Laughter is the Best Medicine

Personal Assistant | Bengali Comedy Movie | English Subtitle | Bhanu Bandopadhyay

What happened? He sneezed. What do you mean? – He sneezed. You are a modern young man and you believe in these things?
Come. This is the most modern set. You’ll get the best reception. Yes. When you get it installed properly… …lt’ll appear as if the singer… …is singing in front of you. It is a good set… …and hence the price will also be a little high. Well, it is a little… – Hey, Joy is here. Come. Come. Now tell me whether you’ve liked the set? I would suggest that you buy it. Sit down. What news? Uncle, you wanted a radio technician. – Yes. I’ve brought him. He’s my friend. His name is Rama Gupta. – What Gupta? Rama Gupta. Rama Gupta. – Yes. Why do you’ve a female name? My name is Ramapada Gupta. They’ve cut it short. They want the best but will not pay the price. Miserly people who would even eat less to save money. Where did you learn the skills? Uncle, he is a good radio mechanic. He can touch a radio and tell what the problem is. Is that so? – Yes. Where did you work before this? I’ve done the job at various places, but… This is not good. You’ll not stick. No, you hire me and see. I’ll stick. Fine, I’ll hire you and see. I’ll pay you a salary of rupees 100. Will that be
sufficient? Of course, why will not be sufficient? It will be sufficient. I’ve hired you from this moment. Don’t you have manners? The moment I’ve hired you, you have become an employee. Get up and stand. You told me to sit down. I cannot get up till you order me to stand up. Is that so? Fine. Ganen. Sir. Take him to Mr. Mukherjee. He will work in replacement for Haripada. Go. Our factory’s chief engineer will show you your work. Go, do your work properly. Did you get me! Go. Uncle, can I leave now? – Okay. How are you? – Fine. This is your work table. Your tools are here. That is the electric line. I’ll send a radio for you to test. The news in headlines… …are being repeated. Mr. John Anderson has been awarded the prize in
literature… …for his novel City Life. Today, representing India in the section of novels… We are grateful to have got the opportunity… …to felicitate the famous laureate… …Mr. Ramapada Gupta for his latest novel ‘Abaitarak’… …and we are proud to have him with us. As a token of our appreciation… …we are giving to Mr. Gupta this radio set. Hell! Oh my God… – What have you done? You’ve broken a radio set. Now, you go and tackle the owner. The first day itself this is how he works. Will he be able to stick for more than two days? What happened? The set fell down and broke. No it fell down. – Did it fall down on its own? Is this the result of giving you a job on Joy’s
recommendation? Catch him. Please! Listen. Are you looking for Mr. Ramapada? And you? I’m also waiting for him. How much does he owe you? – What? How much does he owe you? No, I’m his friend. Does he owe you? – Yes. He owes me the house rent. Will you get it today? – I might not. Then? – I chase him up daily. That’s alright. He doesn’t have a job. Will it be useful chasing him? He doesn’t depend on a job. He writes novels and poetry. He has given some already for publication. It may be published any moment and he will pay me my money. Is that so? Then you wait but I’ll leave now. I am hearing this for the last two months. I’ve not seen the publication or any of the publishers. Then he must have gone to the publishers. Not at all. He has not gone to the publishers. He has gone on a picnic. Picnic! “Ko is in Kolkata.” “Kho is nearby it.” “Ga is in Gangadas.” “Una is always next to Gha.” “K. Kh. Ga. Gha. Una.” “K. Kh. Ga. Gha. Una.” “I am in Chamcham. I am Cha.” “It is mixed with the sweetmeats and is entangled with
them.” “When you mix the red chilly in this…” “…it gets too spicy to eat.” “T. Tha. Cha. Jha. I.” “T. Tha. Cha. Jha. I.” “Ta in Tekhal. Tha is in Thumri.” “Da isn’t scared of anyone.” “Dha is the elder brother of Da.” “Ta. Tha. Da. Dha. Na.” “Ta. Tha. Da. Dha. Na.” “Ta and Tha runs tadatadi(fast).” “And Da gets tired pretty fast.” “Dha is in Dhan(grains) And gives us life.” “Na is in Nassi which we mix in meals.” “Ta. Tha. Da. Dha. Na.” Why did you call for me? Why did I call for you? As if you don’t know. Where did you go? You left my uncle’s shop that day… …and after that you’re not to be seen. My uncle is raising a storm. How do you manage to create all these troubles? It’s that sneeze. What! – Sneeze. Sneeze? That person sneezed when we were entering the shop that day. That day itself I knew that the job will not stick. Enough of your superstitions. I’ll tell you why I called you. I’ve arranged for a good job for you. Please don’t lose this job also. Have you already arranged? – Not yet but I’ll. Look at the places marked in red. The managing director of a company is looking for a personal
assistant. He should be pass. You are a double graduate. Apart from that the person should know typing and shorthand
and… …should also know how to drive a car. You know everything. But this says that they would prefer a woman. There is no woman in Bengal who… …has all these skills and qualities. Start typing. No, not at all possible. They don’t employ men in that company. The lady managing director is a tough one. Lady managing director! – You don’t bother. Come and type the application. Come. This I’ll not get. That you leave it to me. What? You are discarding all the male applications, isn’t it? Are you standing watching that? What else can I do? If this was your intention then you should have mentioned… …in your advertisement that males need not apply. By inviting their applications and rejecting… I had invited male applications only as per your advice,
father. But, I’m not doing any injustice. I’ve mentioned that preference will be given to women. The girls are very highly qualified these days. There you are right. But it is different in this case. Among all the applications if there is some quality… …then some are also missing. No one has all the qualities that we asked for. But this applicant has all the qualities required and… …some more qualities apart from that. He is a double graduate. Read it. Let me see. Rama Gupta. And what else does it say? From the point of view of qualification he is exemplary. He is no doubt highly qualified. What I was telling you is that… …for the post of your personal assistant… …it’s better if you take a male even if he is a little
