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PICKING UP A HITCHHIKER WITH MOM!! – Funny Hitchhiker Video – Family Comedy (Ft. Terrence Williams)

– What’s up everybody, I’m
here with Terrence Williams and we are about to prank
my mom and Sherry’s mom. We’re going to pick them up
for dinner and bring them back over here and eat. Terrence came up to visit. We’re shooting some stuff
together for a couple of days. So, we’re gonna pick him up. He’s gonna become a hitchhiker right now. – It is going down. (laughs) I need a ride. – So we’re gonna pick him
up and he’s gonna be forced to sit into the back seat of the car where the grandmas are gonna be sitting. The moms. (upbeat music) – [Man] Jack Vale! ♪ Hey, check it ♪ ♪ Put the plates up ♪ ♪ With my face up ♪ – Woo, it’s so cold! But we outside, we about
to prank Jack Vale’s momma! (laughing) It’s about to go down. Woo! It’s so cold. – [Jack] Alright you ready for this? – Yeah (laughs). – Alright, here we go,
we’re gonna prank the moms. – Jack’s picking up the moms. – You all buckled? – No. – Do these lights stay on, or? – Yeah, the babies were messing with it and so now I gotta figure out
– We gotta get it fixed – how to turn them off. (laughs) – Oh! (laughs) – Oh no! – Yeah, so I don’t want
to drive it too much at night time, you know? – Right. – Til I get it to where it’ll go off. – Huh. (laughs) And he’d stand there with his
hands beside him because he– – Hey, look at that guy. I’m sorry, did you see that? – No. Careful. – I’m sorry, no I didn’t
mean to cut you off mom, right, that guy… – Well you ruined my story, but – No, I’m so sorry, there was a, I felt bad for that guy. – What was he doing? – Uh, he was holding up a… – A sign? – Yeah. – Saying he was cold and hungry? – Oh. – No, but I don’t know what the sign said, it sounded like it said
he needed a ride but… – Oh – Oh man. – It’s freezing out here.
– I know, jeez. – Yeah. – Should I go back and get him? – [Wife] No. (laughs) We don’t pick up strangers, that’s weird! – You can ask him where he needs to go. – It’s not weird, honey, sometimes, it’s not something I normally do, but… – [Wife] Then don’t do it now! – I’m gonna get a better look, okay? Real quick. I just wanna see. – [Wife] Well don’t
pick anybody up though. – For real? Nope, there he is, look. – [Wife] No, don’t pick him up! Oh, look at, that’s weird! – Let me just, wait. – [Mom] Lock the door. – Huh? – Are they locked? – Hold on. – [Woman] Why are you opening the door? – Hey, do you need– Hi how you doing? – Hey. – You need a ride? How far are you going? – I need to go to Target. – Target? – Yeah, my baby mother’s up there and I just need a ride up there. – Here, get out real quick and let him in. Get out real fast
– Are you serious? – And let him in. – Where’s my purse? – I’ve got it right here, I’ve got it. – Okay. – You just scoot over. – He told me to get out. – Oh, oh, Sorry. – It’s okay if I bring this box in here? – Yeah, yeah, yeah, that’s fine, sure. Here, I’ll put it up
here, is that alright? – Yes, thank you so much. – You’re welcome, you’re welcome. I’m gonna close this up here. – I’m Terrence by the way. – Oh yeah.
– Hi. – Nice to meet you Terrence. – Thank you, nice to meet you. What’s your name, sir? – Jack. – Jack, thank you so much. – Uh huh, oh, you’re welcome. – I’ve never had to do this before. I’m so embarrassed. – No, no, don’t worry about it. You’re just going to Target? What’s there? – Uh, my baby mother’s there. She work there and I
needed a ride up there. – I’m sorry, your what? – My baby mother. – Your baby’s mother? – Yeah, yeah. – Oh, oh I see. Do you live around here or
you just coming through, or? – No, I don’t, I actually stay out, I stay in Nashville. Oohh, you drive a little crazy (laughs) – Oh, sorry! (laughs) – I probably shoulda walked. (laughs) – Oh come on now. – Ohh, crazy driver, oh god. – Yeah. – We’re from California. – California?
– Yeah. – Yeah, California. Yeah. Ever been there? – Oh, no, I never been there before. – Oh, okay. – Yeah. Where is that, on the east coast? – What’s the matter? – No, this weather. – Oh, yeah? – [Woman] You’re not sick, are you? – I’m good. – Okay, okay, great. – What do y’all do for a living? – Uh, we’re in the entertainment industry. We do some stuff. – For real? – Yeah
– Yeah, mhm. – What kind of– I know you ain’t talking about no entertainment, entertainment,
like, none of that, you know, people be you know, that weird stuff on the internet. – No, no no no no, nothing weird. – Okay, I was about to say! (laughs) Uh uh, that ain’t, no, that’s not nice. That’s nothing you should be doing. – That’s not nice, you’re saying? – Yeah, uh uh, yeah. You look familiar. – I do? – Yeah. You ever been a school teacher? – No. – You sure? – Yes. – You sure? (laughs) You was a school teacher. – Julie is a school teacher. – You’re a school teacher? – Yeah, yeah. – Well, I knew somebody
that looked familiar in this car, y’all look like
school teachers. (laughs) – Alright, yeah? – You look like a school teacher! – How old’s your baby? – My baby, oh she’s two. – Aw. – Yeah, she’s two. Oh and she is something else. – Really? – She be showing out. We went to Walmart, and she
wanted some Cheeto Puffs. I didn’t have the money for
the Cheeto Puffs, so I said you ain’t getting the Cheeto Puffs. And she got to throwing
a tantrum (screams). I said, if you don’t calm your
little butt down, (mumbles) acting a fool in front of all these people making me look crazy. – Wow. – Yeah. One time she tried to
keep the baby from me. – Why?
– Uh oh. – Because she messy and petty. – What? – She did what? – She messy and she petty. – Oh, oh oh oh
– Oh, okay. – Do you keep up with the news and stuff that’s going on? – Oh, that Donald Trump is something else, ain’t he? – Oh my god. – Yeah
– Yeah, yeah. – Hillary Clinton too! She tried to get the black
vote and thought I was gonna vote for her. I ain’t voting for you, Hillary. – Really?
