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Phoebe Waller-Bridge Loves Shocking the Fleabag Audience

-For those who don’t know,
this started as a 10-minute show that you then developed into
an hour-long stage show that you then adapted yourself
into a television show. And now you have brought it back
to a one-hour stage show in New York City. -I am milking it for everything
it’s worth. [ Laughter ] -There will be nothing left
after this. -No, no. She’s exhausted. -And it’s sold out,
which is fantastic. Congratulations. I always feel bad when people — [ Cheers and applause ]
Yeah. -Thanks. -When people come on
to promote something and they can’t gain anything
from their appearance here. Do you have any — Because
you’ve done it for so long and had it in your life
for so long, can you still get nervous
before a show? Is that something that happens? -Yeah, yeah.
-Okay. -No, absolutely. Yeah, it’s just that moment
of hell just like three seconds
before you go — like I just had here now,
actually. [ Laughter ] Just before you go on, when you
go, “Why do we do this?” And then you’re there, and then
you’re like, “Oh, this is why.” -Is there a moment — I mean,
there’s the first scene, which was the first scene in the
television show, as well, yes? That you opened.
-Yes. -I mean, that’s such
a good scene. You must have a moment of like, “If I can just get to
that first laugh here, then I’ll be off and running.” -Yeah, once you get the first
one down, you’re okay. Yeah. And it’s nice, because I have
recorded voices in the show, so it feels like — even though
it’s a one-person show, it’s between me,
my stage manager Shaw, and the recorded voices. -The recorded voices — are those the original
recorded voices? Have you ever redone those? -No, no, no, yeah, that’s
the director’s ex-boyfriend. -Oh, wow!
[ Laughter ] -So he still remains. -And there’s sound effects,
as well? Was this something you spend
a lot of money on, getting the voices
and sound effects? No, okay.
-No. No, when we first put the play
together, I mean, we had, like, no budget and we have so many
sound effects in the show. We had to sort of do them
all ourselves, really. My mom is one of them —
just is one of them. [ Laughter ] -She’s a voice in the show.
-She’s a voice in the show. And then my sister
did the sound design. And there’s, kind of —
there’s like porn sounds during the show, so she had to
go and create those for us. [ Laughter ] -Not from scratch.
I hope she went to the Internet. [ Laughter ] -She did go to the Internet. She came in like, “Ooh.” And then the rest we
sort of created ourselves. -Gotcha.
-Yeah. -Were any of them hard to create
or were they pretty…? -Well, there’s quite a lot of
talk about sex in the show. And there was one point that we
wanted a kind of sex sound effect that was less
sort of fireworky than the porn sound effect. So, we needed kind of a light
sort of slapping noise. [ Laughter ]
You know. You know. [ Laughter ] And so we couldn’t work out
what the right sound was. And we decided —
I don’t know how you end up in these situations,
but I ended up in a cupboard with my sister in the dark
with my director just gently tapping my bum
like this. [ Laughter ] And that’s in the show,
9:00 every night. -Wow, that’s really great.
[ Cheers and applause ] Do you have any pre-show
ritual at all? -Oh, yeah, yeah. Myself and Shaw,
our stage manager, we shout, “You and me, baby,”
to each other. I have to shout it
and she shouts it back. And then for some reason,
since we’ve come to New York, we also shout “bocca di lupo.” -Which is, “bocca di lupo?” -Mouth of the wolf.
-Oh, wow. [ Laughter ] -But it’s also a really lovely
