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Phoebe’s funniest moments

three minutes till the reactor blows we’re never gonna make it you’ve got to get out of here save yourself no I won’t leave you don’t worry about me I’m a robot I’m just a machine oh you’re not not to me oh my god what I am extremely talented you’re great okay let’s take a food no I mean I was really acting my ass off I thought I was freaking – oh yeah you’re solid yeah you’re just no me you know what I think that’s enough for now yeah I don’t be over rehearsed I’ll do it without you I don’t need you or anybody else I’m gonna make it on my own you’re kind of losing it here I mean this is really becoming like a weird obsession thing this is madness it’s madness I tell you but the love of God thank you would probably call me daddy too like that daddy uh-uh I was just talking about Rachel who’s daddy getting angry daddy gonna spank me well that depends have you been a bad good night I have to tie my shoe so you go ahead I’ll catch up okay okay it’s me I saw you grab your running shoes this morning and sneak out you lied so you could run by yourself no no Phoebe no I was no you know what I was I was actually just checking to see if I could run and I can’t please Rachel I am NOT an idiot I love you and I’m gonna play with you all the time how can you let him talk to your crotch like that he’s talking to the baby oh okay okay cuz when he said I can’t wait to hear your first words I thought there’s a trick apparently sting’s son made fun of the fact that ben’s moms are lesbians if they don’t get a one that you should smooth things over make them be friends baby you can’t force kids to be friends sure you can give them some blocks put them in a playpen playpen been seven your kid is seven he’s really small please please get the ticket look I’m sorry Pheebs I just can’t do it yes you can sting said so himself what Ross can I’m sorry it’s just ah can Phoebe can get me there I’m out of here wish me luck good luck good luck we all wish you good yes one of the materials hello this is Ross Geller’s personal physician dr. phalange who go Phoebe no not Phoebe dr. Phil Angie oh no you have it too hello my name is regina filangie I’m a business woman in town on business would you like to see my card Oh what did I do with my Filofax I must have left it in conference room B did not just throw you out of here no you threw out Phoebe I’m Reggina phalanges phalanges Phoebe were you ever in a sorority of course yes I was a thigh mega Tampa yeah you know we were really huge too but then they had to shut us down when Regina phalange died of alcohol poisoning oh you know if they knew what they were doing they probably didn’t give you real names even okay many people give out fake numbers but they don’t give out fake names yeah hi Ken Adams nice to meet you Regina phalange hi come on in I’m a Regina Falange e-excuse me I am Regina feed on baby is everything okay um actually no no you do have to get off the plane what why I have this feeling that something’s wrong with it something is wrong with the left phalanges oh I know what we can do we could set Ross and Rachel up on horrible dates so that they’ll realize how good they are together oh that’s a great plan yeah you’re not the best part of it is I get to do my plan laughs pretend it’s not Santa’s clan oh yeah yeah it’s not that fun no I think we killed it oh my gosh baby you’re on fire I know one more score to go you can do it good go right go right I can’t I can’t çb oh hi Ben now go look at the machine oh look there’s there’s Monica oh hey hey hey I know and Joey knows but Ross’s you know so you’ll have to stop screaming what’s going on what nothing oh god we’re just so excited that you might get this apartment I’m sure looks really good okay I don’t want to be negative so I’ll say that most of the signs you bought are good no they ran out if it’s a girl but I can I can fix this one hey didn’t worry about it right now cuz I’ve got the Cutie little baby hmm oh I can’t believe how much I love her I can’t get enough of her right now I miss her I actually miss her you know that’s that’s her Oh God look at her sleeping oh I love her so much I think I’m gonna wake her up oh no Rach no no you know you’re never supposed to wake a sleeping baby well I can do whatever I want I made her I would say I told you so but she’s kind of doing that for me oh I’m so sorry shh shh asleep I bet your heart doesn’t it really does how long do you think we have to stay alright well we already tried feeding her changing her burping her oh try this one go back in time and listen to Phoebe won’t stop crying she raged not it yeah I’m not so sure hi god I’m losing my mind don’t kidding I just assumed no good can come from having sex with loss by feeding her again I already fed her I know that’s why I said again thank you guys we can’t turn on each other okay that’s just what she wants – I suck at something oh no you guys just stay here I’m gonna go check the diaper Pheebs you want to come I’m kind of part of this actually thieves it’s more of a husband or wife can affect you or shouldn’t marry Chandler okay oh my god how long is she crying about a week and a half you guys had it under control so I’m just gonna go no really misery really does love company hi I’m holding her a different way fuck you guys I’m doing the best I can anyone else is welcome to try okay you just knew it this you’ll get better I think about your first day at work I mean that could have been easy but you figure that out yeah I don’t think dressing provocatively is going to help me here just please take her I have to go scream into a pillow sounds easy CP you only have I gone death work oh baby baby baby ho baby you must be a fireball in head I can’t believe it she’s asleep I gotta go to sleep I have actual magical powers can I can hear traffic and birds I can hear the voices in my head again kidding – baby baby these my parents Theodore and bitsy Theodore bitsy what a delight it’s so nice to finally meet you and you your home is lovely thank you I’ll give you a tour later it’s actually three floors holy crap hey why don’t you come in the living room and meet our friends try and stop me hey what are you doing I’m trying to get your parents to like me yeah I’m sure they will but you know you don’t have to do this I want them to get to know Phoebe not Phoebe got it it’s hard to stop hmm I missed you oh yeah so what’s new well I’m no longer Phoebe Buffay that’s great you changed your name yes I did meet princess consuela bananahammock you’re kidding right no you really did that yep yeah but you you can’t do this why why it’s fun it’s different no one else has a name like it all right then I’m gonna change my name right okay what are you gonna change it to crap bag my crap bag no no Mike no justjust prat bag first name crap last name bag you’re not serious right yeah I’m serious it’s fun it’s different no one else has a name like that well then great if you love it I love it I do love it and I love your name I love princess consuela and I love crap Chandler Bing hi honey we’re all here we just want to wish you a Merry Christmas Mary Clark ha Merry Christmas I miss you guys Merry Christmas you guys aah Catwoman so we meet again so we do Supergirl it’s me Phoebe

