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PEOPLE YOU MAY KNOW Official Trailer (2017) Comedy Movie HD

We have someone here we want you to meet. Yeah, all you to do is just Clooney Trumper and your gold. Or do yourself Oh please, I Clooney charmed you the day we met What, what are you talking about? I did. I gave you gravity Clooney with a little bit of three kings mixed in. You never even saw it coming I’m not in social media at all Someday I want to be able to tell my children that their mother and I were at the same place at the same time that I had got up the courage to say hi I’m Jed. Tasha. It’s really sweet, but if I meet a guy I have to be able to Google him like a deep gook I want to know his likes and his unlikes. Don’t you mean dislikes Hey, Jed. I love that picture of you with Usher. Yeah, that was a fun night. When was that? Listen you’re obviously a gifted artist I Want to help you help me with what? I’m interested to see if I can take someone like you and grow their following to a significant place Jed, you are gonna be the guy every girl wants to be with. Frankie Doinghan. Jed! I have not seen you since high school! Actually that’s not true, we’re facebook friends She has got your life looking so incredible. I mean I’m your closest friend and you are not that exciting Oh my god. Usher, he’s here. Relax, there’s no way he’s seen the picture. The picture’s been liked over a million times Yo, Usher! Just act like a Fan. Jed right? From Vegas How are you? Ah man, cool You remember when we would spend maximum an hour a week in front of a computer I used to have to write things down on paper. Whoa four million followers. Who’s this? Just a regular guy. Good work Tash Why did you start lying about yourself? I just didn’t think the real me was enough I’m not gonna get that Yeah you are gonna get that. This is the universe reaching out to you in the form of Usher You don’t screen Usher’s phone calls It’s a miracle Where are you going? I don’t know let’s find out

100 thoughts on “PEOPLE YOU MAY KNOW Official Trailer (2017) Comedy Movie HD

  1. It'll be funny in 50 years when we look back and say social media was what we did for fun. Just like drive-in movies were the thing for our grandparents.

  2. A true masterpiece of cinematic excrement! Nauseating, utter bollocks. It's as if the script were written by a 12 yr. old girl.

  3. I like this idea! Watching a movie of "if I did that or someone did that" and exploring that whole idea.

  4. He should have bang Tasha, that would be interesting because all he ever wanted to meet someone at "The right momeng & The right place" tasha it is! they met at that coffee shop

  5. This movie is sad. The only reasons i say that is because of how it honestly depicts our society and the addiction it has to social media. Other than that, the female in the movie is a complete selfish bitch.

  6. This is a fucking dumbass liberal snowflake bitch made movie. I have never had any social media and in 28. More important things to worry about like working 60 hours a week building this country and serving this country in Afghanistan. Not having an immature faggot ass Facebook. Bunch of cock smokin cunts

  7. Actually, this is the male dilemma — modern feminist equality demands that men be "special" and high status. No woman ever wants an equal, so the man is forced to try to be something he is not. If girls climbed off their high horses and accept men as they would want to be accepted, the world would be very different, but girls can't do that. That's why the term "woman" is entirely meaningless.

  8. Tbh i actually wish these things would happen more often ppl falling in love without the internet i hate living in a city.

  9. reality hurts i know, but whats so social about any media if it isnt in person ? wheres the fun pleasure or life ? whats the point of a life if you just pres likes all day long you ppl are wasting your lifes day will come when youl regret it youl see!

  10. I guess the time has come where they can make a movie about a rebellious guy who …. refuses to use social media. Hollywood = bankrupt of ideas.

  11. lol i just realizes, except this account, I'm completely offline, no Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or whatever else exist.. and just like him, I wanna meet my future Wife through real life contact just like I meet my Girlfriend.

  12. Ugh! The billionth movie trailer that starts with a stock shot of a urban city, cuts to "backstory" life-style references of the lump of a white male main character, then it's the same old billionth time of unattractive, unlikable, uninteresting heteronormative boy-meets-girl mess wherein everyone has no honor, dignity, or maturity. The whole purpose of the plot is to get this guy laid? Really? Yet another billionth "comedy" that lacks humor — except for the cheap attempt at stereotype gays thrown in. No originality, no innovation, no education, no inspiration. Is the audience supposed to think the film is "hip" because they reference modern technology and social media? Please. Who is this film made for? How about the guy signing up for GreenPeace or Peace Corps? An insult to audiences and an embarrassment to all involved — including the stunt casting of Usher, whose real life sexual shenanigans is far more interesting than anything here. F –

  13. Usher? Never heard him; never will. I'd screen my calls if he was harassing me. Good luck with a movie hinged on a rap music guy.

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