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Pee-Wee's Playhouse - Innuendo and Adult Humor - Part 1

from the corner fudge is made here comes the most beautiful woman in puppetland loafie we hello everyone I just stopped by to help you get ready for the party peewee oh I brought everything with me I'm gonna change later on into my hostess pajamas mm-hm and I walked yeah they do look at my poorly don't defeat you know I sure do wish I had a new pair of boots wish did somebody say wish table Curtis did Jambi he needs a new pair of boots would it be alright if I gave him my wish sure it would peewee but you know you only get one wish a day are you sure you want to yes I'm sure doing something for someone else will make me feel good alright then one pair of cowboy boots coming up what size size 12 ee blood big feet well you know what they say know what the big feet big boots here comes miss Yvonne good morning everyone cocky are you okay I'm feeling like hit it hi I'm almost finished here cocky well who is this Johnny Wilson authorized conky repairman at your service miss Yvonne I just have a few more switches to tighten up here I wrench is that a wrench in your pocket huh that's a wrench thank you very much miss you bye everybody see you next week same peewee time same peewee Channel mm-hmm by the way Calvin Curtis whatever did happen on that date with miss Vaughn GP we I I guess I don't remember hungry to me three me floor all right all right I get the message miss Vaughn if you're not busy we'd love to have you for snack time we're not gonna eat miss Vaughn why are we peeling no cherry she's going to be our guest Oh pure luck oh look at the horsey do you think you'll let me ride you see why not let me give you a boost up ready are you okay miss Yvonne yes Thank You peewee oh and thank you big fella oh well bye

42 thoughts on “Pee-Wee's Playhouse – Innuendo and Adult Humor – Part 1

  1. I was watching Pee-Wee on Netflix with my kid.. I picked a few adult jokes and thought let me google this crap.

  2. I grew up watching this show and never noticed the female characters. Miss Yvonne had her cleavage hanging out all the time. She was basically a slut in plain sight. The short cab driver lady named Dixie that blew the horn before cartoon king guy entered the playhouse was modest. I had not seen the show since I was a kid. Just recently started watching it on Netflix. As an adult the sexual innuendo and adult humor jumps out at me. I find myself thinking naughty thoughts about Miss Yvonne and Dixie.

  3. I was thinking these were pretty benign and some not even really innuendos, then I watched the last clip with Yvonne riding the horse

  4. I swear i didn't kno that jimm smit and Larry fishburne….i saw this as a kid and i really really missed alot of the joke!!!Cowboy Curtis….cocky repairman….lol!!!!!HAHAHAHA!!!!!SUPER FUNNY!!!!!

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