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47 thoughts on “PHENOMENAL ASMR CRACK Chiropractic Adjustment Compilation

  1. What if someone who is watching this video is smoking crack and is also a "crack addict" to the videos.. innnnnnteresting… Craaack addictz goooooon luuuuv yeeeeew

  2. Of all the chiropractors I watch. The 1st one "SoCal chiropractor" seems like the most painful. Something about his technique looks like a whiplash motion, but I bet it feels good

  3. Client comes in and sits down in the chair chiropractor says good morning how are you. The client says I'm doing great. Chiropractor sits them down in the chair and relaxes them and on the intercom all you hear is "FINISH HIM" then it's over 😵

  4. is anyone ever going to tell the texas guy who does the ring dinger that it's respira and not respida?

  5. That old clown voiced fellow goofs around and then manipulates in a fashion that looks viscous as fuck. Not a good look for Chiropractors.

  6. I've been looking for a more socially acceptable pastime to watching spot squeezing videos… think I've found it.

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