– Oh yeah? – Yeah! She thought she was gonna automatically get my vote, no! You can’t just automatically get my vote! Shoot, she can’t even put up with Bill. How you gonna put up with the world, but you can’t put up with Bill? (laughing) Haha, shoot. Ooh, did y’all hear Bill
Clinton got a black son? – What? – I heard he had a black kid. – Yeah, yeah I heard that. – Uh, it look just like him, don’t it? – What?! – Well, I just heard about it. – But do you think it look like him? Come on. – I don’t know, I really don’t know. I just heard. – Do you think Bill
Clinton like black women? – What? – Do you think he like black women? Bill Clinton? – Well.
– He clearly likes all women. – He probably does. – Uh huh, I know he do. – Yeah. – You’re a very talkative person. – Yeah, you are. – Yeah, man, my teachers
they used to call me a motor mouth back in the day (laughs). I ain’t got no motor. Do you think I talk a lot? You do? Awww! (laughs) Ooh, I like you. – Aw. – Aw, you so, Ms. Vale? Ms. Vale? – Yeah.
– Ms. Vale, I like Ms. Vale. Oh, Ms. Vale. Yes! You look like you could make some good chocolate chip cookies (laughs). Oh she do. This your auntie? – That’s my mother-in-law. – This your mother-in-law? – Yeah. This is my mom. – That’s your mom? – Yeah.
– Okay! – Yeah. – What you mixed with? You look like you mixed with something. – Uh, yeah I’m mixed with a lot of stuff. – Oh wow, who’s your, this your husband? – Yeah. – Okay! He got jungle fever. He got jungle fever. – What does that? – Wait, what? – What does that even mean? – Wait, what, me, what are you? – Jungle fever. You know what jungle fever is? – No. – I’ve heard that term. – Yeah! – I have not. – When you know, when
like opposite race like the opposite race, you know. It’s called that. – Yeah, jungle fever, opposite. – What is it called, mom? – Well I’m Native American, and Spanish. – Jungle fever
– Oh, okay, okay. – Wait, what mom? – Jungle fever. – What is it? – Well, he just explained it. – I didn’t hear it because
everybody was talking. – How do you not know? – Everybody was talking at once. – Why you talking to your momma like that? – No, no, no, I just. (laughs) – (laughs) Dang! – I didn’t hear. – How you gonna question your momma? – No, I – How he gonna question you? – I just wasn’t sure what she said. – Yeah, it’s fine. – You pop that boy in
back of his head. (laughs) You let him know he ain’t
too old to get whooped. – Whoof, man. – (laughs) I like y’all. Y’all, thank y’all so much. This was a fun ride. – You’re welcome. – I’m kicking it with school teachers, entertainment people, man. No, but can you make
chocolate chip cookies though? ‘Cause you look like you
make chocolate chip cookies. – Oh, sure. – You make some pound cake? – Pound cake? – Yeah, you don’t know what pound cake is? – Yeah. – You from the country? – (laughs) Yeah, I’m from the country. – What part? – Not this country. – Oh, not this country? – I mean, this country. – Yeah, but what part
of the country you from? – California, California. – California ain’t the country. – California here I come. – Awww, going back to
Cali, profilin’, stylin’. I like that. But thank y’all so much! – Oh you’re welcome, you’re welcome. Very nice to meet you. – Nice to meet you too. – Okay, alright, you take care. I’m sure I’ll see you again. – Okay, see you again. Take care. – Alright, thank you,
very much, very nice. – Thank you, thank you, nice meeting you. – Have a good night. – Thank you, bye bye now, okay. – Don’t be sending no kids
to the principal’s office. (laughs) Alright now. – Good night. Bye.
– Bye bye, thank you. – See y’all. – Oh my gosh. Oh my goodness. Oh my goodness. Oh my goodness. – [Jack’s Mom] Val’s got
a boyfriend. (laughs) – That was an experience, wasn’t it? – What’s that?
– He likes you. (laughs) – He really took to you, mom. – Oh I don’t know. (laughing) – We got delayed our dinner. – I know. – A little bit. I wonder if he’d like
to have dinner with us. What about that? – No! – He’s got a family,
he’s got a wife and baby. – He’s got a family,
he’s picking up his wife. – He said he’s got a baby mama, or something like that, didn’t he? – ba, no, he came, he wanted– – Came to pick up his– – His baby, no, he was coming
here to his baby’s momma? – Yeah. – In other words, he’s not– – Well I just still feel,
what if she’s not here or something like that? – No, no, no, no no no no. – You’re being… – Why don’t I just ask him real quick? – Don’t take him to your home now honey. – Huh? Huh? – Don’t take him to your house, he’s fine. He’s fine, he’s here, he’s good. – But what– – What don’t you think? – I think, yeah. (laughs) – Okay, let me just make sure. – No! Get back Jack! You brat! You brat! – Oh my gosh. – Brat! – I know, you better go
get him, that’s creepy. – I’m not staying in here by myself. What the heck? What’s everybody jumping
out of the car for? – I think he’s over there. – Oh he is, actually.
– Stay here mother. – Jeez! – Why do I gotta stay here? – The car’s running. – Well everybody else is getting out. – Just wait. – Oh man, it’s too late.
– Oh my gosh. – It’s too late, that stupid– – Tell him stop it! – Well I tried, I tried, I tried. – Jack! We’re gonna be late. – Oh, we’re gonna be–
– We’re gonna be late – Oh, no, I’ll meet you right there. We’re not supposed to go out that way. I gotta go out that way. I’m gonna come out that way. – Okay, maybe he’s not taking him then. Oh yeah, we better go this way. – We should go out this way. The doors don’t work. – We can’t? Oh we gotta go that way. – He’s got him with him. – I think the kid’s going somewhere else. Don’t run. I don’t want you to fall. – We’re just gonna go. – Is this a joke? – Huh? – Is this a joke? – This is my friend Terrence Williams. – Ohhh!!! (laughs) (laughing) – Get me those chocolate chip cookies! Where those chocolate
chip cookies at? (laughs) I love you. (laughing) – Well it’s nice meeting you. – Nice meeting you too. (laughs) What a car ride. (laughs) – She almost killed herself
getting out of the car chasing you down. – Are you serious? Oh my goodness. (upbeat music)

