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Pilipinas Got Talent 2018 Auditions: Mary Grace - Comedy Act

Robin: oh this is so scary Vice Ganda: it was really given to me. Acts like these are always given to me. Vice Ganda: Just when i'm about to go back to the hotel Vice Ganda: miss what's your name? Angel: Robin can catch a bullet but not with Sadako Vice Ganda: what's your name? Vice Ganda: Oh my God! Why are her eyes like that? Vice Ganda: Okay miss, you may start to perform Angel: Her hand is so cold Robin: she has a strong appeal
Angel: yeah, in-character Vice Ganda: because her eyes are so red. It's so scary Robin: oh unbelievable it's still not done. It's still the same Vice Ganda: wow talented Vice Ganda: wow! Boss FMG: okay Vice Ganda: go ahead keep up with your bad vices! (drugs) Vice Ganda: you'll not stop until the police catches you! Vice Ganda: think about your parents and their struggles for you Vice Ganda: you also have ah! Vice Ganda: oh my God! Vice Ganda: she's not able to pull it Toni: what kind of ghost is that? Vice Ganda: oh my God! Vice Ganda: how did she do it Vice Ganda: oh my God! Vice Ganda: amazing talent Vice Ganda: go ahead! show all your craziness we'll see if you still have energy later Billy: Miss Billy: try me Billy: put that one Vice Ganda: ooohhh!! yes! ladies & gentlemen what a very successful show Vice Ganda: okay that's enough let's now comment. You go first Boss FMG Vice Ganda: Angel? Angel: i don't know what to say Angel: thank you so much for the participation Angel: oh my gosh but the entrance Robin: if we only base on the characterization Angel: yeah Angel: my fear of Sadako disappeared Vice Ganda: Robin is asking if can we see your face Vice Ganda: actually she's beautiful Angel: Yeah Vice Ganda: and she looks friendly when she was still alive Contestant: hello good evening everybody Vice Ganda: hello Vice Ganda: miss what did you call that talent? Contestant: ''pulling things'' Vice Ganda: what's your name? Contestant: i'm Mary Grace Decafe 29 years old and I live in Ilo-Ilo city and my face is actually like this Contestant: the reason why i did that talent because i like to make people happy and i enjoy what i'm doing Contestant: furious look Contestant: then they will see that my face is actually like this Contestant: i saw this in Asia's Got Talent and it seems like the girl was whipping her hair Contestant: it's one of a kind Contestant: I realized that this is fun Contestant: even though they don't see my face, as long as they enjoy my performance Contestant: sorry Angel: you scared Robin Angel: you know what he fears nothing, but when it comes to you he's defeated Robin: okay you're an awesome actress Contestant: thank you Contestant: you're my idol Vice, can i hug you? please? Contestant: i've been waiting for this Contestant: you're my idol, i'm begging you Contestant: i love you Vice Ganda: i love you Vice Ganda: if only entertainment and entertainment alone, you achieved it Contestant: thank you Vice Ganda: go back to the stage now, we're going to give our comments Angel: i love the confidence Vice Ganda: you know what i like your style because you replaced fear with comedy Contestant: i knew it Vice Ganda: that was a very successful comedy act Contestant: yes! that's what i want to achieve guys Vice Ganda: for me because i was really laughing Contestant: yes Vice Ganda: let's vote Contestant: yes Contestant: here, please read this Vice Ganda: ah "Yes" Contestant: you said yes Contestant: you said Robin: "yes" Contestant: please read it please Angel: you know what even though i won't read that i would say yes Contestant: yes? Boss FMG: yes it's already yes Robin: scare him again Boss FMG: okay it's a yes Billy: she can proceed to the next round Contestant: thank you everyone Contestant: i love you

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