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100 thoughts on “Photographs Of Friendships On The Verge Of Insanity 「 funny photos 」

  1. my best friend went to detention for screaming in class so i told the teacher i screamed too so we both went to detention 😛 now thats real friend ship right here

  2. I promise I'm not lying but my dad is mates with the one at 1:05 he supports Millwall football club. And his friends decided to by him that book as a joke 😂

  3. So me and my friend were not allowed to go to a party bc we got into trouble but then we snuck out the house by jumping out the window and going party but that’s not the crazy part when we arrived at the party our other friends started shooting at us with water guns

  4. Major props to the guy that dresses up to take attention away from his embarrassed friend at the gym. I hope he uses the situation to his advantage to get some sweet ass.

  5. Im crying… Im moving to a new comunity… I wont see my friends.. All the fun things we did together.. I feel like suicide but I decided not because it's really not worth it…

  6. That guy that wore ridiculous costumes to the gym to make it so his friend felt better is a really nice guy!

  7. They added the last photo of the cat and dog so that no one could say anything bad about the video

  8. #19 l am an Indian it's right that here anyone don't use paper tissues we all use water for anything and a part of this it's like design than real spiders,and we don't be shame for it even your ancestors used to do that we follow that you develop ,

  9. please CHANGE this intor music I just can't hear it no longer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Have a ittle toulch of fantasy on your videos, please…

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