less qualified. Your business is export and import. Your personal assistant will have to move around a lot in… …government offices and do a lot of out door work. That job in my opinion… …can be handled better by a male. Father, don’t you’ve confidence in me? Don’t say like that. You’ve misunderstood me. I’ve full confidence in you. You’re like a son to me. I was only suggesting so that… …your labor is reduced. No, father, there is no problem for me to work hard. The girls these days are capable of working hard. They are more sincere. The males are lazy and escapists. Fine, you do what you want. I’ll not be a hindrance to your
work. Mister, what have you come here for? Why? The interview letter. One male candidate! What’s this? Why are you standing? Sit down. Have you called a male candidate also? – No, why? One male candidate has come. Send him in. You come. Me? – No, him. Me? – Yes. The MD is calling you. Come with me. Go inside. Have you got the interview letter? Yes, madam. Show it to me. Is your name Rama Gupta? In English you may write Gupta. In Bengali it’s actually
Gupto. Is your name Rama? Yes, Ramapada. But I’ve cut it short to Rama. Then you’ve acted smart. No, that’s how I write. Moreover, there was no mention that males should not apply. Are you a science graduate? – Yes. You know typing? – Yes. Driving? – Yes. I know a lot of other things like music etc. I don’t want to know all that. Call the manager. – Yes. Give paper to all the candidates. I’ll personally come and give the dictation. – Yes, madam. Listen. Take this also. Take this gentleman also along with you. Come. You sit in this room. All of you come. All of you be ready. The MD will personally come and give the dictation. Give me two sets. What did you say? Give me two sheets of paper and two pencils. Why? – I’ll write with both hands. When in a hurry I need to do it then I write with both
hands. Please be seated. Get ready for your dictation. Shall we start? Unemployment possesses serious problems. Have we seen the end of the era of whole employment? Kindly give the location. In the USA comma… …where the economic recovery hasn’t progressed in many
months comma… …though it is a serious problem in particular areas. Stop. The government has now announced several plans… …for attracting manufacturing plants to suppress these
areas. Stop. If one can believe the statistics comma… …unemployment is not a serious problem in this engine
driven comma… …however comma the successive BP measures respects this. They do not propose to do away the earlier measures. Semi
colon. And it seems it is rather futile to extend if the government
doesn’t act. The authorities don’t readily approve of… …measures which are not scheduled to help the depressed. Neither industrialists… …nor economists are entirely happy about this… …policy of forcing industry into religious… Into regions. Typical of Scotland and various places… …Swiss companies do not choose an open competition. Stop. The schedule of this principle… …and problem on a modern scale is a necessity. Stop. Ms Parat, put them on typing. Note the timing and give me the papers after they finish. Peon. Now start. Stop! You think that you are great. Why? You destroyed the chances of all these girls. Did I do anything wrong? – Did you not? You don’t get excited and please listen to me. You women are very jealous. If any one of you would’ve got the job… …then all the other women would’ve burnt in jealousy. Did I not do good, by spoiling the chance of all you? Mr. Gupta, the MD is calling you. Come. The MD is calling me and I’ve to go. You’ve to agree to many conditions if you’ve to be employed
by us. Tell me. Apart from other conditions it’ll be a contract for 5 years. 5 years? Looks like a government plan. If you leave the job before 5 years or over… …then you’ll have to pay back all the salary that you
drew. Yes. If you ask me to leave, then? We will pay you the full salary for 5 years. Then I’m ready. Fine. The next condition is that… …l’ve an out house in my bungalow… …and you’ve to stay there. Okay. The duty is for 24 hours. You cannot go out without my permission. Okay. Is there any other condition? No. Ms Parat. Cut and prune the grass. This place looks crowded. There are too many flower pots there. There is a whole lot of flowers right here. Okay. – Take some and put them in the madam’s room. Have you come? – Yes, father. There was an incident in the office today. What incident? That Rama Gupta, whose applications I had shown you. What happened to her? That person is a male and not a female. Is that so? – Yes. His name is Ramapada Gupta. He has cut it short to Rama. I see. You tell me papa. If someone writes Rama instead of Ramapada… …will it not be mistaken for a woman. Anybody would be mistaken. Did you take his interview or… …did you discard him because he is a male. When I’ve called him then how can I refuse to interview him? Moreover, there was no one… …as efficient as him amongst all the girls that had come. That I could make out by seeing the application. Now you’ve selected a male instead of female. How will you manage now? What can I do? I’m compelled to offer him a job. I thought he’ll refuse the job on contract basis, but he
agreed. He has agreed, but have you offered him the job? I’ve no other way. From tomorrow onwards he will stay in our
quarter. That’s good. If you’d not have given him the job then it would’ve been an
injustice. Dear, the competent man must be given… …due recognition for his competence. You see, he will be a good worker. See, I’m standing here and talking to you and forgot
everything. Have you had your tea? How can I? You got delayed and I’m waiting for you, dear. Come, let us have tea. – Let’s go. “You will have to go alone in the next carnival.” “Your old friend won’t be there to sing a song for you.” “You will have to go alone in the next carnival.” “Your old friend won’t be there to sing a song for you.” “The old friend who used to sing and entertain you all the
