's consistently awesome.

  5. The lasso is impressive… but I just can’t get over the undershirt, skinny tie slanted + wide collar, and lack of belt…

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