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peter parker and ned leeds – dont stop me NOW (HUMOR)

Tonight we will build my new LEGO Death Star. WHAT?! No way. That’s awesome. How many pieces? Three tousand, eight hundred and three. That’s insane! I know! *relationship goals: playing LEGO with bae* I’m so far beyond highschool right now. Parker! You are the Spider-man… Are you an Avenger? Yeah, basically… Do you lay eggs?! *WHACC WRONG WITH YOU, NED?!* WHAT’S? Peter knows Spider-man!!! *like a tiger, lol* You are an Avenger… That’s awesome! Does anyone have a pen? Do you have a pen? YIESSSSS!!! Hy Liz! (before dead faint) Hy Liz… Stay close to the ground. What helps stress is going to party. And you have a party… Yeah, I’m going to a party… But what about me? I’m sick of him threating me like a kid all the time! But… you ARE a kid. A kid who can stop a bus with his bare hands! Be careful! I’M A BOY!!! I mean… I’M A MAN!!! Cut the bullshit! Spider-boy? *LIFE IS HARD, PETE* I just wanted to be like you. *poor baby* And I wanted to be better. *sad father* *kjlmasfmnkkllsjfélsásnnöjküssfbóyxjbeűnwwqa* The guy in the chair… Don’t do THAT! *DONT LOOK AT ME W THOSE BEAUTIFUL PUPPY EXES!!!DONT DARE!* Come on… NICE SHOOT! GUY IN THE CHAIR… Are you okay? And then I hit him with the… It was so…OMGod… I mean, you saved me. It was awesome… WHADDA FACK?! What are you doing here? There’s the dance… Uhm…. I’m… …looking… …a p*rn? Thank you for the watching!

10 thoughts on “peter parker and ned leeds – dont stop me NOW (HUMOR)

  1. HAHAHHAHAHA! XD Presenting the worlds spazziest superhero and his super-enabling BFF. They are such NERDS… and I love how they are both such big Spider-Man fans… nevermind the fact that one of them IS in fact Spider-Man and they both know it. 😀 Too cute!

  2. When they do their handshake in the movie peter doesn’t even have to look cause he knows it so well

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