times.” “The old friend who used to sing and entertain you all the
times.” “…who used to fill you with dreams.” “Will you remember those times? And even if you miss him…” “…he won’t be there to sing a song for you.” “You will have to go alone in the next carnival.” “Your old friend won’t be there to sing a song for you.” “When your happy days will come…” “…you say forget him who has gone.” “…forget him who’s gone.” “But remember that I will always be there for you.” “I will always keep you in my heart.” “Give me send-off with a smile.” “Give me send-off with a smile.” “Don’t be upset when I leave.” “Our happy days will be back.” “You will have to go alone in the next carnival.” “Your old friend won’t be there to sing a song for you.” Please, complete the entries in this register. I’ve got a marriage invitation today. I’ll have to go early. Listen. – Tell me. Will you have this chocolate? – No. Please have it. Didn’t you shift to the office quarter? – Yes. Be careful and don’t lose this job. In this world it’s easy to reach the moon but… …it’s difficult to get a job. This job is not good if I leave but it’s good if they send
me off. What do you mean? If they send me off then they’ll have to pay me 5 years
salary. Is it? What happened to my poem? They say that if it’s not written by a reputed writer… …the readers are not interested in reading them. How strange? The famous man has to make a beginning. You go to Mr. Uma Shankar. That’s a good suggestion. Will you go with me? – Yes. Now I’ll take leave. – Yes, you go. Will you not have tea? The employer is looking after me very well. How about your colleagues? They are some botheration. – What? I’ll tell you some other day. Sir, I was telling you… Is that so? Mistakes happen. Be careful. I’m fed up of all these problems. A bunch of useless people. How do I tell you? Sit down. – Yes. Hope you’re not offended because I delayed. No, I thought you’ve wound up your business. Not only you, everybody thought so. I didn’t mean that way. The old man told me that you don’t come to the office, so I
thought so. They are happy if I don’t come. Leave that. Tell me, what’s the news? I’ve brought some fresh poems. You’ve to publish them. Yes. What is the use of making any Tom Dick and Harry read it. How many Laureates are left? You run such a big news paper. You’re also a famous publisher. A real lover of literature. That’s alright. But it’s a new writer. – That’s true. What is the point in talking other things? My business is only with famous writers. You know it very well. Okay, I’m coming. This photograph? She left me very early. I heard. You have broken down. Will I not break down? There is nobody to look after me at this age. Age? You are not looking very old. It’s only the baldness on your head. But that too, all famous men have. What? – Yes. Shall I tell you something? – Yes, tell me. I hope you’ll not misunderstand me. – No, tell me. You should get married. Marriage? – Yes. But the girl? I’ll arrange for that. Leave that responsibility to me. The person who wrote these poems is my sister. Not my own but a distant relation. She is very beautiful. But she is very adamant. She only wants to marry a famous Laureate. So many proposals came. But she refused them all. Is that so? – Yes. She is also involved in the publications… …of the women’s association. She is your fan. Is that so? Let me see. Let me see the poems. – Here they are. Wow! Has a good handwriting. – Yes. Wow! ‘Ln the ship of life’ ‘I came here.’ ‘I have found you.’ The poem is good. What is her name? Name? It’s Minu. Minathi Mitra. A sweet name. A name befitting a poet. Don’t disturb me now. Go. Good. You tell her that… …in the women’s magazine that I publish… …her poem will appear on the first page. Now that I’ve known her ideals… …l’ll personally publish her poems. It’s your greatness. There is nothing great in this. A capable person has to be recognized. – That’s true. I’ll take leave now. – Fine. Greetings. – Greetings. Joy, listen. I was telling you. – Yes, tell me. What I was telling you is that… …bring her along with you one day. Of course I will. – Of course. But let the poems be published. – Of course. Greetings. – Greetings. Joy. Bring her along. – Of course. Don’t forget. I am leaving. What a nice name, Minathi. He is coming. – Really? Is he coming? Let us see. Let us
see. Hey, what happened? No salutation, why? Is he some respected elder? Then is he your beloved? No, I cannot write that. Now you write. It is going to be fun. “It can’t be ‘respected, sir’.” “‘O revered’ is impossible.” “Shall it be ‘O beloved’ then?” “No, we can’t stoop to that level.” “It can’t be ‘respected, sir’.” “‘O revered’ is impossible.” “Shall I be ‘O beloved’ then?” “No, we can’t stoop to that level.” “It can’t be ‘respected, sir’.” “O Manorama, what if your get the surname ‘Pada’?” “Wow! That would be great.” “I don’t have beauty, nor do I have high heels.” “No, it can’t be ‘respected, sir’.” “No, it can’t be ‘respected, sir’.” “His name is Rama Gupta. It’s a lady’s name.” “Shame! Shame!” “That lady turned out to be a man and got a job here.” “No, it can’t be ‘respected, sir’.” “No, it can’t be ‘respected, sir’.” “The girl turned out to be a man. How did that happen?” “Oh God!” “We have to stick a moustache to him to identify him.” “No, it can’t be ‘respected, sir.” “‘O revered’ is impossible.” “Shall it be ‘O beloved’ then?” “No.” What is happening here? – See. If you all cannot maintain the discipline in the office… . I will dismiss all of you. They are misbehaving with me since long time. They offered me this Chocolate. From tomorrow onwards you sit in my chamber. Finding a man alone they are misbehaving with me. They shouldn’t behave like this with the man who is alone. Very objectionable. Mr. Gupta. – Yes, madam. Did you meet Mr. Mackenzie regarding the license? – Yes. What did he say? He said he will let us know in a few days. Hello. Yes, I am speaking. Is it Chitra? How are you? Yes. Have you read the Women magazine of this week? No? There is an interesting poem written by… …a new poetess called Minathi Mitra. You want me to read the poetry sitting in my office? Have you gone mad? Okay, I’ll read it for you. ‘I’ve seen men. A lot of them.’ ‘A strange creation by the lord of the universe.’ ‘They are like a bunch of flowers.’ ‘Flowers that are tied to the hairdo of a woman.’ ‘Bondage of shackles tied to a man.’ ‘Where is the manliness of a man? ‘ ‘He is merely a toy in a woman’s hand.’ ‘Ln his house he is respected but a slave.’ ‘To the outside world he pretends to be brave.’ ‘Merely the slave of the wife.’ What are you doing standing here? – Nothing. Then what do you want? – That poem. What will you do with the poem? Go and get me that report which you have prepared. Yes, madam. Madam. Madam. ‘The man who is capable of killing a tiger… ‘ ‘… is wasted running after a deer.’ ‘Such a man with all capabilities turns out to be useless.’ ‘That is the man that the lord has created.’ ‘Men I’ve seen. I’ve seen a lot of them.’ ‘Ln this jungle of the world he is the helpless being… …caught in the fangs of a snake.’ What are you staring here for? It’s regarding the report. Will you be at home? Yes, I might come over. I’m going out on urgent work. You handle everything as I
told you. Hello. Get me 241887. Ralleih & Co. Give me Joy Mitra. Who is that, Joy? Idiot! Are you annoyed? Tell me the reason. There was no other option. Nobody would publish it in your name. That’s why I had to use a false name. I’ve introduced you as my sister. The title had to match. That was the name that came to my mind. First you become famous. Then everybody will know who really Minathi Mitra is. Understood? – Is it? Okay. So you think that I’ll become famous. Are you angry that I called you an idiot? You also called me at times. I’m putting down the phone. Ramapada Gupta. Then you became Rama Gupta. Now you’ve become. Now you’ve become… …Minathi… …Mitra. May I come in? – Oh, yes. Where is she? She is gone out. You can tell me what it is, I’m her PA. Is it? How nice. But it’s personal. I see. – I can tell her when she comes back. Yes. Can I wait here till she comes? Of course, please sit down. She knows me. Why only she. Everybody in Kolkata knows me. My name is Mriduli Devi. I know you. I mean I’ve recognized you. You must be knowing how to play the piano. By looking at you and seeing you typing I guessed it. You must come with me. I can, but until she comes how will I go? She will be angry. – Never mind. I take the responsibility for that. – No. Please come. – Please try and understand my position. I’ll take care of everything. – She’ll not like it. I’ll talk to her you come along. I’m going to stage a charity show with these children. Let me introduce you. This is my husband Mr… Mr? – Ghosh. Greetings. He is a social worker. And also a business man. He is Rama Gupta. An accomplished pianist. – Thank you. What did I tell you? He is a pianist. I’ve brought him for you to listen to him playing the piano. That’s great. Today you’ll listen to some wonderful piano tunes. Come. Please, listen to me. – Don’t feel so shy. Why today may be some other day. Don’t delay any more. No, I mean… – Sit down. Sit down. Please play more. – No. This is enough for today. Didn’t I tell you that I can always recognize a genius But your music is more sweet than mine. You must teach me how to play the piano. Where will I find the time? You know everything. One day I don’t go to the office and everything is in a
chaos. Then? – Then? Then? – Then? I don’t want to listen anything but you will have to teach
me. When you are requesting so much I’ll teach you… …but you will have to keep my request. Tell me. First you set your finger by practicing on the typewriter. Typewriter! – Yes. That is my own system. Whatever you say I’ll listen to you. Okay. Then buy one typewriter. What happened you know? An important work… I don’t want to hear any thing. You’ll have to obey my
orders. Since I am paying your salary. I am sorry. Dear, give me tea. Thank you. Today’s servants are unreliable. Definitely he must have stolen the sugar. What are you telling father. My tea is not sweet. Give me more sugar. Has the doctor not advised you to have less sugar? Is it so. Don’t give. Take. So you are giving me sugar? Don’t ask for more. – I’ll not. How is Rama working? I told you earlier that the men these days… …have their mind outside when they work. Why? What happened? Yesterday when I left the office for… …some urgent work I advised him… …to remain in the office till I come back. When I came back he was not there. I heard that he had left the office immediately after I
left. I rebuked him a lot. Dear, yesterday I discussed with that boy for a longtime. In my opinion the boy is well behaved, soft and well
mannered. He must not have done it intentionally. There must have been some urgent work so he must have left. But, papa. See, Chitra has come. How are you dear? – Fine. Okay. Then both of you sit down and chat. I’ll get after the gardener. You are very punctual. Why? I’m only five minutes late. These things happen. Hey, where is your PA. This is not my office. – I know that. All your employees are female only. When you say personal it means… What nonsense are you talking? It means… – So what? You were telling me that he is very efficient. That he is so efficient that one has to see him to believe
it. If he is good will I not say so? I didn’t prohibit you. That’s why I feel like seeing him. Where is he? You are too much. What? You are scared of showing him to me? You’ve become shameless. Listen, he is my PA. Our relationship is purely official. That I can make out from your face. Do you know? – What? You stop doing engineering. You take up astrology and you’ll earn more. Really? I was really worried. I had already thought that… …if the ship is delayed we might be in a problem. That is why… This point you’ve clarified very well. This did not come to my mind. If this clause was not there they could have claimed damages