restaurant in London. -Oh, well, there you go.
It’s a nice thing to yell. I like you said some reason, like, you guys didn’t come up
with it. [ Laughter ] -It did feel like that. We decided then we were like,
oh, no, that’s gonna be — I don’t know how long it’s going
to go on for. -That’s gonna stay.
-That’s gonna stay. -There are obviously —
it’s very funny, but there are some real moments of emotional resonance
in the show. There’s a — there’s a gasp
moment in the show. Certainly when I was there. Is that something that happens? And is that something
you’re happy when you hear it? -Oh, yeah. That’s another one of those
moments where you think, “We’ve still got them.” Like, even if it’s a quiet
audience, if there’s a gasp — it’s called the guinea pig gasp
for reasons that, you know, you’ll have to work out. Something happens
to the guinea pig. And when I first scripted it
in the early previews, I was describing this thing that
happens to the guinea pig, and it just wasn’t
landing with the audience. And I was doing two or three
previews in, and I was like, “I don’t feel I’m getting
a reaction from them.” And Vicky Jones, the director
and I, we sat around, and I sort of changed the words
a bit, changed the rhythm of what I was saying, and then
there was one night when I said, “Okay, we’re gonna try it
with this new rhythm.” And I said what happens
to the guinea pig. And the entire audience went…
[ Gasps ] And I went…
[ Gasps ] [ Laughter ]
So now it happens. And then last night, actually, I tried something
a little bit different, and the audience laughed, but there was one woman in the
audience that kind of just — the gasp went the wrong way
and she just ended up screaming. She said, “Aah!”
[ Laughter ] -Because, of course, you adapted
and unlike your stage show, in which there are
no guinea pigs, there are physical guinea pigs
in the television show, because you run a
guinea-pig-themed café. -Yes, yes. -And I did not believe
this was true, but you brought proof
in order to get — when you wanted to find
guinea pigs for the show, they sent you head shots. -Well, yes. Yes.
[ Laughter ] We needed one guinea pig,
Hillary, and so we had to find her. And, of course, they sent us
the “A” list. -The best guinea pigs.
-The best guinea pigs. [ Laughter ] And they told us —
we spoke to a few handlers, and they sent us
these head shots. We decided they were the
equivalent of Hollywood stars. -Okay.
[ Laughter ] -This was like — She’s like the Jennifer Lawrence
of the guinea pigs. [ Laughter ] You can — She’s got real depth
and also kind of blond. Well, this is the Emma Stone. -Emma Stone guinea pig.
Sure, yea. -Clearly got range.
-Clearly got range. You can tell, like,
funny and serious. [ Laughter ] -She actually got the job
in the end. -Oh, she did.
You went with Emma Stone. -Yeah, yeah, Emma.
I mean, how could you resist? This is actually Ryan Gosling. -Oh.
[ Laughter ] I can see that. -The gender, obviously, neutral
in our casting. He came up.
He didn’t quite make the cut. -Gotcha.
-Yeah. [ Audience aws ]
I know. [ Laughter ] I mean, I really wanted
to give her the gig. But she’s not quite right. I’m not going to say who
that reminds me of, actually. -Really? You’re not?
[ Laughter ] I will say — I will say
this guinea pig looks like it was maybe out a little late. -Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah.
[ Laughter ] -And you maybe couldn’t quite
depend on it showing up on time. [ Laughter ] -Or when she does,
it’s really raw and edgy stuff. -And they were like, “If you can get her out of
her trailer, she’s great.” [ Laughter ] But sometimes she’s just —
she’s in the wheel and she’s — -Yeah, yeah.
[ Laughter ]

