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Periods Aren’t That Gross

– Hey boys. – How’s it goin’ fellas? – We’re here to talk to
you about our bodies. – More specifically, what goes on during that time of the month. – You know, when Aunty
Flow comes to visit. – When the old red ribbon
is hangin’ on the door. – Shark week, the blob,
riding the cotton pony to blood town. – [All] Our periods. – Because they’re really
not that big of a deal. Here are some facts. – From adolescence until middle-age, the majority of women have
their period once a month. – The bleeding generally
lasts for between three to five days and produces
about this much blood per hour. Fine, right? – Literally every woman
you know does this. – Periods are a totally
healthy, normal thing. – In fact, the only
threat to a woman’s health during their period is that all the blood in the toilet will attract
snakes and aligators that live in the sewers up the pipes. – And this honestly happens so often that you just get used to it. – That’s why women go to the bathroom in groups, to fight off the gators. It’s also why our purses are so big. – Biologically, women menstruate because instead of having a
liver or kidneys, we each have a powerful demon
that lives inside of us. That’s why we can’t drink
as much as you boys. – The demon lives on blood,
so we drain ourselves of it monthly so it can’t get too powerful and plunge the world
into a terrible hellscape of our own making. – The demon lets our bodies know when we have to start bleeding by giving us cramps and making us super
grumpy for, just like, a couple days. – It’s totally natural, so get used to it. – Here are some myths that
you may have been told. – Myth, you can’t have sex on your period. – Not true. You just have to be careful of the teeth. – Myth, tampons make
you lose your virginity. – The only thing that makes
you lose your virginity is sex. This is just a thing to
stop that blood that would otherwise pour out of
us so fast that we’d be floating off the ground
like a ball in a fountain. – Myth, period blood can be
used to stop forest fires. – This isn’t true. You’re thinking of water. – So dudes, now that
you have all the facts, let’s just chill out with
all of the period comments. – Because it’s totally natural
and it’s totally normal. – And it happens to me. – And me. – And me. – And me. – And me. – And it’s not gonna stop
just because you hate it. – Oh and one more thing. Sometimes you shit during your period and the toilet is just like a huge pool of blood and shit just
floating around in there together and mixing up just like a big ole tiki cocktail of bodily waste. Oh, yeah, that part of it is pretty gross. Hello, I’m Siobahn from CollegeHumor. To subscribe to the
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100 thoughts on “Periods Aren’t That Gross

  1. WHAT? * nervously kicks mysterious object under the couch * NO, there is NO DEMON * walks backwards to the door and locks it behind me * Hey, can I show you something in the basement that is defiantly not going to erase all memory of this video because men were not supposed to know about the demon that TOTALLY doesn't exist? This way.

  2. This is sooo fake

    Girls don’t shit!! wow how they tried to trick us but I know my girl facts. so do your research next time.

  3. A demon dancing around inside us is normal when on a period?
    I thought that was only normal if you missed your period.

  4. C'mon ladies… a cleveland steamer on your tits isn't gross. It's time to "woman up" and just accept it.

  5. How can you use a hashtag in this day and age? Don’t you know that the hashtag symbol is made from H H? As in Heil Hit%&r…. should be ashamed of yourselves.

  6. Okay but this really reflects how clueless guys are about menstruation. Like, can you believe that they don’t realize we eat our tampons when we’re finished to reabsorb the iron we lost? Absolutely clueless, I’m telling you.

  7. When you have your period it actually means you are healthy! And means your not pregnant! (If it’s good or bad for you) 🤗

  8. Gents, buy the little lady in your life a 12-gauge for her birthday. There's no reason she should have to fight off the toilet gators with only a machete! It's CURRENT YEAR, for crying out loud!

  9. That's like saying talking about us nutting is ok to talk about yea we dump that's shit every day but we dont plop down at the table and be like "just got done beating my dick"

  10. If you’re on your period right now

    Go take a warm bath get cozy and use your phone or read a book
    Have a great day 🙂 and never feel embarrassed about it!
    It’s natural…. (I’m a man btw)

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