from us. I’m at ease with you around. Now you get ready. My mother is sick and I need to go on leave. But what will I do. You give me a temporary driver. At such a short notice how can I get you a driver? You leave him, I’ll drive you. You? – That will not be disrespectful for me. You can release him. Okay, you can proceed on leave. Has brother Rama come? You wait, I’m coming. Where did you find them? They always find me. Do you love children? – Yes. Do you mind? – No. “Ta. Tha. Da. Dha. Na.” “Ta. Tha. Da. Dha. Na.” “Ta and Tha runs tadatadi(fast).” “And Da gets tired pretty fast.” “Dha is in Dhan(grains) Which give us life.” “Na is Nassi which we mix in meals.” “Ta. Tha. Da. Dha. Na.” That’s enough for today. Rest tomorrow. Brother, Rama, when will you tell us a story? – Tomorrow. Surely you will tell us tomorrow? – Yes, of course. It’s already past evening, all of you go home. Did you call for me? – Yes. I’ve come into a problem and hence need your help. You are responsible for this. – Me? Yes. That day you gave the driver leave. Now I’ve to attend a
marriage. Why do you bother for this? You get ready I’m coming. You wait for sometime. I’ll be back soon. – Okay. Let us go. Mr. Rama, listen. You love flowers, isn’t it? – Yes. What? – This note book. Listen. Where did you get it? – While washing the car. Call Mr. Rama. He has gone out. – So early? He goes out everyday at this time. You can go now. Press it. I can’t do this. Why not? Have some patience. I’m not able to use all the fingers. You’ll be. Try again. I can’t play the piano. I’ve tried it for so many days. Then what’ll you play? The drum? Don’t tease me, Mr. Rama. Playing the piano was the dream that I’d when I was a
child… …and that which is still in my dreams as a young lady. But destiny has willed otherwise. Mr. Rama Gupta. – Yes, madam. I told you. No, that’s not possible. You know, there is a proverb that great things… …cannot be achieved by deceit. This is my longtime dreams. I’ve got vehicle, house, a husband costly sarees, shoes. I have got everything I want in life. But I have not got peace of mind. Except for this thing. If you get caught you will not be able to show your face. Whatever you’ve got you will lose that too. You don’t worry. I’ll manage everything. But you kindly agree for that, please. I’m prepared to spend money for it. You mean bribe? – Not bribe but fees to the teacher. You can take it as my heartfelt… Don’t say heartfelt or else I may cry. Then take it as compassion for this helpless woman. I’ll – Sure? I’ll tell you later but let me leave now. Yes, I’ll tell you later. What are you searching? Nothing. There is a dust. That’s the cleaner’s job, he will do it. You wait, I’ll come now. Here also you’re cleaning dust or what? No, not at all. Then? – That meter… Come. Let us go. Good morning, madam. – Good morning. Good morning. – Yes. I will do that. Yes. Sure. You are interested in literature, Isn’t it? Yes, madam. Then you must be familiar with the famous writers. I’ve friendship with the writers also. Did you go to your writer friend today morning? I went to a friend who is not a laureate. Whether the friend was a male or female? What do you mean? You must know Minathi Mitra very well. I’ve read her works but have not yet got introduced. Everyday you are spending time on that girl and… …I have got information about that. I can’t tolerate that you waste time on useless… …things and hamper my work. If you can’t tolerate then I’ll leave the job. You cannot say that you’ll leave the job. Don’t you remember the contract? I know. Is there any clause in the contract that… …I shouldn’t have any female friends? Then I’ll repay your salary. Don’t shout. Okay, I’ll not shout. In this problematic situation you want to quit the job? Okay, I’ll leave the job after the problems are over. Can I give you some more sugar? – No. Listen, things suddenly occurred and we… I mean… Listen, there were certain urgent matters which were to be
discussed. We’ve forgotten about that. Are you talking about the claim? Can’t we get anything from the Railways? Why not? I’ve discussed with our lawyers and prepared a draft. You can read it. When you’ve made the draft then I don’t have to read it. You should still read it. After this I may… So, you’ve decided to leave the job. That’s what was discussed. So… I’m leaving the job. But will you mind if I tell you something? Tell me. Why are you not telling me? Not today, some other day. Tell me today. No, some other day. No, tell me today. Will you give back Minathi Mitra’s note book? Whose? – Minathi Mitra’s. Who told you that I’ve her note book? If you wouldn’t have had her note book… …why would you ask whether I know her or not? So, you know her? Yes, I know her. I’ve that note book but I will not give it to you. What that note book is to me you’ll not know. That is enough. Am I a child? I’ve understood everything. You’ve understood nothing. – That’s enough. On what authority are you holding that book? What my authority is, do I’ve to know from you? Will you not return that book to me? – No. Will you not return that book to me? – No. So you’ll not. – No, not at all. Remember it’s your duty to work as per my orders. You can’t leave the job just like that. I hope, you remember the contract. You’ve to pay back all the salary that you’ve drawn from the
company. What is the matter? Have you come? Let us go. – Where? We’ve to find out the publisher of this women’s magazine. Why, suddenly? I need the address of Minathi Mitra. Minathi Mitra? Why do you need her address? I need it. She has got into the head of my PA. How did you know that? From this note book that I got in the car yesterday. Is that so? Are you feeling jealous? I don’t have any jealousy. I’m concerned with my work and my employees. Listen. Give the book back to Mr. Rama. Will it be right to unnecessarily spoil the life of a girl? What about me? Who will care for my damages? Is that so? Tell that. Listen, Chitra. No jokes. I’m concerned about my work and I want to concentrate on
