Laughter is the Best Medicine

Phil Lester laughing // his “weird tongue thing”

D: Rigghhht… how to do Phil’s weird tongue thing while having long hair… *weird tongue noise?* P: What is that?! D: That’s when you laugh. You go *weird tongue noise?* P: I do not do that! D: They know exactly what I’m talking about P: W-What weird tongue thing! D: you go like *weird tongue noise* P: (laughing) I don’t do that! D: You do, you do. They know exactly what you’re talking about. P: A nectarine D: Oh for fooks sake P: Cool story Phil D: And that issss… yeah P: How? whufgkajhc WHAT!

18 thoughts on “Phil Lester laughing // his “weird tongue thing”

  1. Wow, it took you less than two hours to react and make this. That's dedication. I paused in the middle of the video to see a compilation and it's here already. Amazing.

  2. Thank you! THANK YOU so much for this video. Honestly i was wating for someone to do it and you just nailed it xD.


  3. It’s so adorable though! I love it when Phil does that, it’s just so cute ❤️❤️❤️

    I don’t know why it just is.

    Dont judge meeeeh



    Im dying from the adorable-ness

  4. I was just watching the video and was like "There must be somone who made a compliation of phils tongue laughter" well here I go, thank u v much XD

  5. I've watched so much Dan And Phil that I'm starting to do the weird tongue thing when I laugh and I never mean to

  6. I can’t stand his tongue thing it is by far the fricken cutest thing in the world. Honestly I do it sometimes too it’s just something I subconsciously do. But enough about me, amazing edit 👏🏻👏🏻

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