100 thoughts on “Phoebe’s funniest moments

  1. Phoebe is the funniest no doubt, but am I the only one who appreciate Monica and Rachel's sparse and sudden comebacks? "About a week and a half." LMAO! xD

  2. Phoebe's probably the only one I would go out with in real life. She's chilled out, lots of fun and is probably up for anything. Monica's alright but she's a handful and her obsessive nature would piss me off pretty quickly. Might be worth it for how productive she is though. I'd never be bored with her I'd say that much. Rachel's just a horrible person that I'd want nothing to do with.

  3. Ahoyhoy There, Fellow YouTuberino! I know, I've seen it many a time, but it was still surprising and funny when Miss "Phalange" said " this is why no good can come from having sex with Ross!"

  4. Ahoyhoy There, Fellow YouTuberino! You should do best of F.R.I.E.N.D.S Guest Stars.
    Dan Castellenetta" Bats , Dedizens of the night (plus other nocturnal animals)
    John Lovitz " look at my hands; I hate my Dick! "

  5. I knew I should have married chandler – they all are but Lisa kudrowe has the most amaizing comical ability 😍

  6. "How can you let him talk to you crotch like that ?" followed by the first word line = pure Friends genius.

  7. When you watch this show first time, Pheobe's character will not catch your eye because most of the story is built near Rachel/Ross and Monica/Chandler. But as you become a fan and watch this show multiple times, you will like her character more than anyone else. She grows on you.

  8. I SWEAR, the FUNNIEST EPISODE is when Phoebe sees Monica and Chandler together, and she starts screaming and BOUNCING UP AND DOWN, and Rachel does the same thing. Then Ross comes in and they get him to start jumping up and down, and he doesn't know why, but he starts jumping up and down anyway!!!! HYSTERICAL!!!!

  9. 12:05
    Kinda ironic, don’t ya think?
    Considering the Iconic scene in season 2 or 3, involving Monica and Ross’s other child, Ben.

  10. When everyone is normal, Phoebe is a little crazy, but when everyone is losing their minds from what they are going through, Phoebe becomes the rational one.

  11. “I’m a businesswoman in town on business.” Just reminds me of Romy & Michelle’s High School Reunion.

  12. Yes phoebe is the funniest character ever written but also she taught us or atleast me so many things like how not to care about people watching you still remember when she told Rachel why to care about people you're probably not going to see again and then rachel runs in a funny way for me she was the funniest wisest character ever

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