that. Is that so? – Don’t talk nonsense. Are you coming with me or not? – I was suggesting… Then I’ll go alone myself. Listen, wait. What language! What poetry! She has the constitution of a poetess. Why do you’ve tell everything in a whisper? Go. Bring them. Welcome, greetings. Dear, Joy… Please sit down. Will you please give the address of… …Minathi Mitra who writes in your magazine? Minu! You mean Minathi Mitra? You can tell me whatever you want to tell her. I’ve her note book which was in my car. You can leave it with me. You can rest assure that she will get it. Actually I’ve a… You know what I mean. You might be her beloved. Do you know that she has another beloved? Otherwise why should her note book be with another man? How is that possible? I’ve got only today a sweet letter from her. Joy. Not exactly sweet but it’s something like that. I don’t want to know all that. Here is the note book which you can give to her. Before going I would like to tell you something. The book was found with my personal assistant. Hence be careful. Joy. – Idiot. Yes idiot. You called me an idiot? Listen, It was not meant for you. Believe me; I didn’t call you an idiot. Someone tells you something and you believe it. Listen to me first. I don’t want to listen anything. I’ve been made an idiot. No, you’ve not been made an idiot. Listen. After all that has happened you take it back now. Half of it has been published and the rest will not be
published. You’ll not publish it? – No. Are you threatening me? There are lot of publishers ready to publish my sister’s
works. Send the papers I’ll get them published else where. Joy, listen. Call the madam. Have you come? How long have you been waiting? Greetings. – Greetings. Sit down. Sit down. I’m ready. That is great. Dear, listen to this. He has agreed. Listen, dear. He wants only one thousand rupees for that. Of course I’ll pay you. I’ll earn the name and will I not pay you? Dear, why are you not saying something? Yes, you are right. We pay for so many useless things. This is after all for a good cause. Why thousand we will pay him whatever he wants. I wouldn’t have asked for the money if I would not have been
in problem. Then it’s agreed. I’m happy that you’ve agreed. Then let’s meet on Saturday. I’ll personally get everything organized. I’m feeling happy. Then let’s meet on Saturday. “Our country is great. There’s red, black and white.” “There’s joy and light. It fills my heart with happiness.” “There’s diversity in this country, but still there’s
unity.” “There’s a bizarre harmony of languages.” “The sound of rickshaw’s bell.” “There are trams. There are buses.” “Each one goes on curvy paths.” “And it’s not wrong here.” “I go straight…” “…but it appears…” “…I am going backwards.” “Our country is great. There’s red, black and white.” “There’s joy and light. It fills my heart with happiness.” “There are horses. There are cows” “There are donkeys. They too have a place here.” “I too have a place…” “…but you got me wrong.” “Our country is great. There’s red, black and white.” “There’s joy and light. It fills my heart with happiness.” “There are birds. There are animals.” “We have everything.” “But why do I always lag behind?” “Someone tell me!” “Our country is great. There’s red, black and white.” “There’s joy and light. It fills my heart with happiness.” “There’s diversity in this country, but still there’s
unity.” “There’s a bizarre harmony of languages.” “The sound of rickshaw’s bell.” Is your madam ready? She is asked you to go to office alone today. Why, is she not feeling well? – No, her mind is not alright. You go now. Gargi company. What? The MD hasn’t come. You can tell me any message. I’m her PA. PA, personal assistant. Has the shipment been made? Okay. Hello! Speaking! Is that Joy? Is there any important news? No I cannot come out. The employer hasn’t come and everything is on my shoulders
today. It’s easy to come out when the employer is not there? No, not at all. Wait, I’ll manage it some how. Ms. Parat, I’m going out. Anybody enquires then tell them that I’ll be back at 4
o’clock. Yes, speaking. Good afternoon, madam. There was no one in the room, so I picked up. Mr. Rama? He just now went out with a file in his hand. I don’t know. He has said that he will be back at 4 o’clock. You are coming just now? Okay. Tell me what it is without delaying. Have a cigarette. – No. That poetry book that you lost. Have you found it? No, I searched a lot but didn’t get it. I thought I’d left in the car but didn’t find it there also. How did you know that I’ve lost my poetry book? I know and you’ll not get it back also. Your boss, Ms Sen has give it to… …the publisher Mr. Uma Shankar. She has also said that her PA is… …mad after her and wasting his time. What? – Yes. Mr. Uma Shankar is wild on me. He has told me in clear terms that… …the publishing of your novel has been put on hold. Ms Sen has created such a big issue with that note book? I had rightly guessed that she has got the note book. But such a small issue… …did she behave so childishly? Listen Rama, shall I tell you something? Your Ms Sen has fallen in love with you. Fallen in love with me? Not impossible. Where will she get such a man? What about you? I also feel something for her. But when I look at her there is a fright. Something, like a bomb fright. I get shrunk like this. You get shrunk! What about publishing my novel? For that I’ve an idea. You have to dress like Minathi Mitra and meet the old man. You mean that I have to… – Yes. Take this. – What’s this? Sari and blouse. You mean me. No, I can’t. Then the novel will not be published. Not be published! No it will be published in your dreams. I can’t face that old man any more. You do one thing. You give this to me. Let this remain with me. You go and tell that old man… …that Minathi Mitra is out of station… …and will meet him the moment she comes back. I’ll tell him. Now I will write a love letter to him. In that love letter in a roundabout way… …l’ll write about how I lost my poetry book. I will also write that the novel will… …the point at which we will meet. I’ll tell that I’m waiting for the day when… …you’ll come and meet me with my novel. Now, the problem is solved. Okay. Will you go to your office now? Once I’ve come out, I’ve no intention of going there. Who’ that? – There is someone. I need the money. Now that I’ve got the chance then I’ll not leave it. What’s this new? I’ll tell you later. Ms Parat, close the office. You are here? You never come here, that’s why. No need arose for that, that’s why. Where did you go from the office today? Why did you not return back to office? I was in the office. You were in the office? – Yes. Someone has falsely complained to you. Then you were at the office? – Yes. Sit. Has the shipment matter been settled? That has been shipped. It has been shipped. The annual report that was to submitted that surely must’ve
