Laughter is the Best Medicine

Peridot laughing and fangirling

[Gasping] It’s Blue Diamond! Wait, are they all here? Ahhh! Yes! There she is! Behold! Yellow Diamond! Isn’t she magnificent? Are you joking me? The Diamonds are the gems matriarchs! Together they make up the great Diamond Authority, that governs Homeworld and all the outlying colonies! We live to serve them! Hey, I think that’s a control surface over
there! Let’s take a look! Yeah! [Giggling] Yeahhh- iuhhhhh. This is so incredible! Only the most elite of the elite can enter
these sanctums. We are literally walking in the footsteps
of the Diamonds. Oh, my goodness! This looks like it could be brand-new! I mean, it’s a relic by today’s standards, but, golly, it’s so elegant, so simple, so perfect! [Giggling] Mmñejejejeje.

30 thoughts on “Peridot laughing and fangirling

  1. "We live to serve the diamonds"

    Well, Peri, I live to see your stupid clod face and hear your voice and laugh.

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