100 thoughts on “PICKING UP A HITCHHIKER WITH MOM!! – Funny Hitchhiker Video – Family Comedy (Ft. Terrence Williams)

  1. 3:55 at this point I got a creepy "get out" vibe.Like they picked him up to actually screw his brain and make him a slave for Vale family!

  2. My family would do the same thing and say lock the door and look at me funny if I did a prank like that on them…

  3. terrence is awesome , great video guys, need more conservative comedy out there instead of all the liberal garbage i see on mainstream tv.

  4. My mom would have been like "yeah give the guy a ride. But then when she sees he is black she would be like no way are you crazy.

  5. Jack, Funniest prank EVER!!!! I'm literally in tears over here because I'm laughing so hard! Please do more vids like these. I love your comedy dude please keep it up.

  6. This would've been a good prank had the dude actually been funny, or scary or something. He's obnoxious enough that i'd want him out of my car so bad, after what would seem like the longest 10 mins of my life that i'd be switching lanes & moving through traffic like f'n Dale Earnhardt trying to get him the f*k out of my vehicle, but it wouldn't have like, totally blown my mind as a prank. He should've acted all thug & asked Jack's mom to "hold my pistol in case we get pulled over" & just tossed it in her lap, then reached down his pants & pulled out a bag of kush from under his nuts & said "Oh & this too. I *CANNOT go back to jail. I'm on my 3rd strike already…" (awkward silence…) "Shhheeeiiittt… what's your name girl? You ever had 1 up in them guts?" to jacks wife lol. Now THAT would be a fucking hilarious prank. This was just meh.

  7. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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