been done. Long back. Why have you marked the 17 th of this month? You mean in the calendar? I like the number 17. Is that so? The accounts were to be completed and send to the auditors. Have you send it? – Yes. No you’ve not sent it. I was in the office today and left there after 6. You had gone to the office? I had gone to meet a friend. Friend! Must’ve been Minathi Mitra. – Yes. No. How can yes and no both be the answer? Listen to me. You don’t interrogate me like a police. You’re my dear. Dear! What do you mean. Just said it. Why are you so angry with me? I told you that I’ll leave the
job. Okay. I’ll also not compel you to stay back. I have to go out on an important work. But I’ve some important work with you too. But my work is very important. How do you know that it’s more important than mine? More over there is something called duty? But I told you that I’ll leave my job. You haven’t left as yet. I can get you arrested for breach of contract. Arrested! Welcome, greetings. He hasn’t come yet. I think that he’ll let us down. I’m getting worried. We’ll lose our respect and honor in the end. We can’t leave it at that. What can we do? The guests have become restless. You do something. Give them another round of tea. Drop me at Mriduli Devi’s house and… …then you can go wherever you want. Mriduli Devi’s house? Rubani has also come. He is also there. You can go wherever you want now. That’s alright. Come. Sorry, I’m late. Has the program started? – No, it hasn’t started yet. It will start now. – You seat Rubani. Okay. You get ready. You come. Get down. It’s alright. You look after your work. Don’t bother for me. I’ll find my seat. Okay. Thank you. Thank you. You come from the back side. I’ll come in a moment. Are you ready? – Yes. Ladies and gentleman! My wife, Mriduli Devi will play the Piano for you. All of you know her… …only as a social worker. But that she is an artist… …probably none of you knew. Why you even I, her husband, didn’t know about that. The day I came to know about it… …i can’t tell you how happy I was, I didn’t want to enjoy that happiness all alone. I wanted to share it with all of you… …hence I organized today’s program. Dear, come. Now Mriduli Devi will play the piano for you. Start. – Okay. Why a small one? Play a long tune. – Okay. Yes. Now Mriduli Devi will play one more tune. There she is continuing to play and here you have stopped.
Keep playing. She has got up. You also stop. You are playing the fool! – It’s you playing the fool. You ask me play and then again ask me to stop. I’ll get you. What are you doing? Have you gone mad? What are you doing? Get away from me. Don’t chase me. What are you doing? Move away. Sir. You’ve spend two days like this. Today also you haven’t gone to the office. After that incident how can I go? Then leave the job. You know that it’s not possible. Where will I get the money? After some days she’ll herself dismiss me. Is that so? You are after that 5 years salary. It’s not for money. I can’t go before her. Is anybody home? Lie down. Whom do you want? I’m told that Mr. Rama stays here. Please call him. Mr. Rama? You mean our Rama. He has cholera. – Cholera? Yes. I mean half cholera. – Okay. Get up, I’ve told that you’ve got cholera. You said cholera? Why not? The whole city has it and you can’t have it. Why are your scared? I haven’t told complete cholera. Only
half. Half? No, papa, that’s not the issue. Why can’t this man maintain office discipline? Does he think that he can do whatever… …he wants to get relived from me? I have taken full information about him. I have sent someone to his house. I find that you’re very disturbed by this issue. You do what you think is right. Did you find him? Yes, he has half cholera. What? Half? I’ve understood. He’s acting smart. You take an ambulance and few people. You bring him here in whatever condition he is. Yes. When you get your books published, you will be so famous. You can write under the name of Minathi Miyra and release in
the market. You wouldn’t have to work. Listen. Great novelists have written under the name of women. –
Right. The same woman has come with four more people. She has brought an ambulance also. They will get you. –
What? What shall I do? – Run away. Let me run away from here. Why do you need a coat? Let us run. – Yes. Come on. Thief! Help! I’ve escaped from pretending to have half cholera. If she gets my half head blown of and sends me off from
Kolkata? Forget it. Let’s move. Welcome Mr. Joy. I was waiting for you. The novel has been published. I’ve brought it. I’ve come prepared. Let’s go, Mr. Joy. Let me give this novel personally… …your sister and be graced. What great novel she had written. What great language. Why are you crying? Yesterday she passed away. She is the victim of this historic cholera. We are coming back after cremating her. That’s why we are in this condition. Why not. Such a famous personality of the nation is no more. It’s my ill fate. It’s my III fate that she is gone. But I’m in a problem now. What’s it? I’ve organized for a felicitation party tomorrow. Fine. – What do you mean by fine? You convert that felicitation party… …into a condolence meeting. How to do that? I can be done. How do I do that? Are you leaving? Mr. Joy. Don’t cry. Whatever had to happen has happened. Are you leaving? Yes, I’ll leave now. When Minathi is not there at least give me her book. I’ll
read it. Fine, read it. Fate! What’s the point in feeling sad? – Fate. What’s the point in feeling sad? – Fate. See how sly the person is? Says that he has half cholera. He is acting smart. Let’s do something. – What? Tomorrow is Minathi Mitra’s felicitation Let us go there. Mr. Rama will surely come. How did you know that? It’s Minathi Mitra’s felicitation meeting and Mr. Rama will