100 thoughts on “Phoebe Waller-Bridge Loves Shocking the Fleabag Audience

  1. she probably means: "in bocca al lupo!" which is the Italian equivalent of Break a Leg! even though it literally means "in the wolf's mouth"

  2. She always looks well washed and clean! I saw the interview where she said she flashed her bare arse at some actor on stage (from the wings – maybe I should't mention wings!?). That's one image I can't erase from my mind and frankly I don't really want too! ๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿคช

  3. Series 2 of the brilliant Fleabag is apparently 'shocking ' some Catholics with the 'hot priest'.
    Funny how decades of Catholic priests child abuse and cover ups is seen as as 'an annoying side issue' , while Phoebe brings out the smelling salts for the 'offended ' religious flock.

  4. Fleabag is just SOOO good! Every line counts. Also just in case anyone's wandering: "in bocca al lupo" is the proper Italian expression for "good luck", you reply to it with "crepi" which more or less means "may it die". It's really Italian to use it.

  5. Anyone else just sat there slapping their ass to see if it is in fact the most accurate noise for โ€˜thatโ€™?

  6. Genius ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  7. Phoebe just didn't want the last guinea pig upstaging everyone. Amazing series on TV, shame about the priest though (close but no banana, so to speak)

  8. @PhoebewallerBridge I love you. But I am sorry: my Italian side is just tossing inside of me. The restaurant… the Bocca del lupo… I am sorry… but let me just tell you that "In bocca al lupo" means "Break a leg" in Italian. The restaurant exists as many other things named after this Italian Phrasal-saying… So please… every time you say this just… just know the truth and be aware of this. BACI love you loadsssss

  9. In my opinion –

    British TV >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> American TV (at least when it comes to Primetime)

  10. 4:37 When Phoebe looked at the camera saying "yes", it's like when she was doing the "breaking the 4th wall" thing in the show LOL

  11. in bocca al lupo! not bocca di lupo ๐Ÿ™‚ it's an italian expression that means good luck, but really I don't know why

  12. She's a talented writer and an actress! I adore her accent! Does she reminds anyone on Suranne Jones? To me, they are like sisters.

  13. Pls do not put guinea pigs in those hamster wheels or in the plastic bowl things, their spine bends the wrong direction to use those

  14. Phoebe Waller-Bridge is sardonic, sarcastic and acerbic in a cheeky, cherubic and facetious manner. Fleabag is awesome.

  15. FLEABAG is one of the best TV shows out there. Anyone reading this, PLEASE, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, WATCH THIS SHOW, ESPECIALLY IF YOU HAVE AMAZON PRIME ACCOUNT.

  16. So, they recorded sound effects from the internet, publically broadcast them, and made money from it—I hope they paid the original performers?

  17. She makes me want to study genetic engineering, so that — after I work out what she finds attractive — I can reverse engineer myself to be that person.
    And also so that I can have a huge pair of Hellboy horns… but that's a completely different fantasy ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. Honestly this show makes me so fcking sad its almost unbearable to watch for me. It really gave me depression

  19. For awhile this woman is refreshing, funny and brilliantly unique…with Fleabag and Killing Eve …but then I'm onto the gag…it's all about shock and awe….extreme women in extreme situations, often so self destructive and destructive that it stops being funny (or even "feminist"?)…just "we can be as murderous and odious as men"…loser horrible women

  20. Fleabag is such a beautifully written show. I wish more shows produced in The USA had this kind of brutal honestly and Fleabag herself is so complex. You love her, you hate her, you feel sorry for her and want to help her, etc. I really hope the cast and crew get all of the accolades for this! ๐Ÿ’š

  21. She's so funny! Anyway it's "in bocca al lupo" (in the mouth of the wolf) the Italian equivalent of "good luck!"

  22. For those in the UK . . . Fleabag's 'Hot Priest' (Andrew Scott) will be appearing in Noel Cowardโ€™s play 'Present Laughter', which will be screened live to cinemas, throughout the country, on 28th November 2019 from the Old Vic London, and on 12th September 2019 Fleabag, the one woman show starring Phoebe, will also be live to cinemas from the National Theatre, London. I've just booked my tickets for both. ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. Just finished the series and it was amazing. Loved killing eve too, just amazing writing all around. I have theory about why priest was able to see her fourth wall breaks during the second season, I think she was actually talking to god, but didnโ€™t realize it. I know sheโ€™s an atheist and doesnโ€™t believe in it, but I believe she needed to talk to someone about what had happened and how she was trying to move forward with her life after such a tragedy and this omnipresent aura was always close her listening to her. The priest being so close to god was able to see her doing it.

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