not be there. Can this ever happen? What? – Drop that idea. Why drop the idea? He will run away seeing me. Leave that to me. Listen. Come inside. No, if I come inside then he might… If you don’t come inside then how’ll I recognize him? You have to come inside, once. Come. You must’ve all heard that… …the hands of destiny are cruel. Something like that has also happened to us. In the midst of the joy of felicitation… …we are shedding tears of grief. In this moment of happiness… …it is said with grief that the great novelist… …Minathi Devi is not with us any more. It means she is dead. You hurdle has passed away. Minathi Devi is no more amongst us. Before she died she has given us this novel as a memoir. Let this novel be the… …honor that we shall all bestow on her. He is talking well. This is to get publicity for the book he has published. You all know about Minathi Devi. Her works were published in the Women’s magazine. It had captivated every reader. It had brought about a fresh wave of thought throughout
Bengal. But… But I tell you with grief that… …a lot of things about Minathi Devi… …is unknown to you. Has he come to know about everything? Who knows? I’m not able to understand. I’ll tell you everything today. My relationship with Minathi Devi… …was not only that of a publisher. It was closer. It was deeper. Are you listening? Didn’t I tell you? The girl was a flirt. She used to forget food when she used to get busy writing. If I were not there… …she would skip her meal. He is bluffing left and right. Let him. His acting is first class. Where is he? There. The first row after three people. If I were not before her… …she wouldn’t get into the mood for poetry. The pen would stop. What sari she will wear. What flower on her hair… Is he not exaggerating too much? He’s got a chance. Let him carry on. Can’t you keep quiet and listen. Can’t you hear him cry out in grief? Hearing him is making us weep also. Is it? – Yes. You also cry. That’s it. The loss to Bengali literature is irreparable. Even if cry for full five hours… …even then Minu, I mean our Minathi Devi… …cannot be got back. You wait. I’ll get him. The right respect to that great laureate would be… …that all of shall for a period of… …five minutes, yes, five minutes. Since it is not possible to show the real respect in two
minutes. Two minutes pass by before we adjust our clothes. Hence in the honor and memory of that great literary… …figure of Bengali literature… …let us all stand and maintain five minutes silence. Get up. Why should we get up? Minathi Devi isn’t dead, then why stand up? – What’s this? You keep quiet. – What do you mean? Today let me let the cat out of the bag. – Are you mad? You come and give your introduction. – No. You come. All of you sit down. What’s this? – Shut up. Minathi Devi is not dead. Then what was I saying all these time? Minathi Devi is not dead. She is alive and in front of you. Here. Is this Minathi Devi. A lady with moustache? Are you mad? Seems to be a fraud. – Are you making a fool of us? The person who was making a fool of you has left. You all sat down and listened to him. Now all of you listen to me. Where is the proof for all that you say? I have the proof and I’ll show it to you. I have in my pocket some of the works… …written by this person who is the real author. Then why did he suddenly want to become a woman? The reason I’ll tell you. The person responsible for him to adopt a female identity
is… …that publisher who till now… …was lamenting in grief for an imaginary woman. In reality he is the pseudonym Minathi Mitra. He is the writer Rama Gupta. Ms Sen has come. Today we could stand in front of you… …is the real fortune for us. She has come. – Yes. Today we are grateful to be the recipient of your love and
affection. She has brought the police. – Of course. These people should be handed over to the police. The police should be put behind them For breach of contract the police have… Listen to him. Those publishers have committed breach of contract with him. But my friend has even filed a suit against them. I’ll be back soon, – Okay. All of you come forward and… …give this young literary figure the due respects. So Rama Gupta is Minathi Mitra. You unnecessary got worked up. You go and sit in the car. I’ll go and get him. The publishers of news papers and books these days… …have beautiful words but not always… …have high morals. My literary friend sent his works in… …his own male name and they were returned. In frustration he had to chose a female… …name for himself so that his works are published. If he would’ve committed suicide… …then we would have been facing the loss of a great
literary figure. God wouldn’t have forgiven us for that. But god saved him. Saved him from the evil intentions of those publishers. That is why we have been gifted by god… …such a young and skilled literary figure. He is the future of Bengali literarature. That’s why my friend Rama Gupta… …has always stood for… …his ideals which he preaches in his works. What happened to that person? Didn’t see him inside. Has he gone out? – No. Then what happened? He must’ve seen me. Has he run away again? Where will he run to? He must be hiding somewhere. You sit in the car and I’ll search once more inside. Who’s there? Please save me. Don’t hand me over to the police. Don’t let me lose the new honor that I’ve got. Leave me. I twist my ears and vow that… Enough. Keep all that for your Minathi Devi. Minathi Devi! Hell with her. I’m that Minathi Devi, who is no more. I’m your Rama Gupta. Mine? Mine! What you mean by mine? That was a slip of tongue. I’m your PA. Please don’t hand me over to the police. Then who should I hand you over to? – Anybody other than the
police. What authority do I have to hand you over to anybody else? You’ve all authority over me. You are like a guardian to me. You are my crown. I fall at your feet. What’s this you are doing? What will anybody who sees think? Don’t do that, dear. Dear! – Yes. Dear. Come in. – What? Come in. Come near. What are you looking at? You! Yes, me. Rama. Rama. Your friend. Let’s go. Rubani. – Rama. Rubani. – Rama. She went away with the car. She